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Parliament to resume

The Maoists have decided to end the six-month long obstruction of the House on Wednesday.

"We made a unilateral decision to resume House business at a parliamentary party meeting this morning," Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma said.

Sharma said Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal will address the House on Thursday to explain why they made the decision to resume the House after months of obstruction.

Maoists let the parliament open for business for three days in November in order to pass the budget.

"As a responsible democratic party we decided to allow the House to run," Sharma said. "We want to send out a message that this government does not have one iota of morality to address the demands of the opposition."

Sharma said the Maoist struggle was not over. "We are going to continue our struggle in the parliament. We haven't given up our demands."

The government is pleased the Maoists took a good decision, said UML's Chief Whip Bhim Acharya, adding: "Their decision to obstruct the House was unrealistic. So they had to take the decision unilaterally."

On Tuesday, Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had said he wanted direct talks with Delhi because Nepal's 'puppet' government was run by 'masters' from Delhi.

Earlier Maoist vice chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha had told reporters that Dahal was being sarcastic about the government's inability to make decisions without India's input.

Sharma also said the news that Dahal was joking about having talks with Delhi was 'nonsense'. "The Chairman spoke in full consciousness and no one can retract the statement, but him," he said.

1. elif koksal
heavy all this... good luck Nepal...

2. Rajesh Chaudhary
This is what has eaten up our sweet and calm Nepal like a plague. Every party needs that their demand has to be met which sounds so hilarious. In this news too, it is said that the opposition party don't have iota of morality to address the demand of the opposition party. Only party is concerned and not the general people even though when one party represents one community or group of people. It is quite obvious that the need of one person or group can be met. But, in our Nepal, every citizen are politician and they want that their demand has to be met. I think it is such a imbroglio situation that, its seems impassable and no way out. I can't even expect and I think no prophecy can ever be confident that all parties will reach to a consensus and will have the same peaceful Nepal in near future.

3. jange
Always difficult to know which of Mr. Dahal's statements are jokes, which are sense, which are nonsense, which are revolutionary, which are true, which are false, which was meant for party members only, which was meant for foreigners only, which was meant for India, which are true only on Mondays and Saturdays and etc. etc. We Nepalis are indeed lucky to have such a multidimensional leader to lead our revolution.

4. Naresh Neupane
If Maoists are retrospective,yet late,it is good to country and people.let us debate seriously and move beyond the petty interests.It is for Maoist not to be sarcastic and farcical but think that diplomacy,whether to foreign or domestic politics,is not a veratim but a tacit turn .At almost five months,if all parties are determined to give us mandatory constitution,history will judge for them more right than wrong

5. Pramod
lets hope this is not joke anymore!!

6. Kevin
Lets hope this is for real. Maoist should realize that their influence has reach a climax and every path they have chosen has been nothing but a disaster. On the other hand, I must compliment their accomplishment of being a majority of the party in such short time. So if they want to maintain their party status and deserve RESPECT, they have to learn to behave in a civilized manner. Otherwise, I see nothing but a decline in their influence down the road. By comparison, king was much softer in the way Maoist are behaving. They have to let the country run smoothly before it reaches a point of no return. Nobody wants another Afganistan in South Asia.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)