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Manufacturing ministers

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

maoistFrom the Nepali Press

Rameshwar Bohara in Himal Khabarpatrika, 30 July-5 August

After sending nine cabinet ministers and four state ministers to join the Sher Bahadur Deuba government, the CPN (Maoist-Centre) is now selecting five more state ministers.

For a distant third party in Parliament, having 18 ministerial berths is an impressive achievement. But this pales in comparison to what the erstwhile revolutionary has achieved after joining parliamentary politics – a bourgeois democracy they fought a bloody war to overthrow.

In the last 10 years after the end of the war and joining the peace process in November 2006, as many as 72 Maoist leaders have become ministers of which 44 were cabinet and 28 state ministers.

Some Maoist leaders have become ministers multiple times: Krishna Bahadur Mahara is a six-time minister. After being Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister even in the Deuba government he is now Foreign Minister. Giriraj Mani Pokharel had already become minister three times, and has now become Health Minister for the fourth time when Deuba expanded his cabinet last week.

Janardan Sharma, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and Prabhu Shah have become ministers three times each. Nine other Maoist leaders have become ministers twice and 30 leaders once.

There have been 10 governments in the last 10 years, and the Maoists have been left out only three times. Except when Madhav Kumar Nepal, Khila Raj Regmi and Sushil Koirala were Prime Ministers, the Maoists have always been in government – they led three governments and were part of four other ruling coalitions.

Political analyst Shyam Shrestha says: “Maoists have now become part of the very bourgeois system that they condemned. Their attitude and aspirations are not different from those of old parliamentary parties.”

Comrades from the UML whom the Maoists during the war denounced as lackeys, would often proclaim that they are not into politics to be ascetics, implying that their real aim is to grab power and earn money. Now, that has become favourite one-liner among Maoist leaders. Politics is a lucrative business. Shrestha, who is also a Maoist MP, says: “Maoist leaders are vying with each other for greed.”

Analyst Mumaram Khanal, who quit the Maoists and is now a Central Committee member of the newly-unified Bibeksheel Sajha Party, says Maoist leaders no longer debate political agendas, and are just concerned about grabbing plum ministerial posts. The Maoists have split not because of ideology but because of the party command could not fulfill every leader’s aspirations, he adds. “For example, Mohan Baidya would not have split at all if his lieutenant, Dev Gurung, was made Finance Minister.”

Narendra Jung Pitar, an analyst still affiliated with the CPN (Maoist-Centre), says: “In our party, there is an ongoing marathon to enter Singha Darbar. But except for one or two, no Maoist minister has done anything to be proud of.”

A Maoist leader sarcastically says: “In the Hetauda convention, our party decided to form a manufacturing brigade. And sure enough, our party is now manufacturing ministers.”


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3 Responses to “Manufacturing ministers”

  1. S Lama on Says:

    So many hopeless ministers.
    So many hopeless governments.
    My beautiful country Nepal
    hurt, wrinkled and devastated.
    The leeches are within us.
    These blood suckers, so called leaders
    We picked them, they drank our blood.
    It’s time, they pay.
    It’s time we crush them under our feet.
    Free our nation forever.
    If we don’t, who will?

  2. Hurray on Says:

    And then there are nepalese who still follow these maoists. Will Prachanda ever be judged in court for his crimes? First and foremost, let’s stop calling their power grab as “revolution”.

  3. anonymous on Says:

    Ethics in politics, is essential to buddhism and democracy. Nepal has the spiritual lineage of buddha and Lumbini will be world famous centre for peace education.
    Materialism is taking out the heart of it all. Foreigners come good hearted to teach or share and are only seen as sponsor.
    The same happened to Baburam and Prachandra uncle, they started off against slavery and can not control greed and hatred, lust for power from misguided masses.
    So you hate behuns, you despise India and maybe do not know anything about China. I would make a pilgrimage to Lumbini and see what fighting brought. There is not even a facility for street children who do not go to school. Grown ups must be ashamed, just collecting money real estate instead of love. All are hypocrites. So the monks are the only ones trusted by all and respected by all. I would study and see how they are happy without greed and selfishness.

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