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Ghimire’s final rites

Friday, September 30th, 2016

jgyt2vbFormer Home Minister and Chief Secretary Madhav Ghimire’s family gave up hope for his return, and performed his final rites at Pashupati Aryaghat on Friday.

Ghimire’s car had plunged into the Trisuli River on Sunday, when he was on his way back to Kathmandu from a pilgrimage. His body was not recovered, and the family presumed him dead.

Ghimire’s funeral was performed with holy strands of the kush plant and ceremonially cremated, as is customary when relatives do not have a body.

Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi and Nepal Police Chief, among others, reached Pashupati Aryaghat to pay their final respects to Ghimire.

Ghimire’s mother Chaitanya’s body was also cremated on the bank of the Bagmati river. Along with her, his relative Narayan Prasad Kafle and bodyguard Ram Chandra Karki were found dead at the accident site on the Prithvi Highway.

Ghimire and his two brothers Mohan and Prakash were not found. But the car driver Bishnu Rai miraculously survived the accident, and is now undergoing treatment in a hospital in Kathmandu.

Ghimire is regarded as an honest and learned bureaucrat, and credit for successful holding the second Constituent Assembly elections in 2013 as Home Minister in an interim government led by Khila Raj Regmi.

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3 Responses to “Ghimire’s final rites”

  1. Yam Gurung on Says:

    This orchestrated accident, remind me of two UML leaders, Madan Bhandari and his colleague killed in unbelievable spot in the Narayani River in Munglin Highway?
    Nepal have been facing this kind of tragic accident.
    #1fact, massacre of the Royal family and the untimely death of the late Dr Harka Gurung and others.?
    People killed and disappeared during the Maoist insurgent and during the Panchayat regime and others recorded in the black history of Nepal?
    My main concern will the public ever know the truth behind all these orchestrated accident that happened in the past or in the present context???…

  2. Jaz on Says:

    @Yam Gurung, Do us all a favor and stop spreading rumors. There is no basis for your wild allegations.

  3. Programmed to be heartless – Kanak Mani Dixit on Says:

    […] his jeep flew off the highway into the Trisuli. His elderly mother, two brothers and a nephew died. Ghimire’s body has not been […]

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