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Revolution Books is a small chain of bookstores located on the west coast of the US and Hawaii. In the mecca of capitalism, this bookstore is unique because it supports communism and promotes and sells works by writers from around the world who rally for a communist revolution. Well, nosey by nature, I once stepped inside one of its stores in Honolulu to check what the big fuss was all about.

To my pleasant surprise, or shock, I found a huge portrait of Prachanda adorning the wall beside other revolutionaries like Lenin and Marx, Castro and Che. Beneath the gigantic black and white picture was the caption, 'Prachanda Ė the Brave One'. A corner of the bookshelf was devoted to books about the 'People's Revolution in Nepal' written by western authors I could not recognise.

For some reason, my heart swelled with pride for the glory that was heaped on Nepal in this tiny shop and I went to the lady behind the counter and proclaimed, "I am a Nepali. I am from Nepal!" This old lady looked at me as if she'd seen a real revolutionary for the first time and held my hand, exclaiming, "Oh, how nice to meet you. I LOVE Prachanda!" She then sat me down, ordered coffee and proceeded to ask me all kinds of questions about the 'brave one'. Had I ever met Prachanda? What was he like in real life? How did it feel to be born in a country that was a shining example around the world? Her feverish excitement did not allow me to interject. When another elderly lady walked in, I was introduced to her as "from Nepal, the land of Prachanda". Without asking me for my opinion they took me as their fellow comrade and invited me to a light lunch to share my revolutionary experiences with other 'fellas' of their community.

I politely declined the offer, thanked them for their kind words, and headed out. Out in the street, surrounded by touristy kitsch and corporate high rises, I wondered at the elderly ladies' fascination for communism. What did they understand by such heavy terms as communism and revolution? Were they serious or was it a retirement fetish, something to be fascinated by for a few months? Because the views of this bookstore would be considered an extremely tiny minority view in a country where the word communism can elicit the same fear in people as terrorism, the ladies' admiration for Prachanda seemed even more audacious.

But I felt sad. Sad at their naivetť. Prachanda is no longer the 'brave one'. Perhaps he never was. He, like all the others, has turned out to be just another petty politician. Nothing more.

Perhaps a trip to Nepal is in order for those two ladies.

Muddy waters, PRASHANT JHA
Social in the capital, RABI THAPA
Ignored economy, ARTHA BEED
Multitracking South Asia, PUBLISHER'S NOTE

1. jange
But I felt sad. Sad at their naiveté. Prachanda is no longer the 'brave one'. Perhaps he never was. He, like all the others, has turned out to be just another petty politician. Nothing more.

The Maoists are and have always been murderers, looters and extortionists.

2. Kale
  Two ladies in Hawai love Prachanda !  Good to know that. It seems Comrade Prachanda has surpassed Marx or Lenin. He has joined the league of Castro ,Che  or Kim. Men , more so  women have more faith on things they do not understand. or have knowledge  of.. To Ranjan he may not be a brave one.Respect is greater from a distance. So is the case with Prachanda or Pro-chandal.?One man's hero is another man's villain.

3. Niraj
Revolution Books also has branches in other parts of US - not just west coast. I noticed one branch in Chicago a few months ago - the place was full. Some comrade - an erstwhile member of the CPUSA was giving a talk. Did not notice any Prachanda posters though.

4. kabulekanchho

There is no dearth of such romantic fascination in the west for some of the third world thugs and mass murderers. These characters are seen by some as the new age messiahs. I have worked in different countries and with different nationalities and have come across some very interesting personalities who have fascination for the revolutionaries around the world. I look at these people like Jan Myrdal who supported Khmer Rouge with all his intellectual might during the worst phase of its rule in Cambodia. Jan realized his naiveté after almost 30 years and went back to Phnom Penh to apologize to the Cambodians for his support of Pol Pot and his murderous gang. I do agree some of these dreamers may never realize what is wrong with a totalitarianism inspired revolution.

5. Prem Sharma
When I first came to Berkeley, I was surprised to see these commies in the Revolutionary Bookstore in the Telegraph Avenue. They had all the books related to comrade Prachanda, and his mahan kranti. Maiti Lal Gurung apparently told these ladies, 'it is easy to buy weapon in your country, why don't you start revolution here since you so much hate amerika and its capitalism?'

6. Shahrukh
Most sukila mukilas like Janges and Kales dont understand or dont bother to understand wat Prachand achieved in Nepal. Actually, they fear that if Maoists take over power, their days of looting public property (rajain) through watever diffrent means will be over.

7. Ajay
Even I had gone to one of those stores in California. I chatted with the store owner, and they were very exited learn about their "Idol." I told right right at his face, Prachanda is nothing much but a terrorist leader. The owner got mad and asked me to leave the store. I told him, it is fun to read about wars, horror and revolution on books. But, when you're really part of it, who has suffered, witnessed murder, torture then you realize how evil those philosophies are!!

8. Nepali-American
Well, that's the greatness of the US: that it allows a chain of Revolution Bookstore, which promote communist books, to be in operation in NYC, in the People's Republic of Berkeley, in the People's Republic of Cambridge (MA), in Aloha Hawaii, etc. 

In the land of the free, people are free to believe anything so long as they do not harm others with their beliefs. 

One is disappointed to conclude that the old ladies' love for Prachanda is not of lustful or of sexual nature (i.e. not the ear-nibbling, hip-swaying, chest-grabbing kind). That would have been great, for, then, the Joonga Man could have been married away, and sent out of Nepal to create mischief in Hawaii. 

Sadly, the old ladies' love seems to be an abstract liking of the supposed ideals the Joonga Man supposedly represents. 

Everybody in Nepal loves what the Joonga Man supposedly represents. 

They just don't like the means he's been using since 1994 to get where he wants to go and drag all of us there: violence, murder, kidnappings, peet-paat, thok-thak, koota-koot, deception, lies, extortions, duplicity, strikes, shutdowns, money-eating, etc. 

Marx would not give the Joonga Man high marks, though Stalin might pat him on the buttocks. 

I'll look up these old ladies and mail them a sample of a T-shirt: "Prachanda started a revolution in Nepal that left 15,000 dead (front). And all I got was this lousy T-shirt (back)".  

9. Gole
No wonder there are a group of American ,English and European  ladies living in Nepal who are ardent  Maoist supporter or act like one. They live in large buildings like castles with half a dozen servants like an Eastern potentiate,but preach socialist ideology(?).Do,nt know if there  is falsehood in their fellowship.

10. Ale
Kamred Chairman  Puspaji  should take his next R&R,rest and recreation on the island of the Hawai,Waikiki Beach . He should also  give audience to my  two fair ladies.No doubt.they will be flattered.

11. zarathustra
This is not not just the case with hard-core leftist that the author met in Hawaii. Browse through some of the more popular progressive websites on the web, and you'll be surprised at the naivety of the authors and the points they make.

I think it is the same naivety and romanticism that attracted many people in Nepal to believe in what Prachanda said he believed in. Well, Prochandalhal certainly made some positive changes in the nepalese society, but the negative ones are so many in number that one would think the positive ones just happened to coincide with his bloody selfish revolution.

12. SN

"Out in the street, ... I wondered at the elderly ladies' fascination for communism. What did they understand by such heavy terms as communism and revolution? Were they serious....."

Well, you should have attended their lunch. (Duh!) This is interesting enough. But you might then have had something more insightful to say. The world is full of people with fascination for revolution.

To NT: Who is this author? An introduction would have been helpful.

13. chasing_che
#jange, "The Maoists are and have always been murderers, looters and extortionists"...
have you ever wondered who made them to take weapons, to kill own fellow citizens????
we are not that cynical to go on random killing like these freaking americans are....
still we a hve poverty rate of 65%, and we can only imagine what the situation was some 10 or 20 years ago....thats a shame , a utter shame for all these people who ruled and looted the state coffers during those times....
      The problem is not maoists, it never was.  All the problem is in the class of our society..As long as the wealth of the nation continues to be accumulated within the few so-called-high- class people there is bound to be killings and bloodsheds and the anarchy....if prachanda goes another comes, and this time may be 15000 lives is not enough....

14. Arthur
Perhaps if the author and commentators mixed among a wider circle of Nepalis they would be less astonished that there are Americans in Hawaii and foreigners in Nepal who admire Prachanda.

After all Maoists are the largest party in Nepal, and according to current poll more than 40% of online readers of even this strongly anti-Maoist publication believe Maoists should lead the next government. Obviously this includes women and older people too. So why the contemptuous surprise at these "old ladies"?

The surprise comes because everyone you know and talk to agrees with you in hating the Maoists and Prachanda. By repeating this to each other you confirm your belief that you are right and are able to pretend to yourselves that you are not a rather small and isolated minority in your own country.

If you want to understand better, mix with some people who disagree with your views instead of just sneering at them. There are a lot more of them than there are of your sneering friends, and you might find out that they are more interesting people too.

15. jange
13. chasing_che
#jange, "The Maoists are and have always been murderers, looters and extortionists"...
have you ever wondered who made them to take weapons, to kill own fellow citizens????

Nobody MADE them take up weapons. They did so of their own free will.

Out of a population of 25 million a few thousand chose to do so.

The poverty still exists. In fact it is worse than what it was when the Maoists started their killing spree. By your logic there should be even more people taking up arms which clearly hasn't happened.

16. Nepalidiot

Atleast there are some Americans who¬ hail "Prachanda" a hero. Good 2 know that as most of the americans dont even know that a country "nepal" exists.

And as these "Few" so called "well read & communism fed"¬ americans have¬ never "experienced" communism,¬ to them any "communist revolution" would obviously be ¬ "adventurous". Let them enjoy their "fantasy communism" while we "Few" nepalese will enjoy thinking that every blonde american woman is a prostitute.


17. self
"I love Prachanda.
But Prachanda does not love me back.
Prachanda loves only himself."

18. Ajay
#13. chasing_che:

How could you justify killing innocent people, you pathetic moron? Since nobody from your family has been victimized by the terrorist brutal crackdown, you would be fascinated by the terror tactics. I bet you would even support North Korean brutal regime who has starved millions of people to death. Some of the people like you have made this country worst!! We don't need to go far away to find our how selfish a person can be!!

19. oneLady

I can easily surmise:

Mr. Ranjan Adiga, an immigrant in the USA  declined to discuss about the Nepali Revolution and Prachanda with two ladies only becuase he might have been scared that either his GREEN CARD or Naturalized Citizenship or F1/J1 visa would be revoked and deportaed to his mother country if the USCIS officials would have known the rendezvous. What a petty interest !!!

Mr. Adiga seemed to be very "attached" toward the immigrated country - the USA than the real Americans, born in the soil. Did not he or his predecessors promise in the Visa application that he would return back to his home contry after the mission accomplished ??? He was hell a frightened like a "chicken".






20. rishav
People have always been amazed by revolutionaries since the beginning of time and westerners are no exception. The more gruesome their acts and tightening grip of control to power the more they are remembered just see how much the history channels and news cover the events of Stalin or Hitler compared to let's say Gandhi or Mandela.

Western communists are a funny bunch. They live in modern capitalist nations with all the available facilities provided and democratic rights. Unfortunately this is not enough for them, with a lot of time on their hands compared to let say most Nepali people who don't have the time for anything else but to provide for their families. In the comfort of their thriving democratic state these western communists are bored and need some meaning in their lives so they read all kinds of idealistic impractical philosophies by the most laziest, fellow western communists with time on their hands such as Carl Marx. It doesn't just stop there, they continue with their search for any modern leaders around the World who shares their views of communism and idealize them from a far with the comforts of their capitalist nation which provides for them.   

It's also a cool thing especially in the western academic circles to wear a Lenin, Carl marx, Che, Castro T-shirt in Universities and College towns. In western countiries being a communist creates a persona of being a bit dangerous, extreme in view and a topic of discussion in pubs/bars. It can be used by western males to pretend to be communists as a way to chat up unsuspected, easily impressionable young undegraduate females. It is an illusion to create a sense of an extreme edge to their personalities in alligning themselves to a peoples movement in another part of the World totally alien to them were 13-14,000 people have died. So no work just preaching and trying to get a feeling of being a apart of a communist revolution or chatting about it is their moto.

I guess in Prachanda, they found someone who not only looks a bit like Stalin( a person they have grown to be so fond of by the historical events and various communist material), but someone who may provide them with an opportunity to actually experience and feel apart of a real present day communist revolution from a far. But in no certain terms would these western communists ever give up the comforts of their modern, liberal democratic nations to live in a real communist state that's the hypocracy.

They will always remain idealistic, impractical, hypocritical, non compromising, evasive and basically are the true LOONEY LEFT. The existence of  communists in countries like Nepal you can understand but a western communists that's just laughable, gimicky and requires an assessment by a psychiatrist if it really is true.

21. Satya Nepali (1)

Hang on now.

Two American ladies' fascination for Maoists of Nepal is causing such a stir! We Nepalis suffer from selective amnesia, don't we? Until a few years ago our own Nepalis were highly fascinated by the Maoists too. Led by our "intellectuals", media and "civil society", we the Nepali people ourselves hailed the Maoists as Robin Hoods of the poor, then the Messiahs of Peace, and red-carpeted them into center-stage of Nepali life, society, politics. ...or didn't we? 

Did anyone stop to question what was wrong with the 1990 Constitution that we needed a "Constituent Assembly" to draft a brand new Constitution for "New Nepal" then?! Didn't we all follow the Maoists' call for revolutionary change ("aamool parivartan") with maddenning zeal? ...Why then do we now talk so incredulously of these two ladies as if they were from some other planet?

Shall we hold a mirror up to our own selves, my friends? And ask how we got here? Who got us here? And why?


22. Satya Nepali (2)

Rather than an article wondering at some retired Hawaiians, we need one that probes into our own psychosis!

What/who caused this mass hysteria that led us to (thoughtlessly, it would now seem) handover the nation's reins into the Maoists' "unwashed" bloody hands?!

("unwashed" 'coz, note, they were never even asked for any meaningful apology for their bloodshed before being invited to lead the charge for 'naya sambhidhan' and 'naya Nepal'!)

Fellow commenters (and Mr. Adiga), may I invite you to put these questions up to yourselves first before tsk-tsking at two old creatures way across the world? 

23. Pranay
I like the surprise ending. The writer paints a grand picture of Prachanda and then brings him down with a thud. Good to know some people are still in love with the brave one.

24. LordSHiva

love has not so much to do with politics we vote peace. shanti.

In my Mind the nepalese feel a strong character is best, which has not proven to be P but BRB and what to do about hooligans destroy the life then vote hoooligans.

Almost like saying Goal I like football. I love whatever my country.


ALl not true.



25. Tashi Tamang
Interesting article indeed, there are many ignorant and fetish ones around this world, who just believe someone with a jubilant and victorious stories without knowing their true reality inside. Mao-Tsetung was such an example, who was able to fool billions of poor class people in China, some even worships Mao these days, some even believes that having Mao's picture in car or truck avoids an accident. But in reality, Mao's true face was nothing more then a ruthless dictator, who is responsible for the deaths of many millions of innocent Chinese people. So is the Prachanda, who is behind the death of 15000 innocent Nepalese and present bleak situation of deteriorating Nepalese economy and unstable government, but still many foolish takes him as hero and savior, but the fact is that non of these comrades truly practices Communism of Karl Marx! They just use his principle and ideology to fool the poor masses and get the peoples power! But now in this 21st century, their tactics of luring and fooling people is completely irrational! I hope that Nepalese masses will sooner see his true ugly face                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

26. Aron
Nice definition of 'communism'. This is what the communism is. False hope but real killer! 

27. jange
"Poverty is the root of the Maoist violence and therefore the violence is justified", is one of the very successful disinformation put out by the psuedo revolutionaries. I suspect the NT has also been taken in by it.

Very few of the Maoist leadership could be described as poor and the welfare of the poverty stricken definitely was not and is not the motive for their murderous campaign.

Dr. Baburam, for example, can hardly be said to be motivated by his poverty.

The Maoists are a Mafia organisation- simple as that.

28. jange
Satya Nepali

Not sure who is the "we" that you mention. But I am definitely not part that "we". And probably not a lot of Nepalis too.

The author should follow up this piece by interviewing the Nepalis who have similar attitudes. He could start with the two Dixits, the publishers of this paper. The other Dr. ?? Dixit, their relative, who is quite often hailed as an intellectual. Devendra Raj Pandey comes to mind- but I am sure there are others too.

29. Gutumutu
For some reason, my heart swelled with pride for the glory that was heaped on Nepal in this tiny shop and I went to the lady behind the counter and proclaimed, "I am a Nepali. I am from Nepal!"

I don't exactly know why, but this sentence made me very sad. Perhaps because we are so used to Nepal never being highlighted for many positive things. The writer actually found pride to see Prachanda's picture, and the best part is, that the writer doesn't even agree with the 'joonga man'.... sad.

But I liked the article, and I really don't know how people still believe Prachanda is a man of his words, and wants what is best for the country. Someone should go shoot that idiot!

30. Nepali Suvchintak
Prachanda like most of the netas is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Nepalese are very innocent by nature and that is what happened to the unemployed and uneducated youths who joined the Maoist Revolution with a dream of getting secured jobs once the revolution becomes successful. They were given false promises that they would be accommodated into the army which is the reason why the Maoist leaders are hell bent on army integration of their young cadres. With the Maoist revolution there has been some positive changes but the negative ones have offset them. They have divided the country ethnically. There is chaos, meyhem, crime, lextortion, kidnapping, lawlessness, uncertainty prevailing in the country. Industries, factories, restaurants, hotels, the main drivers for employment generation, have closed down. Has any Maoist leader thought of opening a factory to create employment opportunities. They are only interested in shutting down.

31. who cares

"LOVE" is the most freely used word by the media.

32. who cares
"GREAT" is the second most cheapest word for media.

33. Ale
"Love all, trust none."- Chandra sum sher.
" Love all ,trust a few. " - King Lear.
Present day Nepalese Politics.- "Love none, trust none."
Extort, kidnap, or kill. Might is right.
Viva Prachanda.

34. Ekalavya Sharma

# 20 Rishav,

You said it all what I have felt in the last five years stay in USA.


 There are some well-to-do fanatic very extreme left oriented ultra liberals who want to enjoy the fruit of liberal democracy and welfare capitalism and fantasize about far away communist revolution as the same way hippies used to fantasize seeing God or transcending into a superhuman taking some hallucinogen drugs or on some LSD tour.


And there are also other not so much well to do very small groups of lazy Americans whose daily bread comes from welfare check. All day they visit public libraries, in the evening drink beer, wants their children expense to take care by government, read the smartest way to claim welfare benefits, and in spare times dream about communist revolution blaming US system on the ground that some people are richer than them. The new immigrants work above 70 hours a week to meet their ends. These hard working immigrants in a decade or two become richer than these days dreaming revolutionaries and will have better life.


35. Alucha
Swastisri  madatiprchandabhujadandetyadi ojasswi rajanya  projwalya nepalatara  atulajotirmaya trisaktipatta  atiprabalagorkha daxinabahu  prithuladhisa  sri sri sri Puspa Kamal Dahal Yiteng paoting  sun chiyan  luchiyan  sang chang Honarary Colonel British Army, Prime Minister and Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

36. Shahrukh
Jange, you must be a royalist or a frustrated sad old man, to call the democratically elected largest political party of Nepal, a mafia group. Your unnecessary barking is not going to take you anywhere than directing you to further depression. The wind of change is already here, you cannot do away with the inevitable, whether you like it or not.

37. Prithvi Raj

There are many quirky, fringe elements in the US who can do nutty things.  You can see Osama bin Laden t-shirts in the US, but that doesn't mean everyone in the US is a supporter of Osama.  Che Guevara relics can be seen in a lot of places, but that is more out of curiosity than a deeply-felt support for him.  This case is just one example of a few people  romanticizing issues they don't know very little about but they find it all "kinda interesting and neat!" As the adage goes: little knowledge is dangerous! 

I am sure there are some of these folks dispersed in Canada and elsewhere--far away from the mayhem and well ensconsed in their social security paying jobs but acting like armchair quarterbacks and pouring fuel to the fire.  

Talking to a lot of other Americans who know a thing or two about Nepal and a good number of the NRNs, it's clear that they don't think the murderer-in-chief Prachanda is a hero.  They view him and his ilk a band of murderers who are trying to legimitize their crimes.  They do not consider them revolutionaries.  They think Puspha Kamal is just an opportunist, who will go on looting and plundering on the power of the barrel of his gun.  Take the gun away and he will be reduced to a whimpering mongrel. 

38. Nep1
Mr. Dahal & BB are typical Bhaun males, who will do anything to get their tush on the chair. I weep for mother Nepal for giving birth to "Revolutionary" sons.
Jai Nepal

39. Budabaaje

Well, going by these comments, it seems that most Nepalis have been totally disillusioned by the Maoists and their promises of building some great "new Nepal". Well, if we have wisened up now, then let's go ahead and bring the King back. After all, life was better with monarchy around. There was more peace, security, stability, no ethnic hared, no extortion, chaos, mayhem etc etc.

What exactly was the monarchy abolished for? We have got nothing but worse things in return for following these "republican" leaders and their "ridiculous" ideas. Most of all, the monarchy was only doing the best it could to prevent these Maoists (and their supporters) from unleashing mayhem in our country in the first place. This seems to be clear by now. So why do we keep quiet about the pointless, foolish and unjust abolishment of the monarchy???

Restore the monarchy. It was the better institution compared to all others. And it was only trying to do the right thing. Nepal was better off with monarchy around. We should restore it!

40. Battisputali
This might be a little out of topic but Rajan does know how to write columns that get the commentators all riled up. :)) Whether it was the St.Xavier's article, the one about anti-Indianism or now with this one on Prachanda. Good job sir. A tip of my hat to you.

41. Battisputali
Oops. Might have misspelled the columnist's name in the last post. Apologies.

42. Jeevan
Can't even compare Pro-Chandal to Castro. Does anyone see Maoist bringing about a national health care and education system to Nepal? Maoists like to extort private schools, but what are their plans to develop public schools? Ditto hospitals.

43. Sam B.C.
Good nick-name Pro-Chandal .. , . Vote-bank politics is welcome any time. He is not a practicing bahun. Bahun in politics now a days are brahma- rakchyasas.

44. akbar

To achive revolution is one thing than to run a country. Achievement of maoists comes down to 'over throwing Monarchy'. Despite being a bigger party they have succeeded to fail.

As a citizen I feel Maoists are the 'draw back' for country's development  and its proven,which is getting worse as we speak.

In short Nepal is better with the Monarchy than the Maoists by far. Still now if you minus Moaoists Nepal would be better off as they dont have democratic nerve. They have no idea what they are into.

At the end of the day its not a Party or system, it come down to the person what makes a different. So we need a dynamic leader in every party who think for Nepal's betterment.

LONG LIVE NEPAL...................................................................................


45. arun
#36 sharukh, I think you are the one suffering from depression!! not jange!!!Can u tell me what the  Maoist have achieved other than destroying Nepal? Yes , I support Jange when he says Prachandey a murderer. thug etc!!

The writer summarises what he had to say in here,

"..Prachanda, ... like all the others, has turned out to be just another petty politician. Nothing more."

And we believe most of you do agree with the statement and that the writer wanted to say nothing more.

47. Shahrukh
Arun, im not here to argue with you. You have a point, stick to that. But im just wondering what u call to such a huge support given to the Maoists, by Nepalis, in the last election. Do u think that all these Nepalis are fool, and only U and I who mangage to write few sentences in english understand everything? Every change in Nepal or hope for change came after the Maoists strongly raised the issues like, removal of kingship, federalism, madheshi and janjati issue, secularism, national soveriegnty. U name it and everything has already been raised by the Maoist party. Still, many of us have our own interest and reasons to hate the maoists. Fine!

48. jange


Comparing the Maoists to petty politicians is an insult to petty politicians.

Petty politicians do not murder, loot and extort.

49. Sherchan Bomjan

If Rajan's heart swelled with pride when he heard the lady say I love Prachanda, his heart would or should stop if he opened himself a bit to learn how corrupt the politicians are back in Nepal. If Adigaji further sees the toilets at the aiports in Nepal, I am sure his nose would swell with stinks received from such so called facilities. And then when he actually visits the Minstry of Health in Putali Sadan (I refuse to call it Ramshah Path), the welcome pungent smell coming out of the hallway toilets would remind him that he is now in a government office that is incharge of people's health in Nepal. If he had less than one percent chance of knowing how the dalits are treated by so called high castes in Nepal, then if he had any humanity left on him, he would bleed.

50. viking
with a gun in hand
when violence is a natural way
when force is the commoner

its easy to get people to follow u,
this has been and is the way of the maoists...

when people follow out of free will,
this is democracy,
maoism in its base is non-democratic.

ignorace is the greatest threat to nepal and it is this that the maoists and other politicians are playing with, a fire....
that will burn themselves....

even Hitler is famous in some parts of the world today...

51. who cares


merely the name you wrote suggest your aukat (level).

52. DhanShrestha

Ranjan Adiga

I thank you for your write up and respect my rights to disagree with you. If you are biased then your views will be biased. Do not forget Prachanda is the one who took his life in risk and envisaged this change. I am not supportive of any political party, but the way you are writing shows that you want people to compare your contribution to Nepalese society with Prachanda. Never underestimate him. He is genuinely fighting the cause of suppressed people of Nepal. I believe your father has earned a lot of money for you and that is why you do not understand the pain of majority Nepalese.

53. oblixram
"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin......  Every country in this world has risen from death and destruction to become who they are. US went through the fight for freedom (25,000 dead) to their own Civil War (625,00 dead) and then two world wars. French Revolution (more than 100,000). Far more bloody and violent civil wars have been fought it in the world without good results like the ones mentioned. But those who are just happy to tag someone or some party a terrorist because they believed they fought for the country (whether that is true now -I don't think so - but I believe it was true for  when the actual fight was taking place) are naive. (By the way the Nepali Army - which was just the ROYAL army at that time killed more than twice as many people than the Maoists did - so correct the death toll through the Maoists always when you want to speak correctly. So they are the biggest terrorist by definition). As a result of the Maoist Civil war Nepal is now a Republic, has a democracy in which people are free to bicker, fight and bash each other (as is true with any democracy in early phase). I do believe that I expected more from the Maoists but they have also turned out to be like all the other political parties that I and most Nepalese People loath which is a shame. But as a Nepali I think the burden lies with us, we are responsible for the state that the country is in and not the parties. We are the boss and if we let our servants become our master (because we are either too selfish or more concerned about safety than other values) then it is our fault and not their. Let me ask everyone here will anyone of you do anything to change the things in Nepal????? Will anyone not bribe a traffic police to get out of a ticket??? Will all bikers ever follow all the rules??? Will anyone stand up to fight crime by themselves????? Will anyone let an opportunity to go out of the country stay back to help Nepal???? And that is the problem with Nepal.

54. PK

@oneLady: ha ha ha ... He is anything but what u said in yr comment. I was his classmet for almost 10 whole yrs so I am guessing I know him better than u (unless u know him more closer than me). One thing I know, he loves to talk.

To others, I only see pessimism in their responses. Hey, why don't we realize that this is the time when there is no solid system in the country but will slowly head towards that elusive stability (will take a heck a lot of time to reach there). Remember may be after 10-15 years, you might say one day "I was the part of the history when the Monarchy was abolished". Then go in front of the mirror and look at yourself and say to yourself are the leaders of this county the only fraud ones.

55. prakritik Pandey
I agrre with Mr. Adiga along with the best comments from Kabulekanchho. Reality is far different than romanticism raised by the motive of totalitarian regime.

56. Poudyal

Hi  All,

      I believe that Revolution never comes  Easy,

  Either most of you above are from Rich family or you want your life to be very easily fed , without having to hear or see anybodys rights been taken away, or been treated like Non-Humans.

      It is true that The Peoples War cost us many Nepalese Lives , but is is those Millions From the future in Nepal who will benefit from the fairness of treatment and will be thankful to those who caused and fought for the Revolution, but unfortunately is very hard for us to agree/support with what has happened  to cause so many lives.

   But if you Guys really want to understand why this took place, then go look into the History of the World , and you will find many examples of Revolution that took place and never been Peaceful  as we would have prefered it to be, and you Guys will also realise that Revolution is not done by one Like Prachanda OR Baburam, but infact it is a Belief that was hidden inside Peoples Heart and Mind for ages and just been waiting for the right Time .

   If all of us commenting here over the Internet regarding the Issue were those Living amongst the Poorest People of Nepal , then it would have been different case, but infact we are amongst those who left the country (NEPAL) because we couldnot  afford to do anything about the unfairness and got fed up with the system in Nepal and when we Got into some Developed countries like USA and UK and others , we then start to compare our own country to this Developed ones and start to Complain,    for me it is being like a Child who dont have to Contribute anything running the Household but gets to Complain and Complain  for not getting  what  he wanted only for his purpose.

   Come on all,

   Think about  Nepal and the Poor living there, dont just sit and complain, either make some contribution ar just



57. Bauji Uncle
I hope my comment becomes the last comment since it is being more and more personal (one commentator even dragging the author's father into his comments) and in bad taste. Editors: please note!

58. concerned citizen
It's very easy to criticize Prachanda. He is in his current problem because of the system. He is trying to change something. Why can't people give him the chance instead of always blaming him? He is easy target and articles like this make a joke out of his very important role in the history of Nepal. Writers should work for the uplifting of poor people not criticize a man who tries to make long term difference. One reason China became a successful communist country is because all their writers wrote for the poor people not for selfish reasons. Our country can benefit by following China and writers have to be responsible, not only showing their creativity. 

59. nidhi
I am amazed at the the love Prachanda still gets from people. Btw, Com Prachanda, most of the destroyed buildings, bridges, telephone towers etc are waiting to be rebuilt. Ms Yummy could not do it during her tenure- could not even take first steps toward it. so much for rising from the ashes.............puhhh

60. Narendra Singh
The massive response to the article shows what happens when love and hate 'collide.'

61. jange
52. DhanShrestha

Ranjan Adiga

I thank you for your write up and respect my rights to disagree with you. If you are biased then your views will be biased. Do not forget Prachanda is the one who took his life in risk and envisaged this change.

Prachanda did not risk his life. He took other peoples' lives. For most of the period that he was creating mayhem in Nepal he was enjoying Indian hospitality. Mostly, it seems in Noida of New Delhi.

62. zztop
What a shallow opinion of all the Nepalis. No wonder the country is full of educated illiterates so full of hatred and who are full of pre-concieved ideas that are inherited. Sadly most of those who can write (in english) better or have landed in overseas come from privileged families, and therefore the despise to communism or socialism. But the election results have shown that these voices are minority. It is high time to understand why people chose to support communism in Nepal ? The rebellion was against the status quo rather than support for the extreme ideology. But now, since the earlier status quo was not obliterated, one can see the old power surfacing up, in the form of Janges and Ales (I mean the nicknames that have written here).

I now understand why Robspierre and Danton said 'We don't want to judge the king, we want to kill him'.

63. Gary,England
Well put and spot on no13 Chasing che.The problem in Nepalese society is not the maoists, it is class rule of your society.Until this dissappears nepal will spiral from one crisis to another.It"s been a very easy topic of conversation in Nepal for the last 14 years or so to blame all of Nepals problems on the maoists,but by doing so,one is just skirting around the real issues at hand concerning your country.I would just like to add that i am not a communist,i look at Nepals problems from a humanitarian point of view. 

64. prakritik Pandey
Mr. poudyal seems very much annoyed with the comments here who knows that revolution is not the outcome of a single mind or leader but the consequence of the collective thought. It is right but how can you justify revolution who just kills innocent people in the name of reactionaries, intellegencia, spy and so on and so forth. Revolution is a compulsion where there is no other option but Nepal had already adopted multiparty democracy where one could express his ideas freely convince and organise people. The result of communism is nothing more than an autocratic regime which kills individual liberty. It has failed all over the world. and in Nepal it is just because of selling dream to the poor people as the only remedy to get rid of the poverty.
I agree with Poudyal that there is poverty but my strong reservation is towards the approach and end. The way out from the extreme poverty is not killing each other but encouraging innovation in the system where one can realize his/her full potential. I agree with Mr. Gary it is humaniterian issue but communism is not the solution. NO WAY COMMUNISM CAN BE SOLUTION, IT IS PROVED AND THOUSAND TIMES EFOORTS GIVE THE SAME RESULT. THE MODIFICATION IN COMMUNISM GIVES ONLY LIBERAL DEMOCRACY OR SOCIALISM AR ANY NAME YOU CAN GIVE BUT ANY IMPROVEMENT CAN NEVER BE COMMUNISM AS IN THE MARXIST LENINIST MODEL. SO DONT TRY IT IN NEPAL JUST TO PUSH COUNTRY 100 YEARS BACK IN THE NAME OF AGRAGAMAN, CHHALANG SO AND SOOOOOOO.

65. Slarti

The communist murder campaign in Nepal was the clear result of careful planning. It had nothing to do with conditions on the ground which were rapidly improving. Democracy was getting institutionalized, and development was rapidly reaching the people.

Matter of fact, the pace of welfare delivery as well as establishing better living conditions was mush faster than the pace of expansion in pre-war USSR, where the 1917 revolution led to an extended period of terrible hardship till the start of the war, during the war and well after it. That is 30 years of communist rule, unchallenged by any other power.

Nepal did not have to be known as a peaceful haven, it actually was.  

In conducting their war, the Maoist deliberately forced people to flee their homes and those unable to leave cowered under their terror, forced to either fight or send their children to fight a war that they wanted no part of. 

The Maoists systematically destroyed the VDCs and DDCs; the purpose was quite simply to stop any development activity whatsoever. 

They made it impossible for political leaders to visit their constituencies and prevented the holding of democratic elections.

The most important element of their murder campaign and their hypocrisy comes from the following facts,  the Maoists didn't allow free press, civil society or human rights-they ruled by instilling fear. 

However, none of the self-serving votaries of democracy and human rights ever felt it necessary to censure the Maoists in clear and unambiguous terms for their deeds. Even now when they continue their murder campaign newspaper journalists are too scared to report them.

The (Royal) Nepali Army had done a commendable job in respecting the rights of non-combatants. 

Contrast the action of Nepal Army with that of the European and US armies. Although there have been thousands of civilian casualties (some of that very wilful) in Iraq and Afghanistan, none of the British, American or any European soldiers have been brought to justice. 

It is unclear what the madmen living in foreign lands, hoping for the privilige to see the murder campaign start all over again, want from poor Nepali's.

But Prachanda wants power, he wants to be the unquestioned ruler and wants everything to happen his way. Prachanda and his cohorts have demonstrated that communists only want murder and death, anything else is too boring for them.

Witless kids, doping, enjoying privileges provided for by their parents when they do not deserve it, just want to prove they are doing something and end up quoting Robspierre and Danton. While, teachers, labourers, administrators, and everyday people die.

66. Nirmal
It is not surprise to me to see such revolutionary book store in the cornor of Amrican cities. But the praise for who put innocent children in harms situation was unfamilar to the woman or not a relevent to her capitalist mind. She is a pure capatilist, who is  making money by romanticizing a communism. After all her primary goal is to make living avoiding hard manual labor. Person who sells playboy magazine does not necessarily engage of involve with playboy or playgirl world. Prachanda is one of the cover boy for her product. Ask playboy magazine vendor wheather he like the cover girls, person never say I hate. Person loves because it brings a money.

67. kamal
Dear writer, if you were so ashamed of prachanda and his karma, why did you introduce yourself to the lady as a Nepali? Just wondering

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)