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Ultimate revolt


The issue of government under our leadership as the biggest party, civilian supremacy, and national independence are phoney claims. We may or may not get to lead the government. The old modus operandi does not seem to work, so we will launch a decisive revolt once the preparations are complete. A school of thought in our party thinks we should first write the constitution, run for elections, win a two-thirds majority, and only then revolt. But this is not the party line.

We should make preparations to fight on four fronts. This will be a decisive revolt. We will revolt whether we are in government or not.

In our central committee meeting I once said that I wouldn't think of being the PM until the movement was completed. But the central committee did not formally approve of it.

Meanwhile, this has been a big problem. Who will be the PM? If it was only about choosing a person, we would have done it. But the enemy started playing one against another, especially imperialist India.

India offered the deputy PM-ship to one of our comrades. You understand the gravity of the situation. It took a nasty turn when they offered Baburam Bhattarai the PM-ship.

However, there is no actual fight between the leaders. We reached a consensus on the party chairman leading the government if we went into government. But the main focus should be revolt. Our party will consistently head towards revolution.

1. Arthur
So, what's the problem? The party was formed to transform old Nepal into new Nepal by revolution and it intends to do just that. Was this ever a "secret"? Did you really imagine that they were another UML that would just accept some comfortable Ministerial positions instead of carrying out the changes that the people need in order to live decently?

2. Budabaaje
In a way, I agree with Arthur. I don't think the Maoists ever said that agreeing to the "peace process" meant that they were giving up their agenda and becoming like just another party as in the 1990s. The SPA and media never really clarified to the people what they meant when they claimed that the Maoists had agreed to "join the mainstream", but they hyped it up anyway... People assumed whatever they wanted by "mainstream", "peace" etc. was the responsibility of the SPA and media to clarify these terms properly... they are the ones who tried to mislead the people so they could come back to power quickly using the Maoists.

3. Rumi
Of course Maobadi sympathizers would never admit that two sristha netas are at quareling each other. This is not a conspirasy, the jhagada between Prachanda and Baburam is not new it has only errupted again. And it is much more serious than both will admit in public. It is very sad for me because I am a disillussioned UML supporter who wanted to give the Maoists a chance and voted for them.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)