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Promises to keep


When they signed the five-point agreement to extend the Constituent Assembly just before dawn on 29 May, the leaders of the three main parties swore to use the three month extension to conclude the peace process and finish writing the constitution. In return, the prime minister promised to resign. The prime minister has resigned, but on the constitution and peace there hasn't only not been progress, things have regressed.

All three big parties have been too busy with their internal power struggles and preventing each other from leading the next government to think about peace.

The only thing we can say about the debilitating power struggle within the NC is that given a choice between Sher Bahadur Deuba and Ram Chandra Poudel, most Nepalis will say: "neither". Three-time PM Deuba has shown himself to be an opportunist of the lowest order, who has done more to dismantle democracy in the past 15 years than even the Maoists. Poudel is an aparatchik who lacks the charisma and team-building qualities.

The UML is now a seriously divided political entity that has no ideology or principles left to speak of. It commands and protects a nationwide network of criminals whom it can't prosecute because they replenish the party's war chest.
Of the Maoists, all we can say is that it is a party that wants to have the cake and eat it too. Its leader is either unwilling, or incapable (or both) of dismantling its fighting force. Every time he meets leaders of the other parties, with Kathmandu-based ambassadors or UN officials, Pushpa Kamal Dahal is still giving them spiel about how he can't push the hardliners too far. He has repeatedly tricked the other parties by making empty promises he had no intention of keeping. He has hoodwinked the international community once too often. Now that he sees a deadend, and perhaps stung by a stern warning from the UN this week, he has made yet another promise of an integration package to sugarcoat his party's bid to lead the government. How can we be sure he means it this time?

Yes, a consensus government would be desirable at this point if only to assure the Nepali people that our feckless rulers have now realised their folly and have decided to work together. Anything less than that (especially a Deuba-led sarkar) would be proof, if proof is still needed, that all our so-called leaders are losers.

But a much more urgent question than who gets to head the next government, whether the CA is extended and for how long, whether it is a consensus government or a majoritarian one, is that this country can't go on with one of the political parties still keeping men under arms, threatening to go back to war, and using trickery, lies and empty promises to keep its guns and guerrillas.

The bottom line should be that the Maoists demobilise their fighters and dismantle the camps not by charming some editors with yet another timetable, but with concrete action on the ground. Before any further negotiations on the constitution the Maoists must be required to transform themselves into a civilian party. You can't write a constitution with a gun to the head, especially a North Korea-style constitution the Maoists want.

What is most important in the next five days is not so much who leads what kind of government, or whether and under what conditions the CA is extended. More important is explicit, time-bound and verifiable proof from Pushpa Kamal Dahal that this time he really means what he says. He has many promises to keep.

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1. who cares
"The bottom line should be that the Maoists demobilise their fighters and dismantle the camps not by charming some editors with yet another timetable, but with concrete action on the ground."

a very good one. 

why were puspa and bhatterai looked hopeless and baidya quite happy during press conference?

another point is the conditions/tails they have attached also say that they do not have intention of fulfilling them. 

2. Arthur
"The bottom line should be that the Maoists demobilise their fighters and dismantle the camps..."
Of course you think the Maoists "should" just disappear.
But what DID happen was an agreement to integrate the two armies, not "demobilize" and "dismantle" one of them.
Read the Maoist proposal carefully:
By rejecting that proposal you are ensuring that the CA will be dissolved with the two armies still not integrated.

Do you seriously imagine that the parties who block this could win an election?

Do you seriously imagine that you could get away without holding an election?

What then is the point of demanding that an army "demobilize" and "dismantle" when you were unable to defeat it in war?

3. Mahesh Bhatta
The Maoist are thugs.  Their leaders should be tried for treason against Nepal and put behind bars where they belong. They cheat and lie like nobody's business.  Stop palying the musical chair for a good for nothing P M.  Poudel or Bhattarai, both of them will not be able to accomplish anything that will have a beneficial impact on the Nepali populace. What a disgusting scenario from the viewpoint of a common Nepali citizen. DISOLVE THIS GOOD FOR NOTHING CA. LETS HAVE ANOTHER ELECTION AND SEE HOW THE GOONDAS FROM THE MAOIST FARE.  We need leaders that can create JOBS, INVESTMENTS, PEACE AND ORDER IN THE LAND. IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE???  HELLO !  

4. soni
A few questions if I may.

- When does the CA tenure end, 28 August (3 month ext) or 31 August?
- Whether it ends on 28th or 31st, why is the legislative portion of the CA        not discussing what is to be done already, instead of coming up with an all-    nighter?
"More important is explicit, time-bound and verifiable proof from Pushpa Kamal Dahal that this time he really means what he says."

How do you verify a promise from a man who has not kept any, ever?

5. who cares
i think bhatterai should be made pm    coz he is getting too popular cause some media are spreading false facts while hiding truth         and to prevent bhatterai or maoist from getting majority votes in next election, let bhatterai win this one...  but NC and UML should not support him. especially NC.

6. who cares
let's compare two bajes:

1: bhatterai is an academic topper while paudel is not.   

has any one seen any academic topper topping in professional life.

2: bhatterai is a mass murderer and paudel is not.

you be the judge.

3: paudel has always been republican even during the days of shahs (that is what i heard) while bhatterai supported shahs even during the so called war against shahs.

4: bhatterai is an indian agent and paudel is not.

5: bhatterai may not be a bigger liar as puspa or jhallu ram but he is one but paudel has not been seen as liar.

nepal is the only country i know where crowd, mdiea, so called civil society follow liars.

6: bhatterai has been attacking opposition in gorkhas and others while paudel dont.

many nepalese can only be controlled by threat. shah/rana knew that,bhatterai knows that.

7: bhatterai destroyed nepal's economy during his economic ministry, closing down industries while paudel believes in free economy.

8: bhatterai believes in dictating crowd and killed 16k for that while paudel believes and has always struggled for freedom.

9: bhatterai is a daka who's gang loots public (public contracts)- see the rescent example of gorkha where his and puspa's gang fought for loot, extort public   while paudel is not involved in such.

so make bhatterai pm to make them easy at what they do.

10: bhatterai believes in proven failed system while paudel believes in proven system.

11: bhatterai's wife is a looter and he does nothing about that while no body has said any thing like that about paudel.

so go on and support bhattera and you will get what you deserve.

7. sukha
1.dissolve the CA entirely or downsize them (cut the power of  the members to choose the goverment, and make them to focus only on constitution writing)
2.go for fresh mandate... TO ELECT THE GOVERNMENT.

8. rishav
There will be another 12th hour meeting at the end of this month. Neither Bhattari or Poudel will get a 2/3 rd majority in the vote tomorrow. Reason being the Maoist inability to win over the parties because of one simple reason. The have A MILITIA - armed and still threatening violence.

9. Shmani
Does it really matter who out of Baburam Bhattarai and Ram Chandra Paudel becomes PM? For if Bhattarai wins, Prachanda will do all that he can to make his life hell and if Paudel wins, Sher Bahadur will definitely do the same. And this is exactly why things are wrong with Nepal.

10. Soni
If you built a summary of all the things that are wrong with all of Nepal, there would be list of options that we may be able to build which would all lead to the same conclusion, mass suicide so that people who spotted all the things that were ever wrong with Nepal could live happily ever after.

That is till they all find out the things that are wrong with all of Nepal all over again and Sher Bahadur's and Babu Ram's of this new enlightened world could then have a go at each other at a later date. 

On second thoughts perhaps, the second janaandolan reflects the solution entailed  in the first paragraph, with the present situation reflective of the second. 

Who knows, I don't.

11. Soni
What I do know is that the CA term ends today, so what's next?

We the political parties have reached the following agreement today, May 28:

To complete the basic tasks of the peace process within three monthsTo prepare the first draft of the constitution from the Constituent Assembly (CA) within three monthsTo implement effectively the various past agreements reached with the Madhesi Front, including the one to make the Nepal Army (NA) an inclusive institutionTo extend the CA term by three monthsThe prime minister to resign and pave the way for the formation of a consensus national unity government

12. who cares
i told you, these indian agents- maoist, madeshis were created as per the grand design of indians.

these maoist always worked according to indian interest from all along. then indian created madeshi to assist maoist.

this is how maoist played to fulfill indian interest:

step 1: by killing fellow nepalese. they wanted to recreated sikkim fairy tale which is nepalese killing nepalese so that nepalese would go to india begging for life. 

2: shah gave entry to illegal indians, maoist distributed citizenship to them.

close to final step: letting mass entry of madeshi into army.

almost there step: giving land to madeshi.

this is also a big slap on the face of idiot chinese too from maoist. 

its time for chinese, other friends of nepal and patriot nepalese to work together to protect nepal from india.

just look at the faces about to form new govt.- most of them are indian agents, opportunists and some are dumb self told patriots. 

by the way, who is going to get home ministry, defense and finance.

actually i am pretty happy. this will not just expose maoist and bhatterai, this govt will help to realize my agenda which is to purify nepalese citizenship- cancel the citizenship of those who are not nepalese and got it through wrong means. send them back to where they came from or to refugee camps.

now, NC and UML have to work even more closely. D day is just a step away. keep close eye on defense ministery, home and finance. 

now, increase CA deadline by 3months with condition conclusion of peace process.

the statements of madeshi, and other actions and outcomes say only NC and UML can be counted as parties who take real nationalism seriously.

for the first time in the history of nepal, we are about to get govt of only indian agents. 

13. who cares
let's hope this tragedy would bring all nationalists- NC, UML and others closer.

14. Rabin
Commentator "Who Cares" seems to be caring much than any other would do so :P
And interesting comparison you have drawn up. Agree to many points against Bhattarai, most of them are out of the box already. But how could you be so sure that Paudel dai is so clean and is of deity avatar? You have too much bias against MBs it seems esp to Dr. Saheb :P
It's good to be critical but is different to be cynical, blinded by your own bias. Please research before saving someone like this, even Mr. Gracious Paudel (it takes guts to stand up for 18 times and lose and still bear that smile).

15. who cares
14. Rabin,

some media has been going after paudel and still till date they have not called him corrupt. if i remember, the same media who is praising bhatteri and insulting paudel once called paudel clean.

and i have not heard any thing regarding corruption from paudel. since we know how nepali society is, and since they are biased against NC and still has not called him corrupt so this means this guy has to be clean.

and in thee case of bhatterai, he may be clean like great father of the nation girija (sarcasm), they both dont/did not have their personal property as said by media,,,,,,,     their family members do loot, are involved in looting with the help of their position and they both turn their heads away from such crimes...... and in the case of bhatterai he used his position to send money to his areas/VDCs/district so they his pets could loot it.... for me this is greater than corruption. 

could you kindly point out some of the points which shows i am cynical or biased.    ... i may support certain principles, may have certain views but when i go after those i have i do not use lies or made up things, i can always provide good reasons in support of my points, claims. 

wait for it, there will be coming more regarding this so called brilliant bhatterai. 

i only go after those who are evil, bad for this nation. nothing personal (actually its personal).

16. Paul Krugman
Once again, an international war criminal is the PM of Nepal ......

Time to put the governing of Nepal up for bid on international tender. Nepali haru sakdainan hou !!! Hami lai dinus, das barsha bhitra swarga jastai (at least, ahile ko danjo ma) banaunchoun.

Bichar garnus, la !!


17. Keynesianist
"the Maoists must be required to transform themselves into a civilian party"

Because Nepali Times doesn't have to testify before public how unpopular(ly) dwindled its gut is (at least to demonstrate how much/many people resent its manipulative editorials and news), how does it know Maoist party is either a civilian party or not? "Look your grotesque images somewhere you find yourself not in comfort." told the Aristophanes (I think so). Let NT look its face and realize the farce within its basic ideology.

To get on the entrails of this mechanism of editorials requires shift on how a man of specific background makes him speak on the behalf of his interests.

Kunda Ji, let you tell your history... your history as a good photographer, your history as a NT editor. Also, your history as a man from a business-minded family...but think and as so deeply if a party that was trusted by 2/5 th of populace in a historic CA election is indeed a civilian party, before I put some jumpy asterisks. Asterisks are meant to mind us of blunders, and some extra information! 

Mind that the word civilian is shorn of suffix -ian in the nucleus civic. 

Your readership well may be 50,000 or less, and not all your readers agree with/for you. Only 20% may agree to you. So how you dare to represent your business of telling a party that hasn't been scandaled in any serious scam and corruption, hasn't resorted to violence almost since three years (rationale of ten years war is controversial), becoming or yet to maintain the snobbery of "civilian party". Indeed, you'd have suggested them to be better politicians, but your tone is always disparaging that I'm forced to think of your civility and common-sense. 

Doubt I not your talent, doubt I your intentions thickened of hideous, atrabilious metaphors.

18. Kiran
"thickened of hideous atrabilious methaphors" you sure have a way with words, 17. just amazing.

19. Paul Krugman
In response to Keynesianist ...... (# 17)

If you want to make a point, better to not make ludicrous statements to support it.

To say that the Maoists "haven't resorted to violence in almost three years" is ludicrous ......

Do you not know how the YCL operates? Open your eyes, man !


20. Keynesianist
If I had to define what constitutes violence, it would be a terrible heap of wretchedness in my ratiocination. Since I refuge to pack my gameness, I better allude that the 'violence' I talk about is any infliction of serious physical, monetary and psychological injuries. 

Paid it back, violence may even be the way people refuge to accept others feelings, and become as foolhardy as before despite the credible reason.

Maoists (mindful of the morphology 'Mao+ist+s') are bad people. Some of them are thugs, money-minded, obscurantist and even some resort to rote speeches and demagoguery.

But such people exist everywhere. We should better dissuade people not to elect them to the rung of parliament and even local administrative bodies. And I clearly don't hold those people as good people, nor address such people.

But I like Baburam, viscerally and reasonably.

Look at how Kangresis and Yemalites operate. If people suffer from Koshi flood, or Tuin breaking, you know, people who guzzled up the money are responsible, most prominently belonging to aforementioned party's cadres. Naysayers have it that that's not the direct murder like Maoists did. Mine is a different way.

Maoists had causes, some bad and others good. Mandela resorted to violence. Lincoln resorted to violence. Even BP hold killing as sometimes justified. 

Your country believes in violence to draw down the Gaddhafi off his fort. Your bad neighbors across the Atlantic too join your violence.

I clearly don't mean violence should be prioritized or that if its result is better, it be done. But violence is a friction resulted from the memory of injustice as often from the willful murder of innocents. The former reason I believe is historically sanctioned action. To draw even vague line between the two is not only impossible, but if done, catastrophic.

Suppose Maoists still have remnants of violence. But I remember Nepali Times editorials when even after CPA when Maoists did some fitful extortion and ...did recognized Puspa and Mohan and even Babu as potential Stalins. Look at how Stalin's face was compared to Prachanda's. 

I have a question to Kunda..A grand historically prime one. Was the parallel justified, if not justifiable?


Maoists may become opportunist some time, sometime and sometimes when Nepali Times's ideology aligns theirs.

Maoists are people, like others. I defend them now, unsure of the future. 

Coming Friday...........
I can guess what type of editorial will come out coming Friday, given my surmise have all been fitting past six months. Nepali times will write that this Govt. is all an alliance of evil connections, or that Baburam -- a hope, and a last recourse -- has all degraded down the muddy slope, or that it was not all unexpected to have opportunist Maoists to have this, or that it's yet to see how bad Maoists are being 'uncivilian party'. I know how much Himal Media is after Maoists, and my circle had it that Himal Media better had another name, that is, Anti-Maoists League, Department of Propaganda Pvt. Ltd.

Since I'm a bit thought-police for some, I pretty end of achieving the result. Not out of malice -- but I too love my country as many others.

21. Jaywalker
20, you are just one "terrible heap of wretchedness in your ratiocination". Moderator, can't we amputate rants like these?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)