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Friends again


After many months of trying to be everything to everyone, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal finally took the plunge during Wednesday's politburo meeting to follow the pragmatic line espoused by his rival, Baburam Bhattarai.

Dahal had been expressing his commitment to work with the other parties for 'peace and constitution' with the international community, while simultaneously appeasing his hardline colleagues by backing the 'people's revolt' line.

Dahal's about turn seems to have lifted his notorious reputation for making contradictory statements and being an unreliable partner. "It is a positive step and will help to forge a political consensus," Shyam Shrestha, leftist political analyst, told Nepali Times.

Although the Kiran faction is not happy, Dahal's move will be welcomed by most of the 19,000 restless combatants in camps across the country who are uncertain about their future.

"Integration and peace is a simultaneous process and this proposal will expedite integration. There is a new hope for those living in the cantonments," PLA spokesperson Chandra Prakash Khanal (Baldev) said.

Dahal seems to have timed his announcement for the visit here by Indian External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna. The Maoists have blamed India for being the main obstacle to their rightful place in government, and Dahal probably hopes Krishna will take a positive message back to New Delhi that he can now be trusted.

Dahal aligning himself with Baburam Bhattarai could pave the way for a consensus government, but analysts say it will take more than this to convince the NC to join in. "We will not join as long as this government set up with a secret 7-point agreement between Prachanda and Jhalnathji is in place," NC chief-whip Laxman Ghimire said.
Dewan Rai

1. Vija Srestha

Good day to everyone.

It certainly is a positive news.My question  however is still the same.

What reasons or plans are behind such tactical change?Only actions taken and promises kept can be the measure of Mr.Dahal's ,Mr.Bhattarai's and Mr.Khanal's usefulness as leaders for the society.

Yes,tactical change.I wonder ,why Mr.Khanal is out of pictures now?Was he a temporarily puppet figure?

Lets make one thing clear.It was not Mr.Dahal's good will that made him take this tactical move.It was the pressure from the society.

Lets also not forget that Mr.Dahal never turned away from his 'people's revolt' plan,however I give a benefit of doubt here and of course would be pleased to hear if that was his sincere wish .Mr.Dahal made a sound ,sincere judgement here ,as it only shows he is able as a leader to accept that to make critical decisions like this ,it is not just his word that matters in coming to final decision here,however I like to add.Mr.Dahal,that it is the people, not your personal  choice or success or your will .Your prior actions and 7 point deal shows you are a pirate.People's revolt plan and 7 point deal are a proof of your piracy as it  is still on the back burner,so his move is just tactical,however we can be positive about it,because for the first time public opinion and pressure has made a politician listen what people want in democratic society.

Without doubts,7 point deal made by Mr.Dahal and Mr.Khanal must be scrapt,because if Mr.Dahal and Khanal doesn't do that,that only tells that they never had any plans for democratic society,as in democratic society all walks of the society participate ,everyone has a right to voice and a voice, but their deal is an unacceptable rubbery during bright daylight,a walk over our bodies without  an ounce of respect to anyone in the society.Therefore ,we all need to be consistent in our actions,we know what steps must happen ,without fulfilling  promises made to society ,there is no way we can twist or go around any of tactical moves of Mr.Dahal and therefore integration of PLA,scrap of 7 point deal, if we are counted as equal participants ,because 7 point deal doesn't accept as as equals.

It is a use of power  just without physical blows on one's body,but it is still a use of position on all people who do not agree and do not accept authoritarian regime.

Let's also not forget Mr.Khanal's statement'...our final goal is Communist society'

Completed constitution writing can only happen when the draft is presented to all walks of society and only then final copy of constitution can be printed .

Making of road map by all the parties with involvement of professionals in the fields from all walks of the socciety then can be a step to our choice of leaders in the Ministries. Only then it is up to us who to chose as the leaders for each Ministry,as having many of the Ministers we have now,is no point as no one of them can take forward,because road map is not clear,they never presented one .We need to start from assessment of real situation and take it on as it is,with clear vision,earasing the blown up numbers of success,only then chairs of Ministries can be given to newly elected representatives by us for each of the Ministry.

We need to make loud and clear that occupied chairs by the individuals now in the Ministries, is not our choice,it is a temporarily choice.

We also need to make sure that our voices are printed and allowed in government newspapers as till now The Himalayan Times aborts any voice who doesn't praise the government actions,it is not keeping open mind and it is not letting people in .It needs to made loud and clear that we are society with voice.

2. jange

The Nepali public is set to be fooled again.

This little charade will be used to get yet more concessions from the other parties without the Maoists having to fulfill any of their obligations.

3. Nirmal

It is left to be answered just two things by now:

1.Is it a short term tactic(like always); definately they have erased any violent struggle to achieve their political aim from their bible(P.S. I've no intention to hurt the christian community at all)?

2. Will Baidhya & Co. abide by the decision of the party majority as they've been forcing Baburam Bhattarai to do so right after Palungtar plenum?

Consequently, the last question that would be formulated afterward is:

Are there any normal maoist cadre and/or a leader -apart from Baburam and Prachanda now and their near and dear ones- here to respond these two simple and obvious things without using their antiquated vocabularies? The questions are simple however the response, perhaps or most surely we will not have, though we need them NOW to know who the real villains are.

4. Nirmal
A party which wants to reserve the right to revolt in its political paper is not a political party favoring the system, it's without doubt an anti-system party. So, better Baidhya & Co. decides what sort of political party they want the UCPN Maoists to be called. An armed anti-system party or the largest political party of Nepal? Here, it is the matter of choice for the Maoists, Ladies and gentlemen.

5. Vija Srestha

Mr.Dahal announced  once again his commitment to
Progression-.....but this time it has a taste of pressure he had to take this decision or it is one of the best schemes ever invented  by him or his party collegue.

What is however surprising ,and at the back of my mind expected, from Mrs.Koirala , her speech in Lumbini.That tells me NC is not ready to receive the peace process concluded ,neitheir they are participating ,her speech in Lumbini gives away either parties view ,which by the way any politician needs to learn,that any of their speeches in the public represents the party ,and in this case it sounds like her personal bitterness and  just her personal attitude,arrogance if you like ,however exactly this speech has put a grain of  insincerity in her actions and her party's as well,which is really sad .

However it is important to ask why these kind of actions ,change of minds and misguided interests of members from NC, Maoists  and his party's colleague's Baidhaya's thirst for blood  and the intimidation with revolt ,are the measures from where to start communication?Are these the only choices?Mr.Baidhaya talks about national surrender.It is  again one of those slogans maoitsts are famous for.

 Surrender what and from what.The only person Mr.Baidhya needs to surrender is himself.Why individual inabilities or egos are the measure for us to follow?

Few days have passed and politicians are now waiting ,listening to the reactions from other parties,but Mr.Dahal needs to understand that we are waiting for his actions to complete the peace process and PLA and its integration is just  the first step. 
Mr.Dahal staying focused is one of the words that caught my attention.

I think it is a good word if and only if it is supported by actions .


 What are the concrete steps taken,because we have passed the stage of talking it over and over again,what is your action plan ,step by step to conclude PLA integration ,concrete steps and results . This chaotic grasping must be stopped.All parties must present plans,it is up to people to chose who to follow and chairs taken are not guaranteed according to who you know,it must be the capabilities,professionalism that must come with clean image and therefore let's not think that choosing of Ministers is according to political ambitions of parties ,but a matter of choice after ministers have presented their programs ,not before.

Speaking at an interaction programme in Lumbini, today, former deputy prime minister Koirala said "If the peace process is concluded, Maoists will emerge international heroes or else their politics will end."
Mrs.Koirala your sentence starts with 'if' the peace process is concluded......'

Do you want the peace process to conclude Mrs.Koirala or is it important for you who becomes the hero?

We all are schocked and betrayed by the 7 point deal and your party as well ,but you continue your speech in  Lumbini again with remarks that tells us ,you would do and plan to do exactly what Mr.Dahal and Khanal have done' is my parties turn to lead the Goverment'

Being defeated doesn't mean to let yourself into weeknesses as you have shown now,what matters is the tone, the pace and the contains of our actions ,demonstration and implementation in the life.We cann't anymore be selfsatisfied by the achievemnts we had,it is working in coolition ,for the nation not just for the interests of one party.This must be understood by NC and Maoists and all the other parties,it is not about who is winning it is about what is the matter we want to build on our nation.It is also learning in the process,it is working together.We are under so much pressure as to what sytem will be in place after the peace process and what legal matters will be put in the constitution.Your sentence puts question in every thinking persons mind about your sincerety or is it just a smirking remark to express your personal bitterness which is unacceptable as you represent the NC?

This is again  one of your remarks that pulls the respect NC have ,down again.

If you consider yourself a  professional politician,you need to learn to put your personal feelings and misgivings of your charater aside.

'A courageous step would be taken to unravel the knot of the deadlock created since the seven-point agreement with Maoist Chairman Prachanda'

The 7 point deal was signed within few hours,I hope,Mr.Khanal and Dahal have the guts to scrap it ,but then it won't happen,it would mean anything happened after 7 point deal has to be scarapped too. So we hope that the next agreement will include all the parties and only then we can go on ,but not the way ,Mr Pun insists.

'Minister for Peace and UCPN-Maoist leader Barshaman Pun 'Ananta' today warned that his party will launch another movement if the Constituent Assembly fails to promulgate the constitution within the May 28 deadline. '

The tittle Friends Again',is not about these two individuals or any other individual that represents the party,it is us,to loud our voice and tell what we want and if they are leaders,we need to see their programs of actions only,not empty promises.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)