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Fun and games, we saw them on May Day, we have seen them everyday since May Day playing cricket in Tundikhel no matter how many people swarm the centre of the city chanting slogans. They seem to be having a good time, and we wish we had a cricket bat so that we could join in. Idea: form a little cricket league, invite your colleagues and neighbours. Everyday, whenever you feel like it, Tundikhel

Red rallies, we haven't been sent a program by the Maoist Party. Judging by past events like the Ring Road gherao, and rallies from three intersections every half hour, we are going to surmise that you can head to your nearest intersection for a little bit of red anytime. Runs indefinitely, everyday at 6am and other unannounced times, dress
code: red

Rally for peace, Federation of the Nepal Chambers of Commerce and a bunch of other human rights outfits are organising an anti-bandha peace rally to will the Maoist leadership to change their mind about the indefinite strike. If you believe in miracles or don't know what you are meant to be doing on a Friday morning anymore, this one is for you. Friday, 7 May, 9:00am, Basantapur Darbar Square

Road side debate, tired of having your kids stare at the television like zombies? Then send them to the Road Side Debate organised by the Nepali Youth Debater's Club. They talk about things like momos vs burgers and other pertinent youth issues. Mainly they get your children out of the house. Meets everyday at 10:00am at Chelsea International Academy, New Baneswor


Jar, extraordinaire, you know what does not take hours to prepare, has protein, fat and minerals, and comes in a spoon peanut butter. It goes well with carrots, but even better with celery. And raisins. So, pop a jar open, look out of the balcony and enjoy. Your pantry, open everyday we presume

Summit dining, But if you just started dating a girl and don't want to bet on your chances that she might be available until after the indefinite bandha, then you might want to take her out for dinner. In which case, we suggest you try 'Green Lip Mussels Mariniere' at Summit Hotel. We can't guarantee that they won't be messy, neither that they are available. However, if someone said they were going to buy mussels for dinner, we would be impressed. Immensely. If she is a keeper, we hear Dwarika's is also in business. Summit Hotel, Lalitpur / Dwarika's, Old Baneswor

Rebel label, drinking is a bourgeoise indulgence, so you may not want be to seen doing it. So head to a bhatti behind Patan Darbar Square and drown the bandha's sorrows with a bottle of Signature whisky. We think an order of chhyang is a better idea because they come in jerry cans. Trick to locating a bhatti any dark hole by the side of the road. Hint: green curtain. Your local watering hole, Patan, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu

Roasted goodies, we don't know how long the bandha is going to last and if there will be any fresh vegetables available next week. But what you do know is peanuts are extremely healthy and have a truckload of energy. So, whether you are out on the street protesting or at home conserving your energy for god-knows-what, a cone of roasted peanuts will go a long way. Try roasted chickpeas too. They are as tough as rocks, but they contain tonnes of goodness. Ring Road, opens noon till late

Beaten rice, on its own. Black plastic bag, open in special circumstances


Music of the people, the music concerts organised by the Maoist party at street intersections start early, but snacks are served to those who show up early. You might have to show your red party membership for that though. Some of the dancers are pretty good, but you might want to give the khukuri dance a miss. All day, everyday, indefinitely, at your local street intersection

Doggy opera, a study shows that classical music soothes even the savage beast. Judging by the behaviour of our neighbourhood strays, it would seem they've only been exposed to crazy rock and metal sounds. Be a good samaritan and play some Gigli and Mozart to the dogs. We would be happy for you to try this near our homes. Email for our addresses.


Run baby run, put your trainers on and run in any direction you want. Keep on running. When the bandha is over, you can just take a bus back.

Keep on walking, there was a time when there were no roads in Kathmandu, nor were there any microbuses. People were fine. Be thankful for the clean air in the valley and go for a hike. A trail around Budhanilkantha is easily walkable in a day. You can also try walking to the nearby hamlets of Dakshinkali and Godavari.

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