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Promises have been made to the Maoist cadres and militia, which simply cannot be kept—there aren\'t enough belongings to steal from those who \'have\' in order to pass out to those who \'have not\'.
-Dr Thomas A Marks on Nepali Perspectives

Those who rejoiced at how King Gyanendra had become the most humiliated man in Asia perhaps didn\'t expect the palace to issue a statement hailing the accord. It [takes] uncommon effort to extol the success of your adversaries.
-Maila Baje on Nepali Netbook

Just when royalists are abandoning the king, Maila Baje\'s rightist writings in Nepali Netbook talk of the republican camp\'s frustration over the still-strong royal presence. His reading is that republicans are surprised at the staying power of the monarchy and frustrated because it seems as if Nepalis might still be attached to the institution. Maila Baje believes anti-monarchy camps across the southern border are vexed that the king hasn\'t fled the country.

Similar sentiments are expressed in Umesh Shrestha\'s Mero Sansar , where posters speculate that the king, Girija Koirala, and the seven parties came to an agreement on the modalities of how to keep the monarchy in the country when the king relinquished power in April.

No king can be expected to keep quiet while his house is being destroyed
-Prayas on Mero Sansar

Regarding the ongoing process, bloggers still do not trust that weapons will managed honestly from either side. Blogdai criticises the weapons management program:

What good is \'locked\' when Ian Martin has given the Maoists the keys to the locker? Why \'hide\' when Girija has just authorised 100 million rupees to be given to the Maoists as support?

Save Nepal Now asks the Nepali people to be vigilant about the ongoing changes, especially arms management.

Storing their guns behind locked doors for a few months or forming an interim government consisting of Maoist leaders is not an answer to the problem, but a problem in itself. Now that they have signed an exclusive peace treaty, people like us should make sure we leave no stone unturned to disarm the rebels completely.
-Save Nepal Now

Posters at United We Blog! say the seven parties are using republicanism as a shield for their own incompetence and past mistakes. People need food, shelter, and education, they write, without which republicanism is irrelevant. No party has a strategy for making the lives of Nepali people better, so it\'s no surprise Nepalis are wary of any political change.

Despite the rumours about Maila Baje of Nepali Netbook being a Narayanhiti insider, the palace does not yet have a blog. However, offers enquiring minds who wonder what the royals are up to these days a glimpse into a royal day, official appointments and an official history of the Shah dynasty, and all the royal proclamations and messages. Also on are Gyanendra\'s poems and numerous official portraits of royalty. Looking at the latter can be a little like coming across a once-common species now considered endangered. Further amusement comes from the homepage, where one image is a picture of Everest all right—from the Chinese side.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)