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Decisive govt decides to take decisions


One thing you have to say about this UML-led govt compared to the previous UML-led govt is its no-nonsense style. It takes decisions decisively with the snap of the fingers. There is no dilly-dallying and flip-flopping like the Makunay cabinet. For example, soon after deciding to award Rs 20 laks for the patenting of a thought-controlled airplane, the cabinet decided on a decision to award four karods to put a Dalit on the top of Mt Everest. The decision came just before the government also decided to allocate another four karods to re- measure Mt Everest. This is probably a good thing because the few last metres of climbing at that altitude could make the diff between success and failure for our as-yet-unnamed Dalit alpinist.

The ignoramus (plural: ignorami) among you will of course ask silly questions like why, among all the crises afflicting this country at this juncture in our history, determining the height of the snow summit as opposed to the rock summit of Mt Everest is such a life-or-death issue. But you underestimate the importance not just to Nepal but also to the world of having the exact height of Mt Everest measured and authenticated by our own scientists. Especially because the Chinese have determined the altitude of the rock summit accurate to the last millimeter. But what you don't know is that this monsoon has dumped unusually heavy snow on top of all the debris at the summit, so if we measure Mt Everest this autumn, the height is going to be 8853m, at least five metres higher than the Chinese calculation. But time is of the essence because geologists say the mountains are moving north at 2.5cm a year, and the summit may soon be entirely in China.


Whatever you may say about the lameduck primeministership of His Right Honourable JN, you can't fault his cabinet for having its priorities right. It decided to allocate 14 karods to build a new highway in Chitwan called Prachanda Path. In a country where most airports, hospitals and highways are named after personas who are deceased, it takes a lot of guts to name a highway after someone who is still living. But the cabinet proved it does not shirk from taking tough decisions. It can bite the bullet, it can take the bull by the horns, it can cross the Rubicon and burn its bridges.


The other great decision taken in the budget was to allocate Rs 10 million to have all civil servants, who just got a 40% salary hike, wear uniforms to work. Civil servants will get free uniforms, while most school children in this country still have to buy theirs. All this of course, will be paid by increasing the tax on soft drinks by a whopping 75%. Tax on alcoholic beverages have also been increased, but by only 11%. As a permanent fixture in the neighbourhood watering hole, the Donkey would like to take the Financial Minister by the hand and personally thank him in no uncertain terms. Hic.


And guess why Chairman Awe-inspiring was so eager to agree to the cabinet reshuffle and dump his left-hand man Com Mahara? Because he had an ace up his sleeves, viz.: secretly instruct JN to sit tight and not resign. Which is what JN did. In the meantime, Jhusil, freshly back from the Home of the Brave as well as the Land of the Free, proposes PKD as PM just so that he can thumb his nose at his own impatient colleague, Lion Brave. Looks like the baddies have taught the kangresis well about the benefits of a two-line struggle. Lotus Flower knows that Sushil Da knows that he got his five karod cut from the Darfur Kickback from GPK for election expenses in 2008.


The reason Chairman Supercalifragilistic is again taken to wearing red polo shirts is not the weather. Must be on advice from his new Propaganda Bureau chief, Com Pasang. PKD has been abandoned by RIM and COMPOSA as well, and it's time to add red to the dress code.

1. Rajaram
"Lotus Flower knows that  Sushil Da knows that he got his five karod cut from the Dafur Kickback from GPK for election expenses in 2008"
Poor police officers who even din't have a cup of black tea are being incarcerated but political bosses and their children who pocketed  most of the scam money  are given clean chit. What kind of democracy or ganatantra we are getting? What kind of naya Nepal we are going to build?
There is a way to pin point the real culprit and that is to take NARCO TEST on the king-pin of the whole episode.,starting from Om Bickram Rana and co.
 Then we know who is the flower and who is the weed..
Let the life of some  of our divinities be jeopardized this way and politics of our land will start getting cleansed...

2. Tapan
on the auspicious occasion of Gathe Mangal or Gathe mugah 'let us start calling our political friends COMRADE GHANTAKARNA from now on.
Good photo of the boy.running with the booty.
For whom the bell tolls?

3. Kale Rai
#1 Rajaram.
Brilliant Idea NARCO Test for the accused police officers in the Sudan Scam; otherwise they cannot speak the truth.
They are being silenced as the life of many divine  leaders are being questioned. Guess who are those high personalities? This is all party hurriet company!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)