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With less than two weeks to go for the CA to come to the end of its extended term, Nepal's politics is once again distracted by the need to find a new prime minister. President Yadav has given the parties till Sunday to come up with a new government, and the choice has narrowed down to the Maoist's Baburam Bhattarai or the NC's Sher Bahadur Deuba who wants to be PM for the fourth time.

The ideal solution would be for the big three parties and the UDMF to form a consensus government to push through last-minute agreements on the integration package for Maoist fighters. Only this would give the parties, the moral grounds to extend the CA yet again. But the gulf between the parties is still too wide to expect this to happen by 31 August.

Since no one trusts anyone, how about a cabinet made up of all senior leaders? This way, the government doesn't have to keep referring to Paris Danda, Balkhu or Sanepa to decide on critical issues. They also won't need any high-level task forces and committees meeting in five-star resorts. The all-party cabinet can decide everything on the spot. It won't even matter who is the prime minister. But this is a final solution, after this there will be nothing to fall back on.

This deadlock has dragged on too long, it's time to think outside the box. Unless someone has a better idea.

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1. Alchi Kta
Most Wanted Criminals .... hun ki kya ho Ieni haru.

2. Frustrated-Nepali
Multi-party system and the parties full of corrupt-selfish leaders are the biggest problem of Nepal.

3. who cares

4. who cares
others see election of new pm as waste of time, 

but i see it as an opportunity, cause from my angle, during this period, they try to negotiate conclusion of peace process seriously.

why do we see things so differently?

5. B2B
What could we expect from such hordes of rags and stitches?

Those scribes should have just reminded us of what happened two decades back in Crimea on August 20, 1991?

How Mikhail Gorbachev had been put under house arrest there with the instigation of the then vice-president Gennady Yanayev?

The last-ditch efforts of the cassiques of the defunt Soviet Union should serve as a telling example for those politicos cited above in this article as to how the Russians hated their Stalin's way of development sans freedom.

Where is that 'mojo' or the natural charisma glowing in their faces? I do not see it. I crave for a person who has the natural commanding and the brightness of his clairvoyance, commonsense full of acumen for politics and business, and no doubt a glow of sixth sense when it need be.

In this op-ed I'm trying to stitch random thoughts, dispersed views and spreadingly wanton ideas into some sorts of tags or vignettes catering to them that most probably dig everybody in the depth of  his heart.

It is the benefit of hindsight!?!

6. Shree Shrestha

Great idea!

No primeminister, just the ministers.

7. Achi Kha
Can you please take down those stupid grinning faces from your website? It ruins my appetite and I feel like puking.

8. Never Mind
I have read each article in this paper, here is the headline that would do justice. 

"All for baloney, baloney for all"

If you don't see why, I can't help you see why.

9. Tashi Lama
These twelve faces counts twelve months and twelve hours of the day in ruining present Nepal. Politicians without moral ethics are all hypocrites, they smiles artificially and keeps the grudge within, they says something but acts differently, they shows something and hides the bitter truth. The best example among them would be Prachanda, Ramchandra Poudel and Gacchadar. All these smiling faces played their game in the name democracy and freedom, but in reality, they are just good in making themselves fat and making Nepal in bad shape!

What should we do with these idiots now? They will never come up with new constitution for Nepal, even though there are many examples of good stable countries around.

What are these twelve faces good for Nepal?

10. Dorji Tsering Sherpa
Yes it would be the best solution to have all the above 12 given 12 ministries and run the show for the remaining two weeks.

11. Kiran Thapa
Now every one can see the face of looters of Nepal and Nepalis.  Its a great thing that these thugs have been identified and their mug shots published.  Now lets go after them.  The interest of Nepal and Nepalis is more important than the ineterest of these 12 goondas that are holding Nepal a hostage from devlopement and peace.  These failed and corrupt individuals are just like Mubarak and Assad and Ghaddafi and Kapil Sibal, and Man Mohan Singh and P Chidambarm .... once you lose your trust and morality... that is the end of your character... Jai Anna Hazare ... where is the Nepali Anna.... lets copy the Indian movement and have a Nepali Lokpal Bill..what are we waiting for ....  

12. Ram Bahadur Basnet
Ok - the gang of 12 corrupt and disgraced criminals of Nepal... the Times of India has a story today on Prachnda (  wooo i am scared of him ),  that he is trying to sell Lumbini to the Chinese... Come on, honest Nepali janata, do you want to take this lying down... this is the same Prachnda who is responsible for the killing over 17000 Nepali brothers and sisters... Shame on Nepali Army Generals that they are lacking in serving the Motherland - just look at the conditions in Nepal... the Police force is most corrupted and its officers have gone to jail, a killer like PKD is calling the shots,  even the Army was involved in selling Nepali Military treasures to an American dealer, look at the personal worth of politicians today and compare that to 15 years ago...rags to millions and billions, where did the money come from... we Nepalis need to take a page from the Syrians and revolt ... its time for a real revolution...  no more impunity, lets wipe these bloodsuckers from the face of Nepal.       

13. DG
Kiran Nepal is right,but this cabinet must have a dynamic leader to guide them as friend ,philosopher and guide.
This position must be filled by a young  female most likely from   dalit a first choice.
Failing that person like Sapana Malla can take that position ,but not Hisila or Pampha or Arzoo.

14. Gole
Ha ha ha!Out of the 12 imposters ,9 are Brahmin, oneChhetri, one Baniya and one Eastern Tharu.

Because of these idiots we  Bahuns have to  hang down our head and cry.
Let God demolish them. Remove these thugs from our political firmament for ever..Yini haru ta prithbhilai nai bhar bhai sake. Taruno netaharu chaiyo. Hernus Englandma,  Let the young generation take over and dump these people who have outlived their utility. No state-craft and knowledge of how to runthe country in the 21st century. These absolute rots...

15. Vija Srestha

Sometimes I wonder ,why NT prints articles like the one above.Some of the comments are hilariously funny,it lightened my day ,but at the same time,Dahal openly declares his plans while the rest of us are taking it lightly.

We don't have Khanal as PM however we have a dictaror Dahal sendding out messages of what he wants and he is getting it all he needs.

He wanted to have more candidates in CA and he has them,thanks to his puppet Khanal,who simply made a decision to change the ministers.

Dahal understands very well,that most of the soldiers in his PLA are not up to the standard or fit for NA as anyone who serves in the army first needs to have either technical ,military education .Just by being physically fit one doesn't become general etc ,starting from the lowest rank in the army is a usual place for all the new soldiers unless you have an appropriate education.

Dahal has understood that and he is not happy,or better say his PLA soldiers are not happy with the role NA would offer them and it is -restructuring,rebuilding as it would mean work honestly for the nation,as then he,Dahal, would loose supporters ,cadres ,as there wouldn't be his infuence anymore,therefore he ,Dahal has come up with another ,better idea for his party cadres,let them join politics,as he ,Dahal said in today's news in Himalayan Times.

For him the main point is to get every party agree on having Majority Government ,but at the time being he,Dahal ,calls it Unity Government,because he knows and everyone needs to be aware of it,Dahal knows as soon as there will be this so called Unity Government,Dahal will always have his say ,as he said himself in this HT "As the largest party in the Constituent Assembly, the UCPN-Maoist will play a bigger role,"

This statement is totally absurd.We know in reality ,having quantity it doesn't make one better in quality ,but it gives right to lead and put fullstops and make one sided decisions if there is a majority of memebers.It is simple maths and Dahal knows how to count.

This is just a begining of Dahal's big plan.Dahal has not given up his hegamony plans.

I quote again "As far as rank determination of Maoist commanders is concerned, it is not a major issue as most of them will join politics," sources quoted Dahal. "Peace process is not a problem, nor the combatants, but the politics in itself."

Dahal ,wants only politics with the result,Maoist lead Government and he knows how to get quantity,not quality.

One can always agree to have deal on rotational government,but it doesn't mean it automatically becomes as the next parties government  as the members in the CA are already in majority.The example of Khanal led government doesn't mean UML as a party led and made decisions .It was and is the Maoist Party orientated as they were always in quantity so how Mr.Deuba calls it a positive ,optimistic step!Maoists just need us, to be able to lead the government, they do not need us to give our understanding about politics or how to lead the government,they will steer the ship the way they want because they will always be in majority .

To have rights to lead the government just because someone is in quantity,doesn't make a quality Mr.Deuba.

NC, UML and other parties must think about the consequences this will create for the future and Dahal has long term goals and decision made this time by other parties will set the wheel rolling ,but it will roll the way Dahal wants,if we agree and do not think about the consequences.Maoists will either totally one handadly lead the government,or will lead the government anyway,as the rest of the parties together will always be a minority.So,who will be sent into bushes,not Maoists.So lets get serious now rather than have few hilarious laughs as Maoists are not sleeping,they will try to push through till 31st of August or if it doesn't work out,he will continue as it was,stretching the time and looking for the gaps in the reasoning in the opposition,what he has done tso far ,including the integration of PLA soldiers,but he ,Dahal says PLA will not present the problem as the majority will go back into politics,so it is a better solution for his party ,plus few will be left in NA.

Either way,Maoists are haven't dropped their plans and this time everyone might be even supporting them  by not thinking abotu long term consequences.

However,Dahal would be wise if he thought about his neighbour China and what are their politics.If he has followeed up on China's development ,he would understand that China all along has joined the world politics through the bizness ,and he must also undeerstand and see,how many chinese are getting richer and what is happening with the rest of chinese population.So do not give Mr.Dahal your rubbish reasoning and do not dream

I totally disagree with it.PLA soldiers,who want to hold guns in their hands must be sent to fight for peace somewhere in Afghanistan,Africa,where  they will learn what it really means to be under the fire.Hiding for ten years and looting innocent people who didn't have anyhing in their hands to fight them back dosn't make one a soldier.

Mr.Dahal before you get a chance t oform any government,you must solve the problem with PLA before anyone agrees on any government.You  had a majority of your cadres then at the Khanal's led government but you didn't as it create an environment to put trap on other parties,so your party comes up with the terms Concensus government,Unity government and Majority Government.

So,there is another of your ideas seen perfectly well and now you even have announced that peace is not a probelm,soldiers are not a problem ,but politics are and you are almost extatic ,hoping that this time everyone will be in your trap.

The rest of us need to realize,Maoists are and never will abolish their long term goals.

I took the chance to write under this article as The Himalayan Times censor and doesn't let through articles which doesn't support Maoist ideas already now .So where is the freedom of speech under Maoist leadership?


16. Mitter

Worse anticommunist and reactionary propaganda e.g. 15 and 9. Maoists have fought for the freedom of people from the hinduism kingdom which oppressed the Nepal people ! The regime of kingdom, its army  have murdered many human beings in its war for suppression the people. Your lies are grotesque. You want that the ruling class of  great landowner and capitalists remains in power for all time. Therefore you hate the maoists, distort their goals. You have the fear of  loss your privilegs. I am sure that the great majority of the Nepal people don`t agree with your archreationary policy and ideology. Besides: Under the political system in China since 1978 the development of this country is very successfull, the improvement  of standard of living is essential better as in other developing countries with a ruling class of capitalists and great landowner like India. Only ignorance cann´t see this facts. You can read this in every good economic information. China is now  the second largest economic power in the world and the rising affluence  in China demonstrates  the sharp rise of chinese tourists in Nepal. Extreme poverty and malnutrition are widespread in India and so the uprising of a maoist movement and PLA in India  is spreading. In China are ca. 7 % still in extrem poverty, in India over 30 %. What is the better political and economic system ? 15 and 9 you cannot detain the social transformation of the society in Nepal, the maoists the future, you are the past.




17. Vija Srestha

Dear Mr.Mitter,

Which country do you live in Mr.Mitter ?China,India,Nepal?

Thank you for enlightning me on the topic about China,India,Nepal.

So lets get one thing straight.Look no further,if you think that by talking you can feed your children ,go ahead.Mr.Dahal is talking all the time,no one lets you talk and most importatnly you are not even being paid.You DO IT FOR FREE!Do you mind asking me,how much money have you earned by talking  or do you get paid like  Mr.Dahal and who by the way pays and where did the money come to Dahal?From talking or does he have rich uncles in Nepal or outside the country,sponsors to keep the PLA soldiers without work for how many years already or do you think it is my duty to contribute freely to keep up people who do not work.I must work from morning till late night and you and like Dahals make me participate in something I do not agree.I want to have choice,to work as long as I  want to  and I do not intend to waste my life waiting, while you are listening and sunbathing  in the Stadium.People who from day to day work hard by breaking  rocks are worth fighting for, but not people like yourself ,feeding like parasites on somebody else's hard work and blood.

I hate no one ,but I feel sorry for all the people like yourself who waste the time waiting for the heavenly magic to shower everyone with everything one needs.Chinese work,they do not sit like parasites on somebody elses back and they do not hope to be paid for doing nothing.China's success is due to cheap labour and bizness with the world developed biznesses since the time of Mao.It was always a country with free bizness market in the part of the country,always ,which was the difference among other  soc/communist countries.They have always strived to try out ,even if it was not their idea,but they tried.First of all clean your own doorstep and then look further.You can not do it with talking.If you are such an enthusiast,go no further start from tomorrow ,with the neighbours around,work.What have you done,personali to give to people around you?

18. Man Tamang

To this point, seeing all the faces above make me sick in my stomach, except for Baburam. We've tried everyone of these individuals in one or another capacity time and again to their fullest potential, again with the exception of Baburam. They all are candidates for a Hall of Shame for bad governance and  maladministratio, only difference being that some of these photos should be hanged a little higher than the others to indicate their incompency. Just look back 20 years of bad governance, maladministration and corruption and see how these photos fit in the equation. Very well.

I am not pinning a high hope on PM Baburam Bhattarai to catch moon and stars for us but I do expect him to be giving a genuine attentio to give an opportunity for a meaningful representation in the branches of the government to a long martinalized group like mine. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)