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MARCHING TOGETHER: MJF's Bijaya Gachchhadar with underworld don Ganesh Lama

Just when one thought that our battered political parties could do without another round of unsavoury episodes, we have had more last week and the one before that. These come after the arrest of lawmakers from MPRF and Nepali Janata Dal on allegedly tampering and selling their diplomatic passports, the trial of a UML parliamentarian for taking bribe, the nabbing of an NC Constituent Assembly member in a gambling den and the cheating by a Maoist lawmaker at the SLC exam by making her daughter write answers on her behalf. Enough eroding the credibility of the parties of all hues.

Of all the goings-on, two of the most glaring stand out. One is the politicking at the Bharatpur Cancer Hospital in Chitwan and the other unethical conduct of now recalled ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Hamid Ansari.

All services at the Bharatpur Cancer Hospital have been shut down for nearly a week now because the doctors close to the Maoists and the NC are jostling for control of the hospital, leaving patients in the lurch. There have been at least four deaths in recent days due to lack of treatment and attention. This is not just irresponsible, it is criminal misconduct.

The dispute at the hospital is about who should be the next executive director of and have access to its resources (read: cash). Doctors came to Kathmandu to lobby for their appointment. The previous executive director, Bhakta Man Shrestha and the temporary incumbent Laxmi Narayan Singh are seeking, and getting, the blessings of their respective political backers- patients be damned. Both Shrestha and Singh should be removed.

Ambassador Ansari, a UML cadre, was already involved in allegedly cheating money from the widow of migrant worker Ramesh Subedi of Jhapa district who had died in Saudi Arabia. The insurance company there paid the compensation but the ambassador, instead of forwarding it to Subedi's widow, kept it himself. The ambassador escaped any punishment from his party bosses, but now he has done it again. This time he allegedly kept a Rs 2 million compensation paid to the family of Reg Bahadur Budhamagar from Rolpa who too had died in the Gulf.

Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal (UML) and former Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala (NC) during whose watch the first swindle occurred did nothing. Current UML Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal has done nothing over the second one. Foreign Secretary Madan Bhattarai who hasn't done much more than pay lip service. Shocking, but unfortunately not surprising, when culture of impunity and lack of accountability is so high.

You want to hear more? Maoist CA member Indramati Yadav was caught stealing electricity to power her water pump by making an illegal hookup to powerlines. She was let off after made to pay fine. Bijaya Gachchhadar, chairman of Madhesi People's Rights Forum (Democratic), has been sheltering notorious underworld don, Ganesh Lama. Some UML mid-ranking leaders and cadre are putting pressure on police to release the arrested criminal and notorious don, Dinesh Adhikari 'Chari'.

CA members Bishwendra Paswan, Rukmani Chaudhari, Buddha Ratna Manandhar and Sadrul Miya Haq have not only obstructed the meetings of the Constitutional Committee called to settle disputes on some of the fiercely-contested contents of the constitution, they have now held parliament's plenary itself hostage.

In addition to the failures on the constitution-drafting and peace fronts, the political parties are piling on the misery of the people and some of the recent events demonstrate these are not some accidental situations or something over which the parties have no control. On the contrary, these are full, on-your-face "we don't care" attitude and actions.

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1. Raghu
Until we get an iron fisted and visionary leader like Lee Kuan Yew, I see no hope for the country. All the 601 member are incompetent, esp their leaders.

2. sukha

raghu..i agree with u..we need leaders, not beggars...

3. Raul
leadership, thats what is lacking in Nepal. I want a leader to emerge, and I want masses to spontaneously come to ground, together, and march into these government buildings and complexes, and take our destiny in our own hand. How I wish we could do this? But I know, this is a pipe dream in Nepal. Poor perishes, Middle Class linger on, and Rich fly ever higher on the backs of poor. 

4. kalu
The article is representing present ruin situations of our country's so called  leader, i appreciate your opinion. However, there is mistyped or I heard it differently from other media regarding this statement........the cheating by a Maoist lawmaker at the SLC exam by making her daughter write answers on her behalf...

5. jhankri
I think its the duty of every nepali citizen to give a tight slap to any politcians they come across..

6. GyaRel
We need journalists like DJ who has guts to write in issues that a writer might be fired back by different forms of retaliation like physical attack on the writer. We remember how Ashutosh Tiwari was attacked by Maoist goons, and Nepali Citizen turned into American citizen and now calls himself as foreign: Arthur was silent on the attack. He came with excuses to justify the attack on Ashutosh Tiwari.

DJ, before your article reached the stand, your prediction was even read by public, the Chari was released  and let him search for another pray. We are so unfortunate to have such inept leaders. Arthur is silent on UML Maoist lagan gatho. DK aka Arthur aka now foreigner, and forgot Nepali language, but does not have guts to raise issues that are important to average Nepalis, but enjoys American Passport, and preaches us to be a part of Maoist. Shame on you idiot.

DJ should continue to write on such issues, you may not be able to change the world of Nepalis, but you can help us document and turn them into artifacts. I am back to Nepali Times to read your article. Great job, DJ!

7. boksi

5. jhankri, about a tight slap to all those who got those politicians in those positions of power, in the first place?

Wasn't it us people who got them there?

And there were other commenters who're yearning for a strong leader to clean things up. Well, when one Gyanendra Shah took up that gamble most of us Nepalis did everything we could to bring him down and get these politicians up instead.

We reap what we sow.

8. saru
People get the government the deserve. They are not Nepali leaders they are merely the puppet of Indian. All of them. If we want New Nepal first we have to get rid of these stupid idiot fools from Nepali politics.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)