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The television has undergone a major facelift in recent times. Only a few years back, liquid crystal display (LCD) television surpassed the old CRT televisions, becoming the technology of choice for consumers. The reason for its popularity is simple: it consumes far less power; improves picture quality for better viewing experience; and it's aesthetically pleasing.

However, it's not surprising that given technology's rapid pace of progress, there are two other contenders in the battle for couch potatoes. Plasma and light-emitting diode (LED) televisions are also vying for a market share and as with any product, they have their pros and cons.

Plasma television is the powerhouse among the trio in terms of delivering the best picture quality. This includes negligible motion blur and greater contrast ratios. It also has the widest viewing angle, covering almost the full 180-degree spectrum, a feat LCD and LED televisions are far from catching up on. Plasma's main drawback is that it is a power monster and has a burn-in effect. This effect leaves ghost still images under certain conditions, but newer models are known to reduce the chances of this happening.

LED televisions are essentially an upgrade of LCD televisions, replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs for backlighting. The benefits are noticeable: better picture quality and even lower power consumption. However, this makes for a more expensive product, understandably.

Whether it's crisper picture quality or lower power consumption that you prioritise, LCD television still makes a market for itself because it is cost competitive. But whichever of the trio will get pride of place in your living room, one thing's sure: you'll be hooked to the biggest televised event imaginable, the World Cup 2010.

Spoilt for choice

This year's World Cup 2010 may be a battle between top dogs and underdogs, but for us it will be between plasma LCD screen. TVs have come a long way since Zinedine Zidane headbutted France's chances to the turf. Nepali Times makes this summer's difficult choice a little bit easier.


Samsung, Samsung Plaza, 4230382

Series 6, from Rs 125,000/ Series 7, from Rs 225,000
Slim and beautiful, the series boasts a quality viewing experience with impressively lower power consumption of up to 40% when compared to similar LCD TVs. A viewing experience taken to the next level. Sizes range from 32" upwards.


Sharp, Evo Store, 4225486

LC-40L50M, Rs 89,000
A full HD 40" beauty with a piano finish for the exterior. Its Revolutionary Dynamic Sound System (RDSS) makes for beautiful audio, an up-factor for those who do not own a huge stereo system. A high value-for-money deal not to be missed.

Sony, Nepal Hima Trade
KDL-40NX800,Rs 399,999

An ultra-slim beauty that blends in well in contemporary homes. Its built-in wi-fi allows you to connect to your wireless network for online entertainment easily, all from the comfort of your living room. Its Edge LED screen gives crisp detail so that you won't miss any part of the World Cup action.

KDL-40EX700, Rs 249,999
Although not as slim, this more affordable model has a decent set of features that makes up for it. The ambient sensor allows it to tune the brightness and colour temperature according to light conditions, ensuring you get the best colours at all times. Its Edge LED technology also reduces power consumption.

Samsung, Samsung Plaza, 4230382
LA32B550K1R Rs 90,990
A strong contender among the HDTVs for being simple in presentation yet chock full of strong features. Samsung's DNIE+ and Wide Colour Enhancer 2 technology mean more vibrant colours. This one might not be slim, but packs a punch.

Sanyo, Triveni Group, 4224074

LCD-42K30, ask for price
Despite its bulky appearance, Sanyo has been a reliable company to look up to in terms of minimising the environmental footprint of their products. With a large 42" screen, you never miss any of the action for every second you're there.

Phillips, Jyoti Group, Jyoti Bhawan
52PFL7403, Rs 509,900
Savour the latest blockbuster or exciting sports action in all the plus-sized glory you could dream of. The monstrous 52" display of this behemoth is bound to astound and impress.

Konka, Sourabh Photo International, 4111631

KLC37-IS62, Rs 95,000
Proving that size does not always mean pricey and that quality can indeed be affordable, this 37" underdog looks set to take on the bigger boys.

LG, CG Electronics
22" LS-20, Rs 38,900
Designed specifically for small spaces, the 22" LS-20 more than makes up for its petite size with picture quality and versatility.


Vivtek, Evo Store, 4225486

D510, Rs 50,000
If size is your thing, then the D510 allows for a projected image up to 300" (that's 25 feet!) across. The colours are not as vivid as what an LCD can provide, but there's no beating a large group of family and friends to share World Cup moments together.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)