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‘Comrade Laldhoj’ and Prachanda

On peace talks
Our party has never been against a progressive political outlet and the peaceful solution of the ongoing civil war. But, there is no meaning and relevance of the proposal of talks by the Deuba-UML government that is just a rubberstamp of the royal army. Extending detention of people from 90 days to one year through the Terrorist and Destruction (Control and Punishment) Ordinance, the increase in the expenditure of the royal palace and the army are proof about where the real authority and the intention of the government is. Even the common people have understood this fact. That was the reason our party's recently held central committee meetings decided to sit for talks only if the people's sovereignty is guaranteed and if there is reliable international mediation.

Talks with king
Our party cannot even imagine relinquishing such a historic, revolutionary and sacrificial movement to those who have been against the country and the people. This is the first movement of its type in more than 200 years of history ever since Nepal has had a central state power. So, under no circumstance will there be any agreement on the continuity of the monarchy and the mercenary royal army. If someone tries to make any compromises, he/she will be trashed in the history books by the Nepali people. That is why our proposal to hold talks with the king in an open manner and with the help of international mediation must be understood as our efforts to bring the monarchy out from behind the curtain. If anyone thinks otherwise, it would be a fallacy.

On party's goals
Like we said last year, our party's ultimate goal is a people's republic. Its basic interrelated concept is to transform it into a capitalistic people's system, which is above the present parliamentary system and constitution and below the people's system and the constitution we aspire for. The final goal is a people's republic and a people's elected constituent assembly is the means to achieve it. For this minimum and immediate program, we can join hands with parliamentary democratic parties and move ahead. Toward that end, political parties need to be serious. We also appeal the general people and civil society to exert pressure in this regard.

Our party's central committee meeting last year had brought forth the proposal 'Development of people's republic in the 21st century'. The proposal is about a people's republic, a new party, army and regime which is of long term importance. The essence of that proposal is formation of a party, army and a regime of the proletariat. After that, the ongoing war will stop, but the revolution will move on into new phases until we attain communism where there is no state and class. This concept comprises such crucial points that were discussed even at the times of Marx and Lenin. Today, all true revolutionaries, including those with RIM, must analyse the concept seriously and come to a conclusion. That is the reason why the RIM-affiliated revolutionary communist party in the United States of America and others have launched public discussions on the concept of the people's republic and their authority. Our party has also begun intensive discussions on preambles of Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and Prachandapath to enrich and develop the science of the international proletarian revolution. For that, our party has stressed the protection, use and development of the proletariatrian revolution science's three organs - philosophy, political economics and scientific socialism. In short the development and prosperity of 'Malema' (Marxism, Leninism and Maoism) and Prachandapath is possible only if the lapses and drawbacks during the people's republic of Comrade Stalin are corrected. Standing on the central committee's proposal of the development of people's republic in the 21st century, we need to develop the concept of Malemaism and Prachandapath. Or else, both of these concepts will become extinct.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)