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NC fights

Many senior leaders inside Nepali Congress don't speak to each other. The fighting is serious, and in many cases very physical.

Sujata Koirala is famous for yelling when things don't go her way. Her dislike for Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula is common knowledge. Her relationship with Arjun Narsingh KC is also going downhill. KC has been heard saying Sujata is in power only because of her father. Sujata calls KC a \'mandale'.

Meanwhile Situala and Finance Minster Ram Sharan Mahat are not on talking terms because Situala replaced Mahat as the NC spokesperson. They never look at each other in meetings and at a recent central committee meeting started calling each other names. There's coldness between Situala and Chakra Prasad Bastola's too. Situala became district chairman of Jhapa after his contribution to the 1990 People's Movement, defeating the candidate supported by Bastola in 1992 elections. Situala, who until then was close to Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and Ganesh Man Singh, went over to Girija Prasad Koirala's camp, and insiders say Bastola felt slighted. The relationship went sour and they don't even greet each other.

Govinda Raj Joshi and Ram Chandra Poudel, both from Tanahun, are bitter enemies. They have different cliques in the central committee and in their wards. Joshi insisted that that there is no bitterness between them and that their dealings are cordial. Poudel was close to KP Bhattarai, which is why Koirala propped up Joshi as a competitor. When the NC was splitting, Poudel had almost decided to join Deuba's faction, but then he defeated Joshi in the NC central committee elections and decided to stay on.

The relationship between Joshi and Sushil Koirala, never really good, has hit a new low as Joshi is becoming close to Sujata Koirala. Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat hates Arjun KC and their animosity often puts the prime minister in a tight spot.

Meanwhile, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Baldeb Sharma Majgaiya, and Deepak Giri have had a cold war for over a decade. The NC in Kaski is divided into three groups, lead by former speaker Taranath Ranabhat, Mahadeb Gurung, and Sukra Raj Shastri. Before Jana Andolan II, Shastri and Gurung had formed an alliance against Ranabhat. They called him a royalist and did not allow him to return to his district. They still do not accept Ranabhat as an NC representative and he still cannot go back to Kaski to visit his family.

When Nona Koirala was alive, she and Shailaja Acharya agreed that Sujata was incompetent. Acharya is said to have stopped Sujata from contesting for a central committee position. Nona has died and Acharya tries to keep away from politics due to her own weak health. This has made Sujata stronger and she is understood to be trying to form alliances with Shekhar and Sashank Koirala-who, apparently, hate each other.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)