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In the age of connectivity and community, making do without all your technological flotsam and jetsam may seem like sheer insanity. Hold on to that thought.

Technology continues to dazzle, in the process rendering obsolete whatever gadget was the talk of the town only yesterday. But the song remains the same ? more and more functions are being integrated into unified devices. The mobile phone is a prime example, with most models today featuring internet connectivity and entertainment on the go among other things.

With applications such as Skype to make your calls, hardware such as the TV adaptor bringing breaking news to your desktop, and all the rest covered by your personal computer, the concept of an integrated work and entertainment system is gaining popularity by the day.

Not just in the west, either. This year's Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) Infotech began its six-day run on Wednesday. Sudesh Kumar Karna, president of CAN, expects a turnout of around 300,000. Nepali Times reviews some of the best digital devices and solutions that money can buy at the country's biggest IT show so you can put together your very own home integrated system.


Acer Aspire Z5610 (Rs 105,000), Mercantile Office Systems

Keeping it simple, the Acer Aspire Z5610 is an all-in-one desktop. While it might not be on par with the iMac, its price belies its performance. The screen is as big as it can get at 23 inches, ensuring enough space for work and decent movie viewing. However, what makes the Acer Aspire Z5610 stand out is its seamless fingertip experience. That's right, you can use touch screen technology to perform various tasks and commands. Just be sure to wash your hands before getting down to work?

Apple iMac (21.5", Rs 122,000; 27", Rs 160,000), Neoteric
The new iMac, unsurprisingly, is as sleek and beautiful as its predecessors. Sporting an expansive 27-inch screen, it gives you more than enough space to run multiple work windows. Watch a video, check your mail and browse the latest news simultaneously: the iMac takes the concept of multi-tasking to a whole new level. If its practicalities still don't impress you, it's likely the design will draw you in eventually. And if you can't afford a 27-inch smile, then try the smaller version.

Sound systems

Logitech Z-5500 Digital (Rs 38,000), Neoteric

Comparable to the Creative Gigaworks G500, Logitech takes the audio experience one step further by indulging our lazy genes. Aside from THX-approved sound quality, the Logitech Z-5500 Digital is blessed with a wireless remote to do all the work for you. Couple it with other wireless components and proximity will be a redundant word.

Creative Gigaworks G500 (Rs 34,500), Multronics
With certification from THX, Creative's Gigaworks G500 is a BR>made-for-movie masterpiece. With a 5.1 speaker configuration, the sound is of superlatively crisp quality, ensuring that your movie experience is as good as being in a theatre. Music enthusiasts aren't forgotten by the G500, which accepts MP3 players such as the iPod. Don't forget to check if you're home alone before blasting the neighbourhood.

Logitech Dinovo Mini (Rs 16,500), Neoteric
The Logitech Dinovo Mini is a multi-talented little wonder that takes bulk and boredom right out of the equation. While fulfilling the basic role of a keyboard, it also has a ClickPad that allows you to use it as a mouse. Flip a switch, and it becomes the perfect remote. The ClickPad turns into a directional pad for you to scroll on DVD menus. Be it to stop, play, fast forward or rewind, the Dinovo Mini seems to do it all. Don't take your eyes off this beauty if you want to keep it for yourself.

Creative HS-1200 (Rs 12,500), Multronics

While not as visually appealing as those seen in sci-fi movies, the HS-1200 makes up with practicality and performance. Its wireless capability ensures maximum freedom, while the noise-cancelling microphone delivers clear quality sound. Call friends and family while playing the guitar or sipping a cup of tea. The HS-1200 makes conversations easier and personal once again.

CAN Info-Tech 2010 will run until Jan 18, 10am-5pm, Exhibition Hall, Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)