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Netas, are you listening?


NEXT QUESTION: Poll enumerator Hira Bishural interviewing housewife Tara Adhikari at her house in Bhadrapur last week. More than 4,000 respondents across the country were interviewed.

Fifty five-year-old Madan Ray of Chandragadi, Jhapa is bitter about the way politicians have put their interest above national interest. "Political leaders are engaged in their personal battles, nobody gives a damn about how we live," he says. He thinks the lack of agreement among the leaders has put the CA in crisis. "If only they were sincere, life would be much better for the twenty five million."

Chandika Prasad Bhurtel, 71, says he is not sure the constitution will be endorsed by 28 May, even if the political parties reach a consensus. "If the parties use the 1990 Constitution as a framework and incorporate the achievements of the Jana Andolan, a new constitution is possible within two days," he says. He sees Maoists' reluctance to part with its army as the major hurdle.

Krishna Tuladhar, 30, says five development regions should be developed as federal states since they accommodate all castes and culture in a mixed geography. "We should not make the mistake of creating federal states along ethnic lines," he insists.

Forty one-year-old Lila Prasad Tamang of Urlabari in Morang is afraid the country will fragment. "The country will split into small kingdoms like in the past if the federal structure is decided on the basis of ethnicity," she adds.

Tara Adhikari, 35 of Bhadrapur and Mina Pokharel, 22, of Sunsari are more worried about inflation than the country's political situation. "We had high expectation after the success of Jana Andolan, but things have just gotten worse," says Mina.

Pooja Silwal, 25, of Urlabari says she had pinned her hope on the Maoists and voted for them in the CA election, but she adds: "They have forgotten us and now are behaving like all the others."

Dipak Bohora, 30, of Itahari is also frustrated with the way Maoists have been unable to transform themselves into a democratic party. "If they continue to keep arms the country will become like Afghanistan, and no one will be able to do anything about it, least of all the Maoists."

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1. Raghu
The netas are not going to listen. We need another revolution to get rid of them.

2. Arthur
Talking to oneself is sometimes considered a sign of insanity.

This is even more impressively stupid than the overall survey result claiming that there are more Congress supporters than Maoist supporters

Among those quoted in the article there were no Maoist supporters at all.

Since you cannot even bear to talk to them, you will never be able to understand anything about why they are the largest party in Nepal.

3. Mahesh Kumar Sharma
Hello Nepali Netas.....  you all better get your act together.... you know what will happen otherwise, just look at Mubarak, Gadhafi, Assasd, you are like these dictators and the people of Nepal will also put you in prison for crimes against Nepal and Nepalis.  Look at the election in West Bengal. You Netas are a disgrace to Nepal. You have no shame. You cannot even stop a stupid Bandh that is so harmful. So, listen up you dirty Netas, you fight among yourself and are just interested in power grab, case in point- Jhala Nath Khanal....  be careful from now on, you know what they say,  a man who lives by the sword dies by the sword.... Long Live Nepal and Nepalis.    

4. yam gurung
Now Osama Bin laden is gone who will put the bells in these corrupt and puppet leaders of Nepal?

5. Anonymous
May I ask how a survey in eastern nepal only shows what the nation thinks about a certain issue??

6. Janata

"Forty one-year-old Lila Prasad Tamang of Urlabari in Morang is afraid the country will fragment. "The country will split into small kingdoms like in the past if the federal structure is decided on the basis of ethnicity," she adds

Response: When people feels left out and discriminated, for sure, this sort of segregation in line with say religion, race, caste and so on arise. IF state can be more responsible and reasonable, this will be solved soon. BTW, ethnicity issue can not be taken lightly: this is "time bomb" for Nepal with its fuse that burns slowly  if mis interpreted and mis judged.

Note: Last picture was disciminatory !! Judge by yourself.

7. Shankar
When i was in Nepal i always used to think Nepali times is a weighty paper with quality articles.. Now i dont think that anymore. Moreover i  have started to think that this is the newspaper with the lowest quality of reporting.., using lowest standards of english language,, deeply radical views and purposedly written with some vested interests.. I thought  Dixit clans would be back on their  form like they were  few years ago., creative, thoughtful, neutral and inspiring...But all of their clan have gotten worse and along with them they have buried the quality and intergrity of himal and nepali times to grave...
Sorry to blame , but that's what i see now..

8. Rajaram

Let the Maoist dissolve their para-military wing and face the election!
Stop intimidation ,extortions and repeatedly voting ; then I will vote for them .

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)