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Suicide in Lebanon

Fifteen Nepali women who had gone to Lebanon as domestic maids committed suicide in the past year. They were aged between 20 to 30 years. "Nepali women are increasingly committing suicide, unable to bear the physical, mental and sexual abuse by their employers," said Dipendra Upreti, volunteer at the Nepali Council in Lebanon. "According to police reports, the women killed themselves by shooting, hanging, or jumping from buildings," he said, adding that information was hard to come by.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not inquired about the incidents, nor has it written letters to the Nepali Consulate for reparation. "Because of this inaction, it's difficult to find out what actually happened," Upreti said. Complaints to the consulate about low pay, excessive workload, and abuse by employers, however, are common.

The government imposed a ban last January on sending housemaids to Lebanon after it was deemed unsafe for Nepali women. However, manpower agencies have been sending more than 20 women every day from Tribhuvan airport, in collusion with the authorities.

There are more than 18,000 Nepali workers in Lebanon, of which 95 per cent are women. Human Rights Watch says that 95 foreign housemaids committed suicide in Lebanon between January 2007 and October 2008 alone. "According to 2010 data, every week one housemaid kills herself in Lebanon," said Jeff Chaufield, a local journalist.

Meanwhile, five women have returned to Nepal with children born after being forced into sex with their Lebanese employers. "We have rescued many women with children in the last four months, and one woman is in hospital with her child," said Upreti.

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1. Anonymous
I wonder whether Nepal's Foreign Minister, Sujata Koirala, a woman holding the top-most public office,  ever gives a day's thoughts to these Nepali women in Lebnon, who are not only stranded, but fundamentally deprived of their human rights. It seems Sujata is more interested to earn million bucks through undertable MRP deals, rather than listen to the outcry of our "cheli beti" in foreign soil. If a Foreign Ministry is not concerned and willing to look after the interests of its citizens holding the national passport, why should we have one? What is the raison detre of such an institution? It is also a shame that the so-called human right organizations in Nepal have kept their mouth shut on these issues. After all, these NGO's and INGO's are interested in nothing except earning dollars and traveling abroad. How dare you not speak for the very cause for which your organizations have been established? People, have some conscience at least !!!!

2. Bhotu Babu
Why only blame FM Sujata , there is a minister of Social Welfare and Woman Affairs, Minister of Labour as well.We may not care for their name even ; who bothers; kutra ganyo ganesha.
everybody is for himself and his family only; they have joined a club called the government to collect the salary and perks of power. Every thing is rotten in the state of Nepal.
We have even a ultra- democratic - party for  loot, extortion, kidnapping,murdering,jijiya type levy collecting, fraudulent money making by inflating the number of workers, running protection for  racketeers card-holding party cadres, etc.
Power plus money, religion and casteism, ethinic- ism and  racial activism,can be explosive.
Sending our women in the middle east without training and basic language skill, without councelling and familiarization of the risks they have to encounter is irresponsibility par excellence on the part of our government as a whole ., even the civil society have failed to these poor victimsof circumstances.let our ultra-vocal feminiss posing like   Betty Freidens and Gloria Steinems , instead of appaearing in Nepal TV and Deluxe 5-Star hotel assembly Halls visit these victims of molestation and extortion at the site  and do something to protect them in Anuradha Koirala.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)