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Personne n'est parfait

Kathmandu is no stranger to film festivals. From documentaries at Film South Asia to Aussie flicks at the Australian Film Festival, the Valley has been host to almost every genre of film. This time around, it is Alliance Fran?aise and the Candid Society who will be presenting Voyages en courts, featuring 43 short films from eight countries. Short films are often regarded as amateur work by fledgling filmmakers but the best short films manage to capture the intensity and emotional spectrum of the feature length film without sacrificing anything to the short time

The 43 films have been put into four categories. One category, Elles, is by invitation only. The screenings will take place at the Nepal Tourism Board from 22-25 February. Entrance is free.

Here are some of the films we thought look most promising:

World shorts, 22 February, 6PM Pretul inocentei (Le prix de l'innocence)
A young girl is turned into merchandise by her own dehumanised parents who hope to escape poverty by selling their children. Not every child is born to be free, some have to fight to gain freedom.

M?saventures d'un jour (Misadventures of a day or life is not a margarine ad): This animated short takes a hilarious look at the ups and downs of everyday life where the characters turn into representations of their behaviour. The boss becomes an over-the-top Bush when he gets too bossy and Luiza, the main character, turns into a dragon when he gets angry. The use of animation reveals the masks we all put on and the film sways to a Brazilian beat soundtrack.

Strange shorts, 23 February, 5PM Personne n'est parfait (Nobody's Perfect)
ZERO1 is a cleaning robot and is suddenly beset by the appearance of strange stains around his work place. Certain that he cannot have missed the stains, he is certain that they are a practical joke by his friends. And to get his own back, he's going to give them a hard time about it.

Little ragdolls come to life only to find their maker dead in his studio. Unable to understand what truly happened they try to get back to their daily life without him.

Be Quiet

Clermont-Ferrand 2006, 24 February, 5PM Be Quiet
On their journey home, a Palestinian boy and his father are affected by the tensions of a politically charged and militarised reality; an atmosphere that serves to make the struggles of a father bringing up his son even harder.

Un beau matin (One Fine Morning)
In a quiet little town two men, a student and a photographer, learn that their pets do not correspond to new government regulations. They agree, albeit reluctantly, to sacrifice their pets to comply with the regulations, but soon find out that the regulations extend to more than cats and dogs.

Playground shorts, 25 February, 5PM Le manie-tout
Ten-year old Martin takes a new shortcut through a mysterious alley to get to his new school. On the way, a strange old man signals to him from behind a dusty window. This man, Manitout, is able to make Martin's satchel come to life. And for the intrigued Martin, a whole new world where everything imaginary and wishful comes to life is opened.

C?line's parents leave her alone for a few days with her two brothers. During her parents' absence, she meets Valentin, a young, unstable boy given to violent spells. Their games and backgrounds differ vastly but create a mixture of mutual curiosity and fear.

The Candid Society will also be conducting workshops on the short films. 4241163,

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)