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"Nepal is a growing market"

Spencer Lo, senior marketing manager at Sony Singapore, was in town recently to launch Sony's next generation of 3D entertainment solutions. Nepali Times talked to him about the growing market here for electronic goods:

Nepali Times: How is Sony's market in Nepal, a country with a small economy?

Spencer Lo: Nepal is a rising market. The consumers here are keen to own new and innovative technologies and so the market is expanding. We will introduce new products according to the demands and interests of Nepali consumers.

At what rate is the Nepali market growing?
Our sales volume in Nepal is growing year on year. Sony Singapore is very happy with the market growth here.

Where does Nepal's market stand regionally?
India is the largest market in the region, considering its area, population and its swift economic growth. After India, the markets in all South Asian countries are growing at a similar rate.

Sony's products seem to be relatively expensive, compared to other electronic goods.
Our prices are based on the quality of our goods. When a consumer purchases a Sony product, he can rest assured that he has a complete guarantee on its utility. Sony may appear expensive in comparison to low-quality electronic goods, but is not over-priced in terms of quality.

International outreach
ParkwayHealth, a private healthcare provider based in Singapore, has opened a new patient assistance centre in Kathmandu. The centre will help patients access specialist medical care in Singapore. There are 39 ParkwayHealth Patient Assistance Centres across the world.

New bank
Civil Bank, the country's 30th commercial bank, opened this week. The bank has paid-up capital of Rs 1.2 billion. It aims to open 15 branches within two years.

Dell's own
Dell has opened an authorised showroom in Maitighar. The store will showcase Dell desktops, laptops and other products.

Candy delight
Jaya Confectionery has launched 'Enjoy the Great taste of Green Mango' for its product CandyMan Kaacho mango, priced at Rs 1.

Branded wear
Jeanswest, an Australian demin brand, has opened a showroom in Civil Mall, Sundhara. Jeanswest jeans, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and accessories will be available at the store.

Double cool
Samsung has introduced RF67DEPN, a twin cooling French door refrigerator. Samsung's patented Twin Cooling technology independently cools the refrigerator and the freezer, maintaining proper humidity levels in each compartment and preventing the mixing of odours between the storage compartments. Samsung now has 24 refrigerators priced between
Rs 16,990 to Rs 154,990.

Right answer
Sampurna Tuladhar won the Automobile Quiz organised by GO Automobiles. Tuladhar took home a HP Presario laptop. The quiz was part of a promotion of GO Ford's cost of ownership campaign for Ford Figo.

1. JPT Bro
What you gonna do buying a 3D TV in Nepal? Where ya gonna get 3D content from? Any TV stations in Nepal offer 3D content? What's the point in buying a gun without a bullet. LOL!!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)