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It’s a multi-party night


With the influx of Mtv culture, celebrating the Gregorian new year has become another excuse to party. Though some old timers still shrug it off as 'foreign culture', the trend is catching on with many Nepalis making plans to ring in 2005.

The year 2004 was filled with contradictions and unresolved issues. The Maoist conflict remains unresolved, people are still killing and being killed, education has taken a backseat to political aspirations and nature herself has rebelled. There have also been many positive changes with people growing liberal and working towards uplifting Nepali art, culture and music. They have refused to be harassed and are standing up for their rights, becoming more aware of environmental issues while others are being raised or put to rest. All in all, its been a year most people wouldn't mind saying goodbye to.

But where will you be this new year's eve? Hotels, resorts and nightclubs around the country are offering special deals, packages and new year parties. Each is trying to outdo the other in an attempt to draw the masses to 'special and exclusive' celebrations., Nepal's one and only party portal, as they call themselves, are going all out for the Big Day. Last year it only covered events, this year it plans to make up for the lapse. Known to be pioneers of the multi-party system in Nepal, has come up with yet another innovative and first of its kind event with the Surya Rhythm Nights-Freedom Zone. It plans to hold it at three different venues: Himalayan Java Coffee House, J-bar and Dechenling Garden restaurant, all in Thamel. The parties begin with a pre-party at Dechenling and moves on to the other venues. The Rs 1,600 cover charge is valid for all the venues and include dinner, snacks and two welcome drinks.

Hotel Yak & Yeti is also having three events simultaneously. 'Haute Couture' is aimed at the fashion savvy with a fashion theme and a fashion show during dinner. The other events include dinner for an exclusive clientele with a seven-course meal at The Chimney and the regular 'Sinners in Heaven' party. Each event is being marketed separately and their tickets vary according to its packaging.

Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza is organising two separate parties, the first to be hosted in its banquet hall with dancing, an international dance troupe and sparkling wine. The second is in the Garden Terrace with Nepali bands like Axix, Astha and Anil Singh performing live. Both events have door prizes for holidays to international destinations. At Soaltee, if you don't have people to take care of your children, bring them along. A special children's party with babysitters is also being organised, so parents can be assured that the little darlings are in good hands while they wear cone hats and toot the tubes in the next room.

For the late nightlife or early risers, Club Himalaya invites you to view the first sunrise of 2005 from Nagarkot with tea and cookies at a minimal fee of Rs 50. It also has a dinner package with a dance party but if you are planning to book a room for the night, think twice because the resort is booked to its maximum capacity.

There will be a hundred places to choose from and to make it simpler here is a list with time, place, event and cover charge. Each event caters to a different crowd and you can choose your party according to your mood. So take out those dancing shoes, iron your best garb and get set to paint the town red.

Party Nepal and Surya Light Rhythm Night-Freedom zone: Dechenling Garden Restaurant will open 8PM onwards with a live band called Rasa. Dinner, snacks and drinks will be served as a warm up to the main party. It will move to J-bar, which will be transformed into an electronic room with strictly electronic music played by DJ Rav4. Then the party will move into the inside section of the Himalayan Java, which will be made into an exclusive nightclub with special decoration, superb lighting and a powerful sound system. There will be commercial, R&B, Hip Hop and remixes being played by DJ SickFreak. Then there is the Chill out Lounge, terrace where people can relax or take a break from dancing. Rs 1,600 per person with dinner, snacks and two welcome drinks. Contact, 4422089 and 9851068871

The Yak and Yeti Hotel
Haute Couture-a party for the fashion savvy with a fashion theme and models sashaying between the tables displaying the latest trends. Rs 1,999 with buffet dinner and two bottles of beer, 8PM onwards.

The Chimney-an exclusive party for an exclusive clientele with a seven-course meal and soft music for those who want a quiet New Year's celebration. Rs 3,999 per person and Rs 5,999 per couple, includes entrance to Sinners in Heaven. 6PM to 10PM.

Sinners in Heaven-The annual New Year's party at the Yak and Yeti. A dance party that will leave you wanting more. Rs 1,600 including unlimited food and drinks, 8PM to 2AM. Contact 4248999

Soaltee Hotel
Banquet Hall-an international dance troupe, live bands, a DJ and dance floor. Not to mention the bottle of sparkling wine and free flow of Carlsberg with dinner. Add door prizes to international destinations and you have a great party. Rs 4,000 per person, 8PM onwards.

Garden Terrace-Astha, Axix and Anil Singh performing live, a DJ with a free flow of alcohol with dinner and door prizes. Rs 2,000 per person, 8PM onwards. Contact 4273999

Radisson Hotel
Waterfall Garden-this year the party is called Phantom of the opera with DJ Rupesh to keep you on the dance floor with dinner and unlimited drinks. Rs 1,250 per person.

The Splash Bar-they are offering a BBQ dinner with drinks and music. Rs 1,000 per person. 8PM onwards. Contact 4411818

The Hyatt
The Caf?-special New Year's Eve dinner with sparking wine or an exotic cocktail. Regency Ballroom-will have a wide genre of music by their very own DJ Raju. The Rox-an exclusive New Year's Eve party with international DJ Charmaine from the USA and DJ Jimmy Tangree the only Indian DJ to have performed with Paul Oakenfield. Rs 999 with unlimited drinks. Contact 4491234

The Le Meridien
The Club House- all you can eat BBQ with the theme of 'Rumble in the Jungle' in a relaxing setting with door prizes. 7.30 PM onwards, Rs 1,000 per person. Contact 4445550, 985108657

Road House Caf?-Pre-party dinner and complimentary drinks with no cover charge. Contact 4260187, 5521755
La'Soon-a special Raclette night with other specialities and dancing with DJ Sony to welcome the new year. 7PM onwards. Contact 5537166

The Red Onion Bar-live music with the Prism band and unlimited drinks, dinner and snacks. Rs 1,499. Contact 4416071

1905 Kantipath-the Just Divine Nights are back and here to celebrate new year's. 9PM onwards, Rs 500 per person. Also at 1905 is the Jazz dinner with the McTwisters, 6PM onwards for Rs 1,200 per person.

Godavari Resorts-a package deal with a gala dinner, a special New Year's breakfast and a night's stay with the live band Mind Turn. Rs 5,500 per couple. Contact 5560675

Club Himalaya-a dinner package with dance party and welcome drinks included at one of the most scenic points near Kathmandu. Rs 1,000 per person and Rs 1,800 per couple. Also an invitation to view the first sunrise of 2005 with a minimum entrance of Rs 50 with tea and cookies. Contact 6680080

Flora Hill Nagarkot-maximum freedom, minimum governance at Nagarkot with neurotic New Year 2005. 5PM onwards, Rs 300 per person with either transport or a bottle of beer.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)