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Pizza Hut and KFC received an overwhelming welcome when they opened their doors a year ago, with people queuing for weeks to taste the offerings of the two international fast food chains. It's no surprise that they are already thinking of expanding.

"We have had a very satisfying response in the first year," says Vishnu Reddy, Country Manager of Pizza-Hut Nepal. "And by opening new branches, we want to reach out to more of our customers." Jawalakhel and Thamel are the possible new locations and once they are in business, Pizza Hut will also start the home delivery services they are renowned for.

Expansion plans are well underway, but right now, Pizza Hut is expanding its menu. Nepalis seem to like thin crust pizza more, so Pizza Hut has introduced Pizza Mia in addition to the Pan and stuffed crust pizza range. "We bring out new items and offers every three months," says Reddy. In line with their strategy, Pizza Hut has also introduced a 'Meal for two', which includes garlic bread, two drinks and a pizza of your choice for Rs 599. At KFC, too, the Vegetarian Zinger Burger has been introduced to change the notion that KFC is only for chicken lovers.

KFC and Pizza Hut are the first international chain of restaurants to come to Nepal. Before their launch, the staff at KFC and Pizza Hut went through rigorous training in India. While most Nepali customers were rather surprised by the over-attentive service they may not be used to elsewhere, Reddy says they have received positive feedback on their customer service.

The menu at both KFC and Pizza Hut is based on that available in India, but it's likely we'll be seeing Nepali specialties soon. Chicken leg momos and sukuti pizza, anyone?


1. Sam
Great! Let's all get ready to bloat, have high cholestorel and high blood pressure!

2. samir
why does everyone think this is so great? this is going to ruin our own nepali culinary culture

3. R RAI

@ Sam, yes you hit the nail on the head.


4. kirsten
It will only cause high blood pressure and cholesterol in the tiny minority of Nepalese in Kathmandu who can afford to eat at places like pizza hut and kfc. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

5. npasd
they should add momo to their menu.

6. Anish
Yes, This is so crazy. Instead of promoting our own great food culture and feeding habit, we are imitating  disgusting American gluttony. Nepali times should be more responsible and refrain from promoting these institutions just because they are 'popular' or ' multinational'. We can neither afford the food nor the ensuing problems like obesity, diabetes, heart problems etc.

7. Salil
It does not spoil the Nepali culinary culture by any bit. If Nepali food is good, it will stand the onslaught of hundreds of other fast food outlets. I am pretty sure, Nepali food with all its ethnic specialities will continue to be atop the gourmet list amongst people here - Kukhura ko maasu will always score over KFC :-) . Not that I am against KFC, they are good too. Their Ktm outlet service is of the international standard anyways.

8. Yukiko
Nepalese peopl have low opinion of themselves. They think KFC is a threat. There are hundreds of Pizza Huts an MACdonalds in Japan, but Japanese still eat Japanese foods. Better to be little less zenophobic I think,

9. who cares
no foreign food can sideline momo, bhutan, gundruk.

10. ttttttt

its not about zenophobia that is worrisome, what happens after say 10-20 years later our future generation will be obese and will carry sack load of diseases that comes with it.

11. Anuj
Well, in my own humble opinion, Kfc and Pizza hut really offers us food at the reasonable prices. The haters need to realise how awful and pathetic their opinion is because they have nothing better to do in their real life beside tackling, whatever stuffs they can get. How can the one believe in one random mail sent to their inbox which claims that Kfc offers us unhygienic food. Nepalese cuisine are great and they're in their own place. Everything has it's self-worth and I dont feel like these two fooding outlet are hampering anything but a unusual traffic jams which are ignorant for us atm. It's really good that now they'll be offering us more foods. I am eager to taste them. mmmmm. The major reason, why Nepalese are laid back is, believing in  facts which are just pointless and making the issue of it. Sigh!

12. sherpa Observer
now cholestral and heart attack in jawalakhel and thamel too. mostly people with money and no brain will eat kfuc! i would still stick to momo and thakali. they cost less and are prepared in nepal using local product and not imported chicken from brazil in a container with tons of ice. 

13. Chandra
Having more option is always better. In particular for foreign visitors who may get tired of local foods soon and may seek something familiar.

Nepali people should be made aware of the fact that there are issues with fast food. A part of tax paid by these restaurants should be spent on awareness campaign too.

Again, having more options doesn't hurt.

14. G60Lama
... I have better use in mind for Rs 599...

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)