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A full range of human emotions and psychological states - pride, ambition, courage, determination, guilt, revenge, insecurity ? are explored in the ten films that make up the second European Film Festival in Kathmandu from 13-17 June at Nepal Army auditorium.

Two films from each member state of the EU represented in Nepal: Germany, France, the UK, Denmark and Finland are being screened.

Ferenc Weigl of the European Union, which is organising the festival, says, "Last year's response from the audience proves that the Nepali audience is very interested in European movies. Our main aim is to introdu ce modern European cinematographic art to nations outside Europe."

Le Couperet
This French film, directed by Constantin Costa-Gavras, is about Bruno Davert, a top executive at a paper factory who is fired. He is then determined to obtain almost any job with the same senior status, even if he has to kill for it.
1st show: 14 June, 5PM
2nd show: 16 June, 5PM

La France
It is autumn 1917 and World
War I is taking place. Camille is a young woman who after receiving disconcerting news from her husband, disguises herself as a man and goes to find him at war.
1st show: 15 June, 3PM
2nd show: 16 June, 1PM

The Flying Scotsman
Based on a true story, UK-produced The Flying Scotsman follows the turbulent life of cyclist Graeme Obree, who broke the world one-hour record on a bike of his own revolutionary design.
1st show: 15 June, 1PM
2nd show: 17 June, 3PM

Blindsight is a gripping adventure of six blind Tibetan teenagers who go on a climbing expedition up the 7,000 metre Lhakpa Ri, the north side of Mount Everest.
1st show: 13 June, 11AM
2nd show: 15 June, 5PM

Wer fr?her stirbt, ist l?nger tot (Grave decisions)
This German children's movie is about 11 year old Sebastian's search for immortality. Believing that he is responsible for the death of his mother, who died in childbirth, he tries to cleanse himself of his sins.
1st show: 13 June, 5PM
2nd show: 14 June, 11AM

Yella is the story of a young woman, Yella (Nina Hoss) who moves away from her glum Eastern neighborhood and her abusive husband Ben to the West, where a job offer might bring her the peace she has been searching for.
1st show: 16 June, 11AM
2nd show: 17 June, 1PM

Tytt? sin? olet t?hti (Beauty and the Bastard)
This romantic comedy tells the story of Sune, a fanatic hiphop-DJ and Nelli, a snobbish over-achiever who fall in love while trying to take advantage of each other.
1st show: 14 June, 3PM
2nd show: 17 June, 5PM

Joulutarina (Christmas Story)
This Finnish Christmas film tells the touching story of how Santa Claus came to be Santa. The film portrays the life of Nikolas, a young orphan boy who is looked after by the villagers in Lapland.
1st show: 13 June, 1PM
2nd show: 15 June, 11AM

Ekko (echo)
In this Danish drama, Simon, a police officer, loses custody of his six-year old son in a divorce and in desperation, abducts the boy. Soon his plan becomes a nightmare as old haunting memories resurface.
1st show: 13 June, 3PM
2nd show: 16 June, 3PM

Til d?den os Skiller (With your Permission)
This film is about a painfully insecure ferryboat staffer, Jan, who's regularly beaten by his stay-at-home wife. But when Jan's boss finally sends him into group therapy an unlikely friendship emerges and everyone's lives take unexpected turns.
1st show: 14 June, 1PM
2nd show: 17 June, 11AM

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)