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SP Ramesh Kharel, chief of Metro Police Range, Hanuman Dhoka in Kantipur, 17 May

We want all kinds of professions to be well managed. But night operators should not forget the ground and be fly-by-night businesses. They should have their own guidelines. Not all are decent but a few are enough to destroy the image of this sector.

This does not mean that all police in uniform are good, dutiful and loyal. But we all have to bear the blame. Why? Because you keep quiet when corrupt police officers exploit you. Therefore, you are also guilty.

Why don't you have guts to say "I won't be paying you bribes or protection money any longer?" Why don't you speak for your occupational rights? You have to have the courage to speak out against corruption.

Entrepreneurs have a hard time because of the enforcement of the regulation to shut down businesses at 11pm. We don't have any other rules regarding this sector, so we should work together to address this issue to make it a manageable and decent profession. But for this, we need both entrepreneurs and police to be honest.

If Nepal Police fails to take notice of the corrupt activities of police personnel, as a department head I will take action against them. Tell me if some entrepreneurs are operating unlawfully, I will not spare them.

Did you take note of the last police raid in Thamel? You must have been disgusted. There was a restaurant on the ground floor, a guesthouse on the first floor and a brothel on the upper floor, where teenagers were seen with clients. This is not tolerable for anyone.

Like one of the participants in this interaction program rightly pointed out, we will take action against restaurant owners rather than workers from now on. We will take action against them under the Anti-trafficking Act 2008.

Cultural shows are good as long as they are decent. But you cannot make teenage girls dance naked to make money. The law does not permit anything for the sake of making money.

I keep my mobile on round the clock, please call and inform me about such activities. I will take action against the owners and managers, not the workers. Not only this, if police personnel in uniform come to your restaurant and order food and alcohol, please let me know. I will take care of them.

If you do not inform the police, it will seem as though you are harbouring criminals in your establishments. If you really want to avoid possible trouble in the future, please tell me about what you know. Dial 100 for police control or you can call me on my mobile at 9851078100. Together we can build a crime-free society.

This is an abridged version of Kharel's speech at an interaction with dance club operators.

1. Indra

Kudos to SP Ramesh Kharel. If he is truly sincere then we need more like him. Thamel is getting worse and sets the wrong impression for youngsters, tourists...everyone.

Perhaps SP Kharel could encourage his colleagues at the airport to adopt a similar attitude?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)