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International interference

Foreign interference in Nepali politics is on the rise. Recently, China, India, America and even the EU have openly shown they are concerned about Nepali politics.

China feels intimidated by the unrest in Nepal as it knows Nepal's geopolitical position might be used against her. China's priority now is to maintain internal security by fighting against the West's idea of 'Free Tibet'. It has been reported that the Chinese President Hu Jintao asked Pushpa Kamal Dahal on whose suggestion he resigned from the premiership last year.

India's focus is to expand its influence in the region. But it has not recognised that the regional and international power equations have shifted because of the rise of China.

The American ambassador has recognised the role of these two countries. "India and China should play roles in ending the current political deadlock," was his recommendation. His other message was, "I am already in the region and you cannot go against the will of Washington."

Washington has shown interest in South Asia recently. In the strategic document 'Vision 2020', the US has clearly said South Asia will be a major interest in the years to come. Washington's reading is that India has already lost influence in the region and it should accept this fact. Barack Obama, during his Beijing visit, said that China should play a role in mediating in Kashmir. Delhi duly objected.

The recent events in Nepal have demonstrated that India has fallen into the pit that it dug for others. India got the political parties to sign a 12-point agreement, and hoped to bring Nepal under its umbrella, as it has Sikkim and Bhutan. The failure of this plan has exposed India to the world, and it is now under tremendous pressure from international power players to be transparent.

Nepal is turning into a battlefield for international heavyweights, for which our political leaders are setting the stage. The last week saw diplomats meeting with leaders, and leaders inviting them for consultations. Diplomatic decorum has been reduced to zero. Leaders are waiting for 'orders', weighing up which are the most profitable to them. But neither India, China or the US will give up jockeying for influence in Nepal.

1. Sargam
Oneday there will be only stray dogs loitering in Nepal as we have seen all those that count are fleeing away from this country where life has become unbearable.

2. Nabin

The greedy politician cum goondas of Nepal finally succeeded in digging their own graves by fooling the Nepali janata with promises of turning the country into Swizterland and Singapore. The people of Nepal had enough of these good for nothing smooth talkers and blood suckers. If there is a dark tunnel with no exit, it is for these politicians not for the general public who will go on with their lives as usual without these extortionist, terrorists, broad day light robbers, corrupts and criminals. The CA didnot belong to the grass root people, it was made up of the above mentioned shaddy professionals who robbed and raped the nation for the last 2 years and many years  and decades before..

3. Daniel
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4. RamBabu
FOREIGN INTERVENTION. When we talk of foreign intervention ,we take only political intervention, but not religious convertion by white foreign  Christians Misionaries.SECULARISM IS A DUBIOUS WORD,CAPABLE OF DIVERSE MEANINGS.iT HAS CREATEDCONFUSION AMONST TEACHERS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND INTEREST GROUPS HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF IT.PROPOGATE AND CONVERSION HAVE  TWO DIFFERERENT MEANING.INDIAN SUPREME COURT HAS REJECTED  IN TOTO THIS CONTENTION.One can voluntarily adopt any religion of his choice,this is freedom of conscience.,butforce,fraud,inducement or allurement is against that.State has the right and dutyto intervene if it offends public order peace or morality.International Convention  on  Civil and Political Rights 1966 says-"No one shall be subject to coersion which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice."Religion cannot befor political endsor purposes, it cannot be mixed,As reported in an wekly by editorial by Babita basnet,during the 6 day bondinthe manab sangloperipherial gherao,inLalitpur Ekanta Kuna, a groupof Evagelists , were seen distributing mineral waters to the dimonstrators.They were sayingthat they are thankful to the Maoists for making the country secular so that they are free to convertin any part of the country ,even in religious  places like Gosai Kunda.We have now two Bidesi Pravus.Christ yes, but not Churchianity; for the information of simple foks who are loosing their roots and culture from these invadors.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)