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The timeline of what happened in the 48 hours before midnight of 28 May gives us an indication of just how precarious the three-point resolution between the three parties was. It also shows how easily the whole thing could have gone wrong, and indeed, could still go wrong.

Thursday, 27 May

0700: Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal, NC's Sushil Koirala and Jhalnath Khanal of UML jointly meet President Ram Baran Yadav. Yadav tells them there isn't much time left to fulfill the promises made to the people on the constitution. He asks them to pave the way for CA extension.
Dahal looks visibly agitated as he leaves Shital Niwas.

1400: MJF's Upendra Yadav changes his tune to call for an unconditional extension of the CA.

1800: UML Standing Committee decides to make one last-ditch attempt to reach a national consensus, PM told to address parliament the next day.

1900: Twelve smaller parties ask the big parties to extend the CA's term without conditions and to have a national consensus government.

2000: MPs from MJF, MJF-D, TMLP, Sadbhavana (Mahato) meet Baburam Bhattarai and tell him they have decided the PM should step down and the CA should be extended, and that the next government could be led by the Maoists.

Friday, 28 May
0700: UML Standing Committee decides the PM should only resign under a 'package agreement', same decision from NC leaders' meeting.

0730: NC leader Krishna Sitaula thinks he has convinced Pushpa Kamal Dahal that CA extension is the best option.

0800: CA meeting put off after NC-UML-Maoist meeting fails to reach agreement.

0900: Madhav Nepal enters CA building, leaves after 45 minutes.

0930: The Maoists issue whip to ensure that the CA will not be extended until the PM resigns, although the Standing Committee is divided over CA extension. Bhattarai is for a six-month extension, Baidhya is against.

1130: UML and NC taken aback by the Maoist decision and jointly agree the PM is not going to resign.

1300: Three parties again fail to reach agreement.

1500: Nepal and Dahal talk, but still can't agree.

1700: KP Oli enters CA building and has a long chat with Nepal.

2000: Sitaula and NC lobbyist Amaresh Kumar Singh involved in negotiations in CA chambers.

2030: Nepal goes to Shital Niwas to meet president, apprises him of negotiations and his stance.

2100: As negotiations stall, a caucus of women CA members start chanting slogans on the house floor.

2130: Oli later meets Dahal to discuss the wording of a possible compromise resolution; this meeting appears to be crucial in resolving differences after Oli agrees to put the phrase 'agrees to resign' in the resolution.

2230: CA meeting called.

2300: Big three agree to one-year extension after wording cleared; Dahal, Poudel and Khanal sign resolution soon after.

2315: Nepal enters CA hall.

2345: CA begins session, Deb Gurung speaks on behalf of the Maoists.
2355: Law Minister Prem Bahadur Singh gives procedural answer to Deb Gurung.

Saturday, 29 May
0005: Singh presents resolution to extend CA term by one year.
0015: CA approves dissolution of rules 62 and 63.
0130: CA approves extension of its own term by 1 year; 580 for, 5 against.

1. Bhadrakali Eye

Correction: i) Wednesday, 26th May!

                  ii) Thursday, 27th May!!

                  iii) Friday, 28th May!!! (D-DAY)

                  iv) Saturday, 29th May!!!!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)