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"Maoists using people to capture power"

What's happening in the CA?
Discussions for the the preliminary drafts and concept papers of the Committee for State Restructuring and Distribution of State Power, Committee on Judicial System, and the Constitutional Council should have been completed by 25 December. The submitted drafts will be discussed until 21 January.

Since the Maoists have already declared states, what is the point of delineating states by the Committee on State Restructuring?
This shows the Maoists' nervous mentality. Having failed to garner majority in the parliament, the Maoists wanted to mobilise the masses as a strategy to capture state power. State restructuring can never be based on a map drawn by a particular party. The process of delineating states through consensus has been further complicated by the Maoist's unilateral announcement of states.

How come the NC hasn't submitted its proposal for state restructuring?
It has already said on what basis federalism must be instituted. It's not their job to put forth a very detailed plan. It's up to the state restructuring experts to draw up a map.

Do you think you will still be a CA member after May 28?
This wouldn't cause legal problems, but the politics will become difficult. The parties will have to reach a consensus to extend the deadline. It's not that the state restructuring committee can't finish its work within the allotted time; it can be done if we have a state restructuring commission. But it is unlikely in the current fluid political situation. So, whether I will still be a CA member after May 28 depends on the actions of the parties.

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1. Arthur
"... the Maoists wanted to mobilise the masses as a strategy to capture state power". Whoever heard of such a thing. What next, democracy? In any modern society a political party is an organization that mobilizes the masses to capture state power. In semi-feudal Nepal such behaviour is considered unseemly by those who regard state power as their personal patrimony for private enrichment.

2. Sonam Rumba
Mao himself was opportunist and Maoist became it's ideology! As Mao did in China, Prachanda followed the suite in Nepal, he saw many poor people ruled by greedy king and corrupted officials, so his dreams come true to come to the mainstream party of Nepal. So, in reality Maoist are habitual in using innocent peoples power for their political gains only, they haven't done anything good to improve the living standard of the poor and deprived in Nepal. They can only politically exploit labour unions and other unions to boost their struggle in the name of equality and rights. In the real picture of Maoism in Nepal, they did more harm than doing good for Nepal, after all how they can change the country for good, when they are not changed from their bad behaviors!

3. angela
Yes I agree. Maoists use people but people are blindly following motivated by equally unholy motives such as greed. All the altruistic sweettalk is crap. No one can manage a country of thiefs and lyers and top actors. We need genuine, authentic people. To help Nepal cope with the hunger and war traumas. What do you want to discuss while the terrorists keep terrorizing?

4. Budabaaje
What nonsense! if Maoists did not use the parties themselves in their quest for state power. Maoists have made the greatest leap using people like Rijal and parties like NC and UML. So don't talk about Maoists using the 'masses'. Tell us about how Maoists used YOU first!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)