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Character, assassinated


Does India really want you to become the PM?
This is just propaganda, an attempt to assassinate my character. Those who have an orthodox mindset and disagree with my campaign for democracy and socioeconomic transformation have created this propaganda. There is no truth in it.

Then your own party chairman attempted character assassination, and he has an orthodox mentality because he said it.
I don't want to blame him, but the way it is being disseminated through different media, I think this is a conspiracy. You can have differences but you can always discuss them. To portray someone as a foreign agent is not the correct political culture.

The media did not present you as foreign agent. You must have already listened to what Dahal said in the audio tape. You cannot blame the media, rather blame your chairman, don't you think?
We discussed this in the central committee meeting. In today's (Monday) press meet he clarified that a lobby in India wanted him to become the PM while another proposed my name. This is how they played one against another is what he said in his clarification.

But why does Dahal keep on linking your name with India? Earlier, he said there was pressure to withdraw the party's action on you. Why does it happen?
Look, our political culture is faulty. This is just a manifestation. I don't want to blame anyone. We can disagree but it does not mean you go so far as to assassinate someone's character. Whenever you disagree it should be put clearly.

But Dahal did not put it to the politburo but in another place, right?
I don't want to put it that way. Things have been cleared now, he has already clarified it. I think I would go by his clarification and move ahead.

1. Satya Nepali
SO what exactly was the "disagreement" about? Rabindra Mishra ji should have asked that. What do Prachanda and BBR disagree about?

2. Sam
Why is it that everything that the Maoists do not like or anything that is said against them always a conspiracy?

3. Arthur
Here is a picture of what Bhatterai and Prachanda disagree about. They are wondering what the media will gossip about instead of considering what this huge crowd actually means. Naturally the interviewer cannot ask about policy questions. That would only distract attention from gossip.

4. Arthur
Tags did not work in number 3. Here are the links: Bhatterai and Prachanda laughing together The huge crowd in front of them: PS To Nepali Times - it is possible for software to enable limited HTML tags that permits clickable links while not allowing other tags that could cause problems. Such clickable links help raise the level of discussion.

5. Bimal Bastola
Maoist are just trying to buy time and divert their attention from their failed protest programs OR Prachanda is just trying to become Girija P. Koirala of the Maoist who can articulately eliminate anybody who is popular and can compete for the leadership?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)