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Case against PM, Sagar Pandit in Nayapatrika

A case against Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal has been filed at the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). Ram Sogarath Mahat of Sarlahi, Hajariya filed the case on Friday demanding Khanal be removed from his post immediately.

Sources say Acting Commissioner Bhagawati Kumar Kafle has held discussions with senior colleagues on how to proceed. This is the first time a case has been filed at the CIAA against the PM.

Mahat has accused Khanal of being unable to check corruption and extend the cabinet for over two months. He had earlier filed a case demanding the PM intervene to check corruption, and claims that Khanal did not do so because he was encouraging corruption himself. His petition reads: "Corruption is endemic in the government as the ministers are involved in promoting such acts. What is the use of a PM who cannot check corruption?"

PM Khanal has promised to appoint officials at the CIAA, and analysts say the fact that the corruption watchdog has been without a commissioner and investigating officials for four years now has encouraged corruption.

"Political leaders often do not show willingness to appoint officials at the CIAA fearing inquiries into themselves," says an official at the CIAA. A recent report of Transparency International shows that corruption is on the rise in Nepal, and ranked Nepal 146th out of 178 countries in its corruption index.

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1. Jonathan Chapman

Nepali brothers and sisters, its time to wake up and take serious action. Look around you,  Tunis, Eygpt, Libya, Bharain, Jordan, Syria, Iran, and even Saudi Arabia.  People are disgusted and fed up. Hosni and his 2 sons are in detention.  Even in India, politicians are going to jail.  But nothing happens in Nepal.  Its time to get rid of this rotten batch of thieves from all political parties.  They should be tried in public and made to pay for looting Nepali national coffers.  Where are the young people in Nepal.  Come on,  wake up.  How can you expect a person like JNK, to bring peace and prosperity.  He is bankrupt in every department. Worst of all, he is shameless.  Lets us create a Tahir Square in Kathmandu, only then real change will come.  God Bless Nepal and Nepalis.    

#1. Dear Jhonathan Chapman.
Obviously Nepal and Nepali suffer a lot within Last 20 years.Some Good achievements are also there JNK is a sample of jhankari to treat the nation few more are in the rostrum. Undoubtedly  corrupts must be Punished but people are waiting for constitution where there will be Provision to take actions against them.Country you have mention above all has GDP above 3000 USD where Nepali have 600 USD only, further more millions of youth
are migrants workers on other lands and Scraps are enjoying with looters. very soon a section of population abroad will inter to bring the real change in Nepal where you will see personality like Hazare Or Nitish. Hence we reject your view and request for enough patience and endurence to mature the condition.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)