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"The Maoists are a new party with new thinking, I think we should give them a chance to lead us into a new direction. Now that they have a mandate, it makes a climate for them to deliver results on the issues they have raised like social inclusion and distribution of wealth. I believe they can bring peace to the industrial sector, due to their strong links with the trade unions. If the Maoists work on the issues they have raised, we in the private sector will give them our support. The only thing I am afraid of is the attitude and behaviour of their cadres. They will have to do something about it or the loss of investments will continue."

Rajendra K Khetan, Vice-Chairman of Khetan Group

"It is part of the Maoist agenda to develop the country. I think they will do what they can to ensure peace, a very important foundation for growth in the private sector. Apart from the unions, I don't expect to see a major change in economic policy any time soon. The unions are the pillars of their victory. They have promised them various things. While fulfilling their promises to them, I hope that the interest of industrialists will not be forgotten. Development cannot be compromised, but I am positive that they will be able to achieve it."

Vishnu K Agarwal, Chief Executive of Morang Auto Works, Managing Director of United Finance

"Law and order has been our biggest problem. Now that the Maoists will become the law makers themselves, they will see to it that their own unions obey the rules. I hope the international community will not take the Maoist's victory as a diplomatic failure. Nepal is very dependent on international assistance for development. We cannot afford to compromise our friendly relations with them, especially India, our biggest trading partner. I hope Prachanda, when he assumes power, will assure the Indian government that he will give no support to the communists in India."

Shekhar Golchha, Director of Golchha Organisation

" It is a concern that a large percentage of our youth are working overseas. We need peace and security to encourage them to come back. Also, as young entrepreneurs, we are disappointed with the lack of youth participation within various sectors. When we talk about young leaders in the government, we are talking about 60-year-olds. I am quite relieved that the new leadership has quite a good number of young people, but I would like to see more to be done to assist this demographic."

Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group and President of Nepalese Young
Entrepreneurs' Forum

" I welcome the result wholeheartedly. The business sector can't wait to see the New Nepal that the Maoists have initiated. Businessmen in the country have been living under threats and extortion. I hope the new leadership will avoid the defects of previous government and draw new plans. But I fear that the Maoists will neglect the interests of business owners. To develop the economy, unions and industrialists have to work together. Strikes might work when they were the opposition, but now that they are the leaders of the country, they should change their approach."

HB Rajbhandary, Executive Chairman of Nepal Dairy

Interviews conducted by Sheere Ng

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)