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No place like home

Mani Ram Rai doesn't think he will be going back to Fukushima anytime soon
When Mani Ram Rai left Nepal two years ago in search of a better life in Japan, he never imagined what he would have to go through in a country he thought was the safest and most prosperous country in the world.

The triple diaster- earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown that hit Japan on 11 March killed at least 25,000 and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Maniram lived in Fukushima and fled to Tokyo with six of his friends. Initially, he was happy to have survived the quake, tsunami and radioactive leak, as living became difficult and expensive in Tokyo. Maniram decided to head back home, Although he will return to Japan to complete his studies. "Life is hard in Nepal, but at least it is home," he says.

On the other side of the world at the same time, Dwar Chand Rai of Khotang and Netra Thakuri of Kavre (pictured, right) were fleeing a different kind of disaster: the unrest that led to war in Libya. It is a story of hardships, struggle and survival while traveling out of Libya's Darna province to Egypt. Netra and Dwar Chand were among hundreds of Nepali migrant workers rescued from Libya by our embassy in Egypt. They have decided not to go back to Libya.

Dwar Chand recalls the fearful nights he spent while waiting uncertainly for the relief transport that he wasn't sure would come. He dreamt of his family in Khotang and longed to see them again. After witnessing bloodshed in Libya, both Rai and Thakuri are thankful that at least their own country is not at war. Nearly 1,000 Nepali migrant workers go abroad, mainly to India, the Gulf, Malaysia and further afield in search of income. The remittance they send back has sustained Nepal's economy. But the reports of exploitation, abuse and deaths of migrant workers in foreign countries has exposed the ugly side of this business. With growing unrest, uncertainty and recession abroad, many Nepalis feel it is better to make a modest and honest living in Nepal than to risk being cheated or mistreated in a foreign land.

"We will work hard in our own country now," says Thakuri, "there is no place like home."

1. krishna
Janani janambhumisha ... swargadagariyasi. Obviously there is no place for any one like one's motherland.Even sisanu will sweeter in taste in comparison to Berger or kfc but hardship of life dragging the people to foreign land. Kancha and Bahadur failed to manage the Nation...... these remittances expends for bill of Luxuries of K& B modern looters of can see them in mandale Cap.

2. Parwashi Workers
Dear JN Khanal
Prime Minister of Nepal.
We regret here to draw hon title from your name, migrants workers are dieing 3 persons every day during your tenure almost 250 persons have lost the lives, we may confirm TIA arrival report. Workers have deposited enough money in FEPB fund. Yet they are deprived from essential services.
You and your associates might have celebrating 6th FDR days but many are crying. share Experiences of PKD & MKN .. don,t put spot in the communist leader. A communist Leader always respect and love his people. Don't prove your self Monster.
We hope you will take immediate action in affected countries.

3. Gopeswornath
Hi Key leaders of ruling alliance
Government of Nepal.
You are doing nothing for migrant workers, in 2010 death of 817 persons and dead bodies received may have drawn your attention. Embassies in afected Nations are helpless and fund in FEPB not utilizes properly,Curses of demised soul will keep no where ... be careful and act promptly.

4. Narendra Bhattarai
H'ble Cabinet Ministers and Concerned Govt of Nepal,

We like to congratulate on the eve on 6th Republican day of Nepal!

Now the immigrant workers are facing problems and in few cases consequences are fatality specially CPR, Road Traffic accident & Suicide are major killer. Workers has deposited NPR 1,000/- for welfare fund. The fund has matured to more than NPR 700,000,000/-. If you spend 25% of the interest earn in the effected countries through the embassies will reduction 40% to 60% of the total death toll. Hence, we request you to activate the fund in favor of the workers in the name of GOD!

Narendra Bhattarai
General Secretary
Safety Awareness Center, Nepal

5. Madhesi
It is misfortune migrant workers they are voiceless and unorganized People.Leaders and Bureaucrats not yet managing there Problems.
What is use of huge money contributed by them if possible life can.t save!

6. no more
Narendra (4),
Workers deposited the money for themselves. Why are you "requesting" the government to activate the fund. Demand it!

Parwashi workers (2) said, "we regret to draw hon title from your name". haha. I think it's time we stopped using the "hon." title for all communication with politicians. What do you say? Whenever we communicate with these people (ministers, CA members, PM, President, ambassadors, bureaucrats) we stop using "honorable". They serve us. We don't serve them.

7. Narendra bhatrai
Dear No more (6)
We appreciate your kind attention, Regarding Foreign Employ Mend Board (FEPB) many elite and common Nepali are ignorant like you. this board collects money from each individual migrant workers from its existence , enforced by consensus Government of Late GP Koirala.Initially it was Nrs
500 and Maoist Government(PKD) maid it NRs 1000. Board is chaired by Minister of MOL and executed by Executive Director.
Except rescuing and compensating they think  didn't think for more responsibilities.the workers suffer alot due to preventive and curative program in abroad and leaders and bureaucrats assume nepali ambassadors as political slave to fool the workers... Every year approx 1000 death are in abroad if they launch program effectively 40 to 60 % can be saved. hence we reqest the Government to study in deep and activate the fund 25% interest earned on fund money enough to stat.
Kindly go in deep for FEPB activities... very sad and unscientific.

8. Parwashi Workers
Hi no more ,please note,
Obviously and intentionally we should draw the title of hon. or excellency to these public port folio bearer . Look PKD, MKN and JNK become PM they are Jjankre as situation does not improve . Enough resources are in there hand but no instruction or clarification provided by them.Better to call jhankre ( quack).... Their decions and action are related to life and death of commoners.Look at death records of migrant worker in MOL and causes of deaths...... you will understand these Monsters.

9. no more

I agree. I am ignorant of the plight of Nepali foreign workers. I don't know any Nepali Foreign Workers personally and all that I hear of their successes and problems are through online news. But I am willing to learn about their problems. I'll look into FEPB. Maybe you can point me to some resources to learn more about FEPB. 

On another note, I am glad Dwar Chand Rai, Netra Thakuri, Mani Ram Rai and others from Libya and Japan are safely back in Nepal. 


Agree with everything you said. So spread the word. We will stop using "honourable" or "rt. honourable" or any other honorific when we communicate officially with our politicians, civil servants, and bureaucrats.

10. Narendra bhatrai
Dear  'no more'
Note  again , majority of workers are villagers / small farmer sons and daughters. their education level is not enough to comunicate  on line. did you forget Excellency Tal, has provided 2.2 millions USD for capacity building of GON officers.How Voiceless people express themself?
Further more learn the activities and dead body revived  in Nepal or refer NT publication " helping workers abroad" very concise to understand the over all migration problem Or Contact Patron of SAC Nepal Dr. SN Mishra ambassador from Nepal for Qatar.we appreciate your prompt reply and interest in humanitarian case. You will be more happy if you save more worker( voiceless workers ) abroad.Kindly note mortality was 114 persons per 100,000 of migrant worker which drop to 54 person and saturated now, additional effort required by concern all.Thanks again
SAC NEPAL (advocacy and advisory forum register in Embassy Doha)

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)