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Time running out for unity

If the new constitution isn't written by May 28, the CA will be automatically dissolved. There are two options: write it on time, or extend the term. The parties have no option but to agree on provincial boundaries, state restructuring, and the integration of Maoist fighters. Who gets to be in government is not a big issue. The people want peace, law and order and development. We want a short constitution that reflects the aspirations of all, but it can't be a collection of political slogans. If the parties can't do this will they take moral responsibility? Or will they just blame a rival party?

The Newars and others in Kathmandu and the people of the Madhes are all fortunate. Either way they win. How about us indigenous people living in the remote corners of the mountains? We are cursed by birth and by the neglect of the state. Our land has no value and we can't even farm on it. Now with these new provinces, we may even be restricted in our movement. What kind of constitution are these people writing, if it tears the country apart? It is going to create enmity not just between Bahun-Chhetris and others, but also among the indigenous people. The draft on ethnic federalism is a huge mistake.

Ethnic-based identity politics is leaving the country astray. Opposition to federalism is growing by the day. Any state structure can have good or bad aspects, it is the rulers who need to be honest. We are wedged between regional powers India and China and are trailing behind because of leadership failure. By splitting the country along ethnic lines, the country will be pushed towards destruction, not development.

1. Sameer
This short article tells everything about Nepal's wrong ethnic-based identity politics, which in reality is to ruin Nepal. Until the fall of Shah dynasty, all the ethnic groups live peacefully without much trouble, except the decade of Maoist insurgency.

We understand that Bahun's and Chhetri's dominated the Nepal's political power so far, but there was not much talk of ethnics and racial discrimination, now it seems that narrow minded politicians are bringing all sort of nonsense issues of divide and rule concepts, which is not viable to our locked country in any sense. World is getting smaller and in West European Union has emerged with many countries union, why this silly notion of dividing mentality is brought forward in our poor country?

Everything is interdependent in this world, why the elites in Nepal are not brainstorming to bring unity in Nepal and push forward to write a reasonable constitution by studying the constitution of other successful countries in this world, as Nepal is not different then any other small countries in this world.  Wake up Nepalese!  Shed all those stupid mentality of narrow mindedness!

2. anuj
Till now, our country was divided with political power centered on Chhetris and Bahun. (i am against system, not Bahun / Chhetri people) Sadly, even our state divided people RE: MULUKI AIN categorized people on the basis nose morphology, alcohol drinking or not drinking and untouchability. We have personally felt this discrimination in school and government offices and many that we can talk of. Friends, talking about this, before making any statement against ethnicity based federalism, ask yourselves, how can people forget this centuries long discrimination and the STATE has to pay back their wrongdoings to Adivasi Janajati  and people from Terai region. And everybody knows that it is and was the STATE that is and was dividing people. Now, to save our country from disarray and doom, there is no alternative for our STATE to listen carefully to what Adivasi Janajati and Terai people are demanding. Otherwise, ETHNIC INSURGENCY is sure to happen.  

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)