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Nepal has announced free visas for Chinese tourists in NTY 2011. According to Tourism Minister Sarad Singh Bhandari, preparations are underway. But free visas for Chinese visitors were offered eight years ago, too. In fiscal year 2003/04, Prakash Chandra Lohani, then finance minister, announced free visas for visitors from SAARC countries and China in the budget, but the government failed to implement the changes. There's some doubt it will get around to it this time.

The number of Chinese tourists to Nepal is increasing every year. Last year about 38,000 visited Nepal. If we give them free visas, that number will go up, China could even become Nepal's biggest source of tourists. Currently most tourists to Nepal come from India, about 110,000 in 2010. But Nepal would really benefit if it provided free visas to tourists from all countries, not just SAARC countries and China.

About 590,000 tourists visited Nepal in 2010. If we waive visas for the two thirds of tourists who don't originate from SAARC countries, then we could meet the target of one million tourists for this year. According to the Tourism Ministry, the per capita expenditure of tourists during their stay in Nepal is about US$65, and the average stay is 11 days. Waiving the US$30 tourist visa fee could thus bring in US$715 per tourist encouraged to visit Nepal because of the ease of access.

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1. who cares
good idea, I support√ā¬

2. DG
 Free visa for all is the right solution for increasing the tourist influx. But the most important thing is to make the visitors from the adjoining country India easy and hassle free. The entry point should be made so  attractive that every one in India should be made to think that they can spend the week ends in Nepal. They can come to play golf on Saturday  and go back to work on Monday.
Let the gates be open and free for their cars; no permit needed. No custom barrier only cameras to photo taking at entry point. So that in case of any trouble CCTV can identify the culprit. No bribe or bakshis to the police or custom staffs. Widen the road for two-way traffic ;no jam and queing two miles long at Sunauli of Raxaul or Jogbani or Nepaljung road. Try this on the Visit Nepal Year 2011 and then see the result.
Every country  attracting tourists have shown that they get maximum number of visitors from their neighbors.
So try first from India and then from China-Tibet.

3. jum pd gurung

To all political parties,government and citizens of Nepal in my opinion we should not take easy by letting all foreigner entry into beautiful Nepal without visa that is an nagative way of thinking to attrack tourist for year 2011,because all tourist should have their good and bad intention so i will say must apply visa and fiter their intention.How about after the year 2011 and if plenty of tourist arrive from unstable politics and terrorist countries what will happen Nepal situation and we cant say they might take refuge in Nepal and our culture and harmony should ruin by the impact.

I not only want to priotise pouring tourist without taking serious consideration by the immigration and we should not jump only for the money we have have to do ourself by preparing many good idea and management to uplift Nepal and Nepalese economy.Dont take with greed and short imagine to success tourisimn year 2011.If the government and the Nepalese take easyway one day beautiful Nepal have to face a great promble and please my strong advice do not let in tourist without visa as you know Nepal are not allow to enter other countries without visa and they ignore our green passport why Nepal government are not in good reputation and our country economy is very poor and they think we should take refuge.Dear all people stop easy money strive for better way.


(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)