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"I wanted to murder whoever did this to my daughter"


BY HER SIDE: Krishna Tamang tends to his daughter at the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu. She hasn't spoken to anyone since the rape a month ago.
Krishna Tamang had taken his cattle out to graze on a meadow near his farm in Bhojpur in eastern Nepal. Dark clouds were gathering over the mountains beyond, and he had a sense of foreboding. At 2 pm, a neighbour ran up to tell him his daughter had fallen sick in Chainpur. Krishna borrowed some money and headed off with his brother.

Krishna says he felt like he had fallen off a cliff when police in Chainpur told him what had happened to his daughter. A 21-year-old apprentice at the Laligurans Rimthen Chholing Boudha Gumba in Dilkharka, the nun had been raped repeatedly by the driver and crew of a bus she was travelling in. They also stole the Rs 130,000 she was carrying that her sister Kabita Tamang, who lives in India, had sent home for constructing a new house in the village.

She was travelling from Khandbari to Dharan on 24 June, but a flooded river on the way forced the bus to make an unscheduled night stop. All the lodges in the village were full because of stranded passengers.

Although some passengers offered to share their room, the crew convinced her to spend the night in the bus. At 11pm, Drona Rai, sleeping in a bus parked nearby heard a scream and went to help. He was beaten up by the rapists.

The next morning there was commotion as word spread about what had happened. Members of the Limbuwan Volunteers were alerted, they caught the culprits in a place called Kharang and handed them over to Chainpur police.

By the time Krishna reached Chainpur the next day his daughter had been taken by relatives to Paramount Hospital in Siliguri in India after initial treatment at a local health centre. It took Krishna two more days to reach Siliguri and be by his daughter's side.

"She was in a terrible state," Krishna recalls, "she was still unconscious in the ICU. I wanted to murder whoever did this to my daughter."

When her family couldn't pay and the bills had exceeded INR 200,000, the Siliguri hospital evicted her. The family flew her back to Kathmandu on 15 July, but the Teaching Hospital refused to admit her despite request from members of National Women's Commission.

"We were told that the government hospital does not take this kind of case," recalls the nun's uncle, Surya Tamang. "We returned got to a relative's house at 9pm after waiting at the hospital all day."

After much lobbying with politicians, Teaching Hospital finally took the nun in the next day. Doctors told us she is suffering from extreme post-traumatic stress disorder. "She needs psychological and social support at this time more than medical treatment," Vidya Dev Sharma of the hospital's psychiatry wing, said.

The nun's sister, Kabita, watches as she tosses and turns in bed, moaning. Her bed is near the door of a large ward full of patients. She covers her face with her blanket every time someone walks past. Kabita says her sister hasn't spoken a word to her family, or to the doctors. She says: "Look at what those demons did to her, a young woman who has devoted her life to god."

The family is now worried about her future. Although there were initial reports that the nunnery where she studied in Pharping had excommunicated her, the Nepal Buddhist Federation (NBF) has denied this. "I was misquoted in the Indian media, she was never expelled, there is no provision in Buddhism for excommunication," said the NBF's Norbu Sherpa.

The Nepal Tamang Lama Ghedung, an organisation of Tamang Lamas, has said it will reinstate the nun in the local Gumba in Sankhuwasabha once she gets well. Palden Lama of the Ghedung said: "Her celibacy was broken against her will, Buddhist philosophy is about protecting, rescuing and rehabilitating the victim instead of adding to the pain."

The Sankhuwasabha District Court has sent all five accused to jail for further investigation. In Khandbari, government lawyer Krishna Bhandari says the court has recommended compensation and medical expenses for the victim. "The court will give its verdict once the legal procedures are complete. All we need now is statement of the victim," Bhandari told Nepali Times.

Two members of the bus crew, bus driver Raj Limbu and conductor Bhuwan Gurung have already confessed to the crime, while the rest have pleaded not guilty. The maximum punishment is a jail term for up to 10 years, but since there is also a robbery charge, they could get an additional six year sentence.

However, the bus syndicates in Sankhuwasabha are lobbying with the local administration to have the accused released. They brought transportation to a halt in four districts in eastern Nepal this week to put pressure on the administration.

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1. Rajat
There should be death penalty for rapists

2. who cares
"However, the bus syndicates in Sankhuwasabha are lobbying with the local administration to have the accused released. They brought transportation to a halt in four districts in eastern Nepal this week to put pressure on the administration."

public should burn everything they have got. unconditional support from these is the real reason behind the rape.

3. jange

However, the bus syndicates in Sankhuwasabha are lobbying with the local administration to have the accused released. They brought transportation to a halt in four districts in eastern Nepal this week to put pressure on the administration.

When Maoists get high political office for murder loot and extortion it is only reasonable that any group should use their political clout for other crimes too.

4. dipak titung tamang

Give the death penalty, the people who were involved in this cruel activities.

5. Nares H.
Straight hanging, with at least five kicks from the back before gallows, for these jerky rapists. Or are we collectively getting insane?

6. Rosi
However, the bus syndicates in Sankhuwasabha are lobbying with the local administration to have the accused released. They brought transportation to a halt in four districts in eastern Nepal this week to put pressure on the administration.

who are these thugs?every person who participated in these demonstration  should be sent to jail along with the rapist.

7. Laxmi Tamang

Please help this nun and his family to fight against these rapists and people who are lobbying with the local administration to realse the culprits. Otherwise, these people and others will be encouraged to do the same things in the future. They can rape our daughters, mothers, sisters or any girls/women. Please do this together with women's activists, women lawyers, Mahila Aayog, Women's organisation, Women Police Officer and others.

We shouldn't let them realse. I know we all agree we have to hang them and give death sentence but unfortunately we don't have that law at present. Please! Please! Please! help this nun. I'm abroad, studying in Australia. I together with other people here in Australia and US had sent some little money to his father to pay for their stay at Kathmandu and buy fruits and medicines for Nun. 

We have to stand up now. Otherwise, same incidents repeadly occur in the future and even to you and your family members and no one will support us. Please bear this in mind. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and cooperation.

8. Suresh Tamang
I am currently out of the country, however, I am keeping my eyes on this incident and following up the case to date. I am glad that the criminals are in police custody; but she is struggling to her life and/or death. I am not only a Tamang, born and raised Buddhist; but also a sensible human being from the same region where this incident took place unfortunately. This is the extremest degree of crime of this sort, so far I have ever heard; the victim is not only someone's daughter and sister but also a practicing Buddhist nun, who has a higher respect in our society and worldwide than an ordinary man/woman; how dare these wolves (that is not even enough for you, non-sense animals!) dare to touch a person like her!?!, On top of that you looted the money, and you disrepect the religion; so you have at least 3 criminal charges, you all must be hung to death in a public place (Dobato or Tundikhel) so there will be no other cases like this in the future. The 10 or 15 years jail sentence is never enough and whatever amount of deposit should not be allowed for releasing these rapists.

I am also wondering how come, there are some people who are lobbying to release them, is there a law in Nepal? where you can openly lobby in support of such criminal case like this? Why the police can not fire on them? Is that the democracy that you can do what ever you like to? Where is the Government?

Therefore, I am requesting to the Chief District Officer (CDO) Mr. Rajiv Pokhrel (if not transfered yet) not as a long time class mate (I.Sc) but also the current Chief of Government Administration in the District and the lawers and judges to look this case closely and seriously, punishing the criminals as much as possible; so that the victim would be recovered earlier from her current health condition, because health is more than a medical condition; it is a psycho-social, cultural, spiritual and phenomena; and also the family, friends and people who are concerned with this case would always respect you for right action on right time and for the right people and right purpose.

Let us lobby, support and pray for her early recovery and maximum punishments for those historical rapists! 

9. kishor lama
We have to punished thiese offendars. We request to nepal law and public safety officers to punish these offendars to the higghest degree.

10. tshering

However, the bus syndicates in Sankhuwasabha are lobbying with the local administration to have the accused released. They brought transportation to a halt in four districts in eastern Nepal this week to put pressure on the administration

I feel sick to my stomach when I read this. They should be punished and NOT released at any cost.

11. Badal Lama

Castrate the rapist. That is the only way such events will not repeat again in the country. If the laws of the  country do not allow it, the people should take the laws into the hands and punish the culprits. For a lawless country like Nepal that is the only way out.

Down with the rapist.

12. Khyam B.K.

Shame the criminal minds; don't you have even a smallest amount of humanity on your heart? There is no human rights for inhumane monsters... you should be hung in publicly!

13. Suresh Tamang
Once again, thank you Dewan Rai ji and Nepali Times for bringing this follow up article with updates in people's attention about the case in the country and internationally. 

We are in contact with the family; and key people in Nepal who are concerned with this, updated us with some new information. Her condition is gradually improving, however besides the financial needs, she requires more moral, psychological support. 

Please, let us join hand in hand for her early recovery and justice. If we all (individual, community groups, media, civil society and all human right agencies) can work together, can have a bigger impact.

We also contacted some of the local people and was everybody saying that the incident was too un-humanatarian, extremely shameful and absolutely unbelievable that a Buddhist nun can be raped in a land where Buddha was born. So far local transport syndicate called 'strike', has been put off, we were told that it was organized not for releasing the culprits but to get their bus that was captured by the police, if so that makes a little sense, otherwise, if anyone dares to release those unhuman social evils, that will not be acceptable at all.
One more good news is that the District Administration has recently decided to have a temporary police station at the place (Sabha khola) where this incident took place because this and many other criminal activities; and local people demanded for this, thank you ashal nagarik, CDO sahab and the District Police Chief.

Buddha ko desh ma shanti ra justice sabai lai milos!

14. Richa

15. Abhishekhi
the culprits should be hanged till death....

16. anuj

This is a misfortne, this kind of incident is happening in Nepal ! However, we have to be very cautious, while judging by the present Nepalese political situation and nearing constituent assembly (CA) dateline, this is for sure a conspiracy made to dilute the political situation and divert peoples' attention toward some other issue for political gain by those who does not want new political order in Nepal.

17. Milima Singh
It is unbelievable. How can people be so inhuman.Having worked in the field of public health, I have traveled to remote villages on bus all alone. I felt that I was courageous person and could be an example to young people to work in remote places and travel alone . But reading this news I am so much scared to travel by myself now. 

Since death sentence is not the country law. The maximum possible punishment should be done to those people . 

18. rabindra
no words,,, i just feel like crying,, see how far have we gone,,,
Kill the murderers

19. neema
Those rapist should be killed they have no right to live...... how the hell could they even think about a nun in that way..... are they humans or demons... they should be killed killed killed and killed and they should not be freed at any cost..... how could some people even cross their limit.......... she is a disciple of Lord Buddha....
May God help her to recover soon... we are with you.....!!!

20. Ngawang Lama
Ngawang Lama...34

This is really too much against Tamang community. This is really great hindrances for such a good nun. It means she is really such a good and pure nun who doesn't want to keep affairs with male even it is not allowed for the nuns to do. And rapist should get heavy punishment otherwise we will not them go.This can happened to anyone why most of people are silenced.Why don't they raise their voices. Nepalis government and administration should give strong action to those cruel rapist who doesn't have sense of mother and sister. It is sure that those rapist can rape their own sister and mother.Even they mother fucker and sister fucker.Please lets get together to bring the truth and Nepalese laws are like cob web where only small insects and stuck and big can easily escaped. If this happened we will see what will happened in future.This is warning for the administration. Don't think we stupid and don't take your life risk.The rapist should bring to book for justice....

21. shana bains
its no wonder how indian society never gets ahead.  Men are raised like animals and think they can do and get whatever they want.  who cares if the buses go on strike, indians need to show these disgusting people who is right.

22. ranjan
Those mofos needs to get hanged for real and also ppl who are protesting for the driver's release, they deserve to get nothing better too...phychos bastardsss....

On a diff note, I think we all should try and do something for the poor girls family to show our support cuz that's the only thing thats going to make a difference. What you all think?

23. Bo Sorensen
The bus syndicates in Sankhuwasabha should take responsebility for their employees. And pay damages to the victim and her familie. If the bus company do not do so, people should band the company. I find it very offensiv that the bus company tries to cover for the offenders. This makes them accomplices in the crime.

24. jwill
bloody rapists..our country is going downhill day by day..anarchys rule the country now..these rapers needs to be taken to court and hanged..this is unacceptable..its all because of country's unstability. when the country politicians doesnt take any grip then how can we expect the citizens to work and behave in a certain way.this is insane..hope the girl recovers and get proper guidance..hold tight sister..

25. Reena
where is the human right, who often used to raise voice supporting maoists and other terrorists activits? Human right authorities in Nepal are always silent in the cases of local public. However, we public must presurrize the govt/police/law makers to take harshest action against the rapist and their supporters too, so that no one in future can dare to do such sin. Their penis must be cut off, so they can realize what they did to an innocent human being. We strongly urge the concerned authorities to take action against the rapist and give justice to the innocent nun.

26. runa
Please fry them with hot oil and keep them semi live

27. Suresh Tamang
Glad that advocates of social justice are still commenting on this article and it has become the most popular article since last month....thanks Dewan Rai ji (although I don't personally know him), who wrote this follow up article in such a reputable publication, so that people could and still can read it all over the world.

This also shows that there are so many people out there in Nepal and abroad who are very sensitive to this sort of unhuman incident, that happens once in a blue moon. As I wrote earlier, it was the most extreme of this kind- involved three charges- rape, looting money and religious disrespect!

Based on other news media and personal contact to Nepal, Sangeeta has now been discharged from TUTH, and Ani Choying has already accepted her in her wing at Farping to continue her life of a Buddhist nun (Some other Foundations did reject her!). I salute to respected Ani Choying and pray for Sangeeta's stable health condition, I think we still need to support her morally, spiritually and psychologically.

Thanks for all people who joined their hands-in-hands to advocate for this issue locally, nationally and internationally.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)