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Farmer's hero

Bachelor degree holder Meghendra Gurung of Dhankuta travelled to cites in Nepal and India in search of a suitable job, but found the most lucrative one in his own backyard. Gurung learnt about off-season vegetable farming when he visited Jharkhand in India and eventually began a business in his garden, with support from the Pakhribas Agriculture Research Centre.

Gurung now earns Rs 300,000 yearly by cultivating off-season vegetables on 0.2 hectares of land. Among the vegetables he plants are cabbages, peas, cauliflowers and potatoes. His earnings are more than enough to pay for his household expenses and he is now investing Rs 5 million to build a house in Subidha Bajar. The farmers who work with him have also been able to boost their income. Under Gurung's initiative, the surplus produce of these farmers has found a market in India. Gurung has brought together over 1,000 farmers through the Subidha Multipurpose Cooperative and he helps them in their business. He also gives them training in seed, fertiliser, and agriculture technology.

At present, 80 per cent of vegetables grown in Dhankuta are exported to India. Gurung has also begun a campaign to promote organic farming in the region, and is pushing for the elimination of chemical fertilisers.

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1. who cares
this kind of farming should be focused for 15 yr to generate employment, increase income...... 

this is the best, easiest and probably the only way for nepal to reach 


2. kalo manche
Good Job, Gurung Bhai. You have shown a good example to many graduates who only seek corporate jobs in the cities.
My best wishes to your new endeavor.

3. Sargam

It was a roll call of honor in celebration of Mr. Meghendra Gurung's personal achievement and I gather he amply deserves it. It is but natural to be satisfied after a long and painful struggle to be at the height of his fame and career as it is in the nature of all human beings to be a wee bit puffed up with pride and such an infotainment or say a full on entertainment is the need of time, for, we live in the world of marketing, forget it not.

While we are at it, we shouldn't forget that Mr. Gurung could have this success because he received some sort of genuine education as well as instructions which for sure helped him put his savings where the mouth is, that no one can afford to be in denial. How vital is it to have right education in order to forge one's identity to be a good and conscientious entrepreneur?

As of now, he shouldn't forget that the grass is always greener on the other side. Which is why, he needs to go viral in his future prospects to be ambitious before he has any drag on his rollover and profits.

First off, there is every possibility to become a pi person as it is but natural to crave for enjoying life a little bit after a hard toil. I hope as he becomes a sort of icon of success in the region and why not all over the country, he must diversify his activities by embracing the modernity that science will provide him if he knows how to make use of it to its fullest.

As an outsider and as a fervent good wisher, I would suggest him to adapt himself to the new world of ours as did the inhabitants of Mozambique in Africa where folks changed their usual crops of always which could hardly feed the tenants and the land owners. With the help of a lady who had worked with the UN Food Supply Service they threw themselves into the fascinating adventure of the cultivation of sweet potatoes by connecting themselves with the farmers of Peru, the birthplace of the same with its variation.

Now the folks are slowly reviving themselves by alienating the deficiency of A vitamin. In consequence, they could ameliorate its intake which was one of the main reasons of the inadequacies of the peasants in food supply resulting in premature blindness and short height.

Out there, we have reason to believe in the efficacy to thwart 'hidden hunger' of some Nepalese populace by altering the usual crops to head off such a nutritional deficiency.

All the while, it is like putting your future in the good hands, that means your own. So to say, I dare advice him to produce some berries that Nepal cruelly miss them for the very reason that the Agriculture Ministry gives no heed to the radical changes taking place all over the world in the field of new food tendencies.

I will for sure applaud Mr. Gurung if he becomes a precursor to produce some of those berries such as Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries and Goji berries et al (climate permitting). From the nutritional viewpoints they are the top ones and also they have a great face value in case he wants to make further progress in his local or international businesses where India plays a vital role in his prosperity as it maybe valid for other peasants of the Eastern Nepal as well.

Sometimes you need to be some sort of incorrigible baroudeur to propel yourself in the firmament of glorious and perennial success where none will dare water down any time soon your incessant effort to hitting your stride while learning to rub to the emergency issues.

Keep always a project on your back burner in case you need changing the gear to head off the unpredictable and ferocious concurrence henceforth flocking from all sides.

It is comfortable to see folks create waves on reality. A human being and a civilized one at that!?!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)