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"An October revolution"


What's the real reason for the 12-point understanding with the seven parties?
Our party was never into rigid politics. Even after starting the People's War, we emphasised that we were never traditional communists. We are different and flexible.

Was there any foreign power pushing you or the parties?
The country would have headed in a different direction if only the seven party leaders had the capacity to think independently. If only there were political leaders who could use their own brains. India particularly provided positive support to the 12-point understanding.

But seems like your understanding with the UML doesn't seem to be working?
The UML seems to feel it is losing ground and always felt threatened by us entering mainstream politics.

You held talks with India in Rolpa prior to the king's coup?
We had our Indian friends with us and they suggested restoring parliament but we were not in favour of it. The people who rose up against the king did not even demand parliament's restoration, which we only as a tool to reinstate the seven parties to power.

So are you positive the peace talks will work?
We want a peaceful resolution but the parties are creating unhealthy atmosphere by doing all inappropriate things without respecting the sentiments of the people. We still want to continue pressuring from our ground level and want to increase that even at the high level. There will be an October revolution if the talks fail again and we are ready to take the lead in that.

You're ready to wait until October then?
Frankly, the situation will move towards revolution in October if the seven parties fail.

Do you doubt Koirala's sincerity?
It's not his sincerity but his political stand that is more important. During my first meeting with him three years back, I had told him we are ready for multiparty system if he agreed to a republic. In that way, there will be a new Nepal. He promptly responded that NC would never do that. He is still where he was three years ago. He still talks of ceremonial king and this shows how rigid he is.

There could be no constituent assembly elections as well?
That is true. We are talking about forming an interim constitution until now. But the parties in the present government are already panicking about dissolving parliament.

What happens to the People's Liberation Army?
Even with the 30,000 PLA and 90,000 NA soldiers, we still will not think of fighting with China or India or any other country. Only our own people would be killed. National security is possible if the whole population is turned into a militia. With compulsory military training, we will have an army strength of 27 million people and they will help to protect our country in case we are attacked by India or China.
I have already proposed that both armies should reduce their size and rather give militia training to the citizens who will then maintain law and order. The army should be kept only to give military training to citizens.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)