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Pros: Has an excellent QWERTY keyboard and a large 2.8" touch screen. Memory is expandable up to 8GB. A 3MP camera is perfect for parties, and a 3G option is a bonus.
Cons: Keyboard isn't the coolest looking.
Price: Rs 21,500 from Chaudhary Group, 5525039


The Nokia N97 is filled to the brim with goodies, and represents the high end of smartphones. Perfect for those who e-mail and send messages a lot and constantly need to stay connected.
Pros: Large, 3.5" touch-screen display, slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easy typing, full A-GPS support with Nokia maps, 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, auto-focus, LED flash and video light.
Cons: Bulky, so will only appeal to those who need the features. Expensive.
Price: Rs 52,000 from Neoteric Computer, 4250001


Pros: Great combination of a full touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. Expandable memory of upto 16GB, difficult to run out of space! 3.2MP camera.
Cons: Touchscreen not as fluent as it could be.
Price: Call IMS Tele Trade, 4441584



Pros: With the option of using two SIM cards – GSM and CDMA – in the same phone, you'll never be stranded, wherever you go.
Cons: Memory is only expandable up to 2GB, small by today's standards.
Price: Rs 6,500 from Network Solution, 4220128


Pros: Aside from its sleek and stylish looks, its dual SIM card option is useful for business trips out of the valley. Comes pre-installed with NimBuzz, great for social media applications such as Facebook and Skype. On-board camera is a plus point.
Cons: Not 3G-enabled, makes up for it with wi-fi.
Price: Rs 9,000 from Estel Network, 4221445


HTC Hero

One can't go wrong with an HTC phone. After all, the Taiwanese company has years of experience in the smartphone business, supplying handsets to telcos all over the world. The HTC Hero offers complete personalisation to satisfy the most demanding of users. With a slim profile, the Hero also screams style, making the transition from work to play seamless.
Pros: Slim. Complete customisation on Android OS. Long battery life.
Cons: Small built-in memory.
Price: Call TeleTalk, 4254546

Omnia II

With a beautiful 3.7" touch-screen (one of the largest among smartphones) and expandable memory up to 32GB, the Samsung Omnia II will serve well as an entertainment device – think catching up on your favourite TV shows. Rearing its executive head, the Omnia II also features a business card scanner, along with the usual complement of connectivity options.
Pros: 3.7" touch-screen, long battery life, full connectivity options.
Cons: Price. Dismal applications store.
Price: Rs 49,000 from Virgin Mobile Showroom, 4260173


W7 Active Edition

Motorola smartphones often contain a feature that sets them apart from others in the marketplace, and the Motorola W7 Active Edition is no different. Targeted at health-conscious users, the phone comes pre-loaded with fitness applications and even a pedometer.
Pros: Fitness applications make this phone a niche product. Small and light.
Cons: Small screen. No internet browser.
Price: Rs 13,500 from Call Mobility, 4240886

They don't tech-no for an answer

Bhushan Shilpakar, PhotoCircle, currently roaming around France

"iPhone has been my saviour on this trip, especially for maps. Getting in touch with friends and family back home makes me feel like I'm really travelling! Easily checking e-mails, uploading pictures and instant messaging have simply been great. Since finding a cyber café in Europe isn't easy, the free wi-fi negates this problem. It's much better than lugging a laptop around. Got this dreamy gadget as a gift. I also have a Nokia E73. While not as fancy as the iPhone, it still serves me well with basic tasks such as checking e-mails whenever I'm out of the office. As long as there's 3G and GPRS, it's still relevant."

Kshitij Regmi, Marketing & Communications Consultant

"I don't usually play games on the phone, but I spend a lot of time checking e-mails with my Nokia E63. It's really convenient to toggle between my three inboxes. I also use social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Fring a fair bit. Works fine every time. The earpiece volume isn't great but it charges fast and has a strong body."
Clash of the titans

Clash of the titans

Two smartphone heavyweights are in talks to enter the Nepali market soon.

NCell, which recently took over Mero Mobile in grand style, will be focused on bringing in the Blackberry. Known for its robust build and high reliability, the Blackberry is the weapon of choice for most business people.

Rumours also abound of an iPhone deal between Apple and telcos here. The iPhone is renowned for its superlatively smooth user experience, as well as the large number of applications and games to choose from.

Watch this space.

Mobile nation - FROM ISSUE #499 (23 APRIL 2010 - 29 APRIL 2010)

1. npasl
and how about asking the mobile network operators, ntc being the big one, to actually deliver reliable service first? their network quality and call response must be one of the worst in the whole world.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)