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Khanal's road from victory


A Khada-bedecked Jhala Nath Khanal emerges victorious from parliament after being elected Prime Minister on Thursday evening.

UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal is now the Prime Minister-elect, thanks to support from the Maoists in Thursday's election. He faces the multiple challenges of taking the peace process forward while balancing the interests of the other parties, especially leaders within UML and the Maoists.

The election of CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal is a positive development for at least two reasons: a) the caretaker government of seven months is finally being replaced; b) another message to India that it has limits to playing king-maker in Nepal.

Apart from these two positive developments, there are hurdles galore.

Managing the Maoists, his own party, the opposition, and leading a coalition government during a post-conflict transition period that has to facilitate writing of the constitution and oversee the integration/rehabilitation of ex-Maoist combatants are the big challenges ahead for the UML chief.

Indeed, Khanal has an unenviable task.

Ironically, this is largely a result of Khanal's doings over the last year or so. That the country could not get a new prime minister for seven months after the incumbent resigned was a result of the steadfast refusal by the Khanal faction of the UML to vote for a new prime minister in the last session of parliament.

In close collaboration with UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Khanal masterminded the ouster of his party colleague Madhav Kumar Nepal as prime minister. Nepal won't be too happy about the role Khanal has

Nepali Congress is sore with UML, and particularly with Khanal, for not supporting its candidate as prime minister. The feeling of betrayal is very strong and it might shape the NC's attitude to the new government.

Bijaya Gachchhadar's Madhesi People's Rights Forum (Democratic) and the Mahantha Thakur-led Tarai Madhes Democratic Party have already decided to sit in the opposition. Whether Upendra Yadav's Forum, the split faction of
TMDP and Rajendra Mahato's Sadbhavana Party join the government depends on whether they can defy external pressures. That again will depend on what Khanal can offer them.

Also, a section of the Maoists stiffly opposed their party's decision to back Khanal as the prime minister. Their influence cannot be underestimated and this will affect the Maoist-UML coalition in the days ahead.

Khanal's performance as prime minister will also be determined by how much leverage the Dahal-led Maoist party is willing to give him, as will be the cooperation (or lack thereof) from the opposition led by the Nepali Congress.

To make matters worse for Khanal, there are just four months left for the extended tenure of the Constituent Assembly-cum Legislature/Parliament to expire. By 28 May, a new constitution needs to be written. It won't be
easy, given the animosity that currently pervades Nepali politics. Another extension of the CA will be hard to justify without accomplishing the integration/rehabilitation of Maoist combatants and some tangible success in removing differences over the contentious issues of the constitution, like its permanent features, the form of government, the number and shape of federal states, and the judiciary.

This is the backdrop against which Khanal has to operate and his success (or failure) will depend on how he can reach out to various forces within and outside the country.

1. Anonymous
Aint that the same guy who was slapped by the farmer?

2. ani
Finally nation got its 34th PM-after a long political impasee. The sacrifice displayed by maoist at the most crucial and vital time has registered them as one of the most ressponsible party of the country and prove them why people make them the largest party. They are not largest party in number only but in the size of heart also. Lets not highlight the challenges ahead of new government there is more opportunity ahead.
 Finally 'people are seeing the light at the end of tunnel'

3. wtf
so what's new about this 'analysis' ? there is not a single word here which I don't know already...also, you could probably cut paste 'Khanal' with any other 'leader's' name, and it would still sound the same.

4. Tulsi
To Ani - that 'light' at the end of the tunnel that you the 'headlight' of the train called 'disaster' which is heading toward you.

5. Tapan Das
Khanal-Dahal pact reminds one of  the Molotov -Ribbetrp Pact or Stalin - Hitler Pact or Soviet - Nazi Pact signed in 28 September ,1939. The treaty and the secret protocol to devide North and East europe with their respective sphere of enflence was responsible for the occupationor annexation of Poland ,part of Finland , Latvia, Estonia,Lithunia, etc.
But it lasted till22 June 1941 only.

6. Khurafati
Hi Tapan,
Some times history repeat but the time has change a lot and adiquate technology has been in practices this pact will show the results in few month whether  it's in favor of Nation or only for handful.
The role of opposition leader like Poudel , Gachadar and Thakur very important to rubbish Naulojanbad/Prachand Pattha/ or Jangantantra.How these national parasites will act people will judge within a month.

7. saru
This government will not last nor it will achieve anything as this government is based on deceit, lie and betrayal. We will quickly see the result that only purpose this government will have served is that personal ambition of J.N to become P.M is fulfilled. That is all people get out of this circus.

8. NS
Indeed, whatever is happens at the Political front in Nepal is circus. And the politicians? They are all jokers. The only thing that is not funny is the harsh reality that ordinary Nepaleese have to face day in day out.

9. Gopeswornath
Hi P. Jhelinath your look on me donot shows loyality to me, hence you get
dhunga in pahilo gase; we are putting the nation by wasting the time. Where is your cabinet? Do youlike to play multiple role like Hindi film star? Is time farming done in Your Kitchen Garden ? Take help of your out going colleague.

10. albert sharma

What a disgrace of this country!  Achievement of the government depends not on how much it could do to the people, ability to carry out development work & take the country to the path towards prosperty but guided by whomever it can please, how many corners it can entertain & satisfy the demands. The positive result is always nill while fulfilling the desires of those involved in making & breaking. Every malicious step is valid when it comes to extending the duration of the government. Unimaginable sizes of financial resources are exchanged hither & thither to sustain or break the government.

 At this scenario, how the ordinary citizens, who are dearth of basic necessicites like security, electricity, food supply, fuel, roads can expect to get by any new governments when large chunk of funds go to the pockets of the players! Therefore, expecting anything from the new government is also futile. What we can do, it has become our political culture! 

11. Bhaicha

 Deuta manne ekatira na manne arka tira, hunu pardacha aba na bhaye sabai sakhap hunc ha. Let us polarize in this way for the sake of our beloved land and nation and the future generation of ours.

12. Bhaicha
Communist Alliance-is i a threat to democratization?

It can be a real threat, if there is no Grand Alliance of the Democratic Parties now.
The best way, as we cannot take a chance with  Democracy,I mean  Real Democracy , not communist democracy,  democracr in disguise in order to gain legitimacy with simple folks,
Here is one way to combat such menace.
Formula  : No believer in God should vote to non-believer athiests, I mean the Communists. ; even though they try to project themselves s as people friendly. ,which they are not.  One should be able to hold his head high and walk freely in a democracy, the communist infiedels will not allow that.

 Berttrand Russel was a declared athiest. He was contesting election. Someone in the audience during his campaign asked him whether he believed in God. He was npt a cheat like our communist leaders who take [ part in worship and ceremony of Hindus to baffle the voters. He said he did not ,knowingly that in a society withmajority of believers that he will loose te election. He lost, but never cheated his voters as a honest person.
 So let us start a campaign of believer versus non-believers in order to defeat these monsters. , so that wecan show them their size or Kad , as Chair Dahal says. to the Indians.
 Bauko biha dekhaediu uniharulai yesari.
 Freedom lovers of the world let us unite.

13. jange
12. Bhaicha

Interesting comment. Actually a real communist should not even greet another person by saying "Namaste" as it would be against their principles of atheism.

14. Khurafati
Dear Jange/ Baicha
In Nepal communist mean Who don't work themselves and force to earn others. By force or by tactics they get grater share for their survival and a little to supporters.The quarrel as the folk of dogs for bones, one put few stck on head run away or seldom bite.Now Judge the scenario... coming to ordinary people. enjoy it. kain... kain .. kain

15. DG
Socialism or communism whatever you call leads us to STATISM.
 Look at India or China in the past.   Socialism failed everwhwere including in India; Nehru failed the country with his economic policy. Narashimha Roa started the reforms lately and everything changed with success with the economy. Mixed economy is also no solution.The task ahead is to end poverty,,ignorance ,disease and inequality of opportunity.Entrrepreneurship and competition are the real  virtues.Even Marx said that capitalism is the only efficient way. It accumulates capital, makes investments, raises output, and increses productivity. The right stimulus is property rights, enforcement of contrcts, roads to reach products,schlools, And stable and goo governance.Primary education is the most important accelarator for growth.

16. Devi-Prasad
Do you see my face majority suffer due to malnutrition in Nepal but Jheli and associate with over weight , they don't do any virtual work from where they
get resources for their survival and service, this is mystery of political sciences.See his face looks like successor  of king Tribhuvan , people die due to cold wave due to cloth and these shameless leader accept in bundle to decor himself.jai ho naulojanbad?

17. hange
#12, Bhaicha, you're confusing communism with atheism.  Furthermore, our communists are not really atheists.  They are opportunists, plain and simple: they will go to a mandir today and pray if they thought it would gain them power and they would claim secularism and atheism if it gave them a platform to distinguish them from others.

While your intentions are good, they are misled: the fight is not between believers and rationalists but, rather, between poverty and economic independence.  It is people like you who are willing to drag us back into the same muck and mire of wasted politics.  In the end, all our citizens should care about is whether our politicians deliver or not- regardless of their religious or any other personal preferences.  A believer should vote for an atheist if it is felt that the latter can deliver on his or her promises.  Similarly, an atheist should vote for a believer if it is felt that he/she can, indeed, deliver progress and development.  Your line of reasoning leads us to factionalism:  I'll only vote for you if you are my religion/ethnicity/tribe/etc.  Grow up and move on: you are a part of the problem that we have in Nepal today.

18. Gopeswornath
Jheli khalu 6 din kursima basera chinga dhapaune kam gardai chha. aru comredharu ramaita here ka chhan , khalu lai mato ko madhav ko mulay bhujhana ahilepani gahro bhay chha. babu prachand path tribhuvan rajmarga bhanda ghumayuro  chha. phirta yaija, par paudaino - nardevi ma boka chha dhau , payna bhane patrakar le hun chha.

19. Padamsri-Puspakamal
Nearly 66% people think the 7 point deal between jheli nath and kheli nath is stupid deal. These two circus tic political feudal cannot do anything for people except fooling and looting the treasury of nation by political tactics.Now option available to Nepali nation to produce with Egyptian style?

20. Devi Prasad
In communism of Lenin and Mao there is no place for ethics and morality. They will go to any extent to gain power and pomp. They want to become the masters and people serfs. They are the modern feudal lords. In gatherings of innocent and poor people they promise them the moon and among themselves they fight for share of the loots. We have seen enough of these communists all over the world. Those who are following these unscruplous communists are doing so in the hope that they become rich overnight. The people of Nepal will not be fooled forever. They will wake up soon and demand their pound of flesh from these scoundrels.

21. Bishanu
Very fantastic role "Biswamohani" get the Pot of Nectar his favor the Ashura are chasing since day first . no drop yet leaked. Enjoy it Khainol

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)