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Maoists want talks with Delhi

Pushpa Kamal Dahal addresses a mass gathering in Kathmandu marking the end of the three-day long strike.

Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said he wants a "dialogue with India" in order to resolve the current political impasse.

Addressing a mass gathering in Kathmandu that concluded the three-day long strike on Tuesday, the Maoist leader said it was pointless talking to the government because it takes orders from India.

"This government is run by a remote control from Delhi," he said. "We don't want to talk to the agents; we want to talk to the master."

Dahal also criticised the Indian army chief, who is said to have advised Nepal Army to not integrate Maoist combatants into the national army during Chief of Army Staff Chhatra Man Singh Gurung's visit to India.

"Who is he to tell us what to do and what not to do," Dahal said.

Dahal announced a month-long 'Awareness Campaign' beginning Friday, 25 December. He has warned that the party will hold indefinite strikes if the government fails to fulfil its demands by the end of the campaign.

On Monday, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal had asked Dahal to return to talks saying further protests would invite confrontation, leading to derailment of the constitution-making and peace building processes.

Speaking to his party members on Tuesday, Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai said the party would hold off the protests if the government is willing to discuss the president's reinstatement of the army chief last May.

1. Greater Nepal
Fight Nepal, Fight. India is a despotic nation. India annexed Sikkim. India will annex Nepal also. Nepal must not give in to the Indians.

2. May
Just shows how desperate Prachanda is now. He tried to use the ethnic card, it didn't work, so now he wants to declare war on India!

3. Ram Bahadur Magar
India needs to support democratic forces in Nepal. Prachanda with help from China will become a huge headache for India. Indian leaders in New Delhi - wake up. Stop bullying Nepalis- those days are over. Read the writing on the wall. GET OVER THE BROWN SAHIB MENTALITY IF YOU WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

4. Anup, Queensury
Prachanda has prove he is the worse of all by using the speech on nepal bandh.Most of the Nepalese leader are not up to the word but this is too much.

5. pwepds
prachande .. sure, go and talk to your masters who fed & sheltered you throughout your so-called underground life as a maoist "guerrilla". who doesn't understand that this is your yet another drama? but it's looking more and more like desperate move to stay relevant. shouldn't someone be bringing sort of a case in hague for killing many those innocent teachers during your "war"?

6. Nepalibhai
No leader of Nepal dared to say so openely, Very well said comrade, we are with you, go ahead challenging these indian bastards

7. bj
I will support those leader who are against india,we are soverign states,we have right to decide what we want,Forget old days that indian use to bully nepalese as bahadur and kancha,I Had studied in delhi for 2year in 1994 to 1996,I saw there how indians treat nepalese as a slaves.Time has changed now,we nepalese are atleast not foolish then 10 or 15yrs ago,thanks to advanced information tecnologies,easily access information ,the internet and mobile has revolutionised the right to know infornation accross every remote part of nepal.There was a time when india used to block the main entry points in the border cutting supplies of daily need like salt and petroleums.But now even though india does that nepal has the option,china's Qinhai-lhasa railway that started in 2006 made lot easier for nepal-china trade,as we know there are 90 t0 100 big containers entering nepal everyday carrying goods from salt vegetables to raw materials.The khasa trade have reduced dependency to india.The world is globalised,message are sent instantly from one end of the world to another,W.T.O has been set up.Nepal and india is also a member for they have to follow their terms and condition. The bottom line is that,It is the first time in the entire history of nepal that the leader like prachanda openly challenges india ,we should salute his courage, until now no cowards leader tends to do that.Nepal is a country,we becomes friend who behave as friend but those are our enemies who interfare on our internal matters.Nepal was poor for a long time, I think current situation in our country that is happening is due awakeness of the people,people realised they were cheated on the past,so i definately hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. bj

8. ashuosh
Good point. Let's see where the "puets" (पुरेतहरु) stand on this!

9. Namgyal
I have always been a huge fan of Prachanda but he has gained one more permanent supporter because of this speech.His speech was just so true since we can't deny the fact that he said. Go Prachanda!!! your speech inspires people like Obama. To be honest,I can't think of any better political figure other than Prachanda who has a clear vision and direction for NEPAL. Be logical!!

10. Sargam
Look at this photo of Prachanda. He is trying to imitate Stalin but he is not even a local underdog of Himalayan foothills. He looks like a little runt who is suffocated by the sayapatri flowers. I feel pity for these flowers because they are meant for adding prestige to the guests not a politicos who is trying to survive after all his past ukase failed to mobilize the mass. This last ukase is like a dump squib which pleases a Chinese like Namgyal (Chha ramba, khaba dugure?) but not the pure Nepalese. Because the native Nepalese are craving for peace and prosperity, not the salvation of Prachanda who is about to be sunk in the ocean of his mistakes. India shall be ready to administer a good caning to this double tongued fella.

11. dharmaraj onta
red salute from the neplese people working in israel. We are really proud of you that for the first time in history your speech has c hallenged india. We all are supporting you at any cost.this is the clear vision for the nation. We hope all the party member and people shold be hold strong unity to fight against enemies inside or outside nepal.surly we get victory over them.Dharma Israel

12. Sanjeeb
Actually prachanda wants to make Indian as MALIK and we all Nepali as 'Kanchha or Bahadur' .. and he want to be PM of one province of India..thats why this type of speech he gave.. Shame to you. If you are least you have to think about Nepali people.. You will get clap only from your varaute haruko from this type of speech.. not from DESHBHAKTA NEPALI haruko..

13. Henry
I don't think prachanda should be that much razzmattaz about the Indian hype. It's not the right way of speaking in the mass public and igniting people against India. It's not going to be fruitful to the national interest for the sustainable foreign policy with India. Moreover it seems to me like that prachanda is trying to invite the Indian armies inside Nepal and takeover, which will give boom to a worse civil war. So mr prachanda don't indoctrine the innocents people of Nepal by using the ethnic cards bacause in the long run it will backfire you the most. I know the communists are a bit rebel but you regard yourself as the communists of 21st century and are giving your cadres to perform the most anarchic behaviour in the streets. Prachanda, shame on you!! Shame on you!!! Don't you know you too are the radish of the Indian south block, you fucking winker.

14. prab
You are an Indian hero, mate. You can't eat the cake and have it. Your rhetorics are fucking hollow. You always want to talk to the masters and to put the blame on someone. Can you for once take responsibility.

15. Tek Rai
Dharmaraj-jeeand don't say on behalf of us. We had to left Nepal becose of Moist terrorisim and now he is just atacking India to become in goverment again. dhikkar chha.

16. Tessio
Bravo Prachanda for packaging your entire thirst for power into a communist movement to liberate the oppressed! And Yes, we are the gullible Nepalese people and we believe anything and everything everyone says. Not to forget that his talks with India was only a joke and PKD was trying to be sarcastic! Haha haha! With his godforsaken lies, extortion, riots, loots and his so called sense of Humour! And yes, "pwepds" mentioned something about being tried in ICJ! Bloody well he should be hanged! The problem>> He's labelled it as a revolution! On the more Sober front. It is high time we realise that Nepal is not India and India is not Nepal. India can afford to play in Nepal but Nepal does not have that privilege. US together with a bunch of nations does sit above the BRIC nations and these nations in turn throw their weight to the countries around them. Someone needs to be on top, boy! Be it India, US or even PKD, right on top of the Maoist echelon. Either we keep on cribbing about the developing/ developed nations or find ways which can mutually benefit both of us! Excuses for obstruction along your path of Maoist Self Righteousness! Sucker!

17. jange
As the saying goes, " jo chor usaiko thulo sor". Having had the benefit of Indian hospitality while carrying out his murder, loot and extortion in Nepal he has no choice but to shout loudly anti-Indian rhetoric just to draw attention away from that fact that he is an Indian tool. And of course there are enough gullible people to fall for it.

18. Nepal1
Everyone knows he(Dahal) including all of the so called leaders are controlled by india!!! For mother Nepal's sake, I hope some one has the gusts to abolish all of the unequal treaties with India. As for critics who claim it a direct involvement of your eyes...they interfere all the time. If Dahal is playing both sides then he has to answer to his cadres for taking anti India stance and not following through.

19. Nepal1
Everyone knows he(Dahal) including all of the so called leaders are controlled by india!!! For mother Nepal's sake, I hope some one has the gusts to abolish all of the unequal treaties with India. As for critics who claim it a direct involvement of your eyes...they interfere all the time. If Dahal is playing both sides then he has to answer to his cadres for taking anti India stance and not following through.

20. Prakash
I am a Nepali living in India for years. It is a blatant lie that Nepalis are looked down upon by Indians. Truth is that they have lots of respect for Nepalis and they know Nepalis as very brave people. They treat me and my family as very warmly and it is people like Dahal who just want to spoil the atmosphere for Chinese masters.

21. Rambir, Udaypur
Big liar Prachanda is. Actually Maoists are kepts of India. They are in desperate need of external support. So by crying against India he is trying to garner their support so that once NA intensifies its operations, Prachanda and others could take shelter in India thus leaving gullible supporters to die.

22. Naresh Neupane
DAHAL MAHODAYA has learned sarcasm,irony and allusions.i expect he ll be more creative enough to shout aloud in front of a crowd to be proud that Madav Nepal is out.It's not out of my welcoming words but trends have spoken for the same.The best to appeal mass would be parodies,dohories,chutkila and (all encompassing)NATAK

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)