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Another bus plunge, 20 dead

Friday, August 26th, 2016
The wreckage of the ill-fated passenger bus which was traveling from Gaur to Pokhara. Pic: RSS

The wreckage of the ill-fated passenger bus which was traveling from Gaur to Pokhara. Pic: RSS

At least 20 people were killed when a passenger bus plunged into Trisuli River along the narrow Narayangarh-Mugling highway early Friday morning.

According to the police the ill-fated bus was traveling from Gaur to Pokhara when it careened off the highway that is undergoing repairs and fell 200 metres down into river at around 3.30am on Friday. the 17 injured have been rescued and are receiving treatment in various hospitals in Chitwan. The bus was semi-submerged and was first spotted by some police on patrol.

Although the deceased are yet to be identified, Yogendra KC, Genreal Secretary of Prithvi Highway Bus Operator’s Committee which operated the vehicle said most of the passengers were from Abu Khaireni, Damauli, Kairenitaar and Pokhara.

Last week, 27 people were killed in another bus plunge in Kavre, sparking a national debate about the political protection and corruption that sustains bus monopolies on routes. Today’s tragedy has already reinforced those calls.


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4 Responses to “Another bus plunge, 20 dead”

  1. Shyam Thapa on Says:

    It is deplorable that accidents on the roads have become a regular feature in the lives of Nepalese. Accidents can be prevented using 3 Es – Engineering, Education and Enforcement of law which are all missing in Nepal. First and foremost the drivers of public transport must be enforced to drive cautiously and carefully without overspeeding. A speed limit of 40 km/hr must be made mandatory and any breach of this law must be dealt with sever punishment like 1 year of prison or hefty penalty. Guard rails with self emitting lights must be constructed along the edge of the river. While issuing license thorough tests ( theory and practical) must be conducted and the test must be made very stringent. Only drivers with age more than 40 years must be allowed to drive in such treacherous highways. You are playing with lives of many people and the authorities must be very serious about it.

  2. Yam Gurung on Says:

    Because of the incompetent and corrupt regimes the innocent peoples of Nepal are facing all kinds of problems #1fact,insecurity,pollution,inflation,unemployment and many others issues’.
    Everyday the innocent, Nepalese are killed in road accidents,in air disaster flood etc.
    Khalasi becoming driver,drink and drive and illegal driving license issued etc.
    And after the earthquake the Nepal is running like a horse without rein.
    Although the Nepal roads are not fit for purpose more new tourists bus are added in Nepal ‘s highways?
    Corrupt politician and the bureaucrats are only interested in “Money ? power”not innocent peoples killed in road,air or by the floods etc.
    “Jai Desh Jai Bhagya”???…

  3. soren Lauridsen on Says:

    I agree. I have been coming to Nepal regularly since 1981. Since then the value of Nrs has fallen to 15% of then. The king had few pockets, now you have so many selfish politicians, who are elected by inocent honest people. In my country we say, that we have the leaders we deserve, because we elected them.
    I can not say the same for Nepal, because no one deserves thieves as leaders. I dont know why no politicians wants to make history as becoming one of Nepals first honest leaders, one who thinks about the wellness of his people – not only himself.
    No drinking water, no electricity, no planning. Beauty has turned into uglyness, landscapes sinks in shit and dirt. All the beautiful dreams about Nepals future are still only dreams, and most has turned into nightmares. Politicians are masters of these nightmares. The ‘highways’ are almost same standard as in 1981, the traffic is insane, so many innocent people are killed each day – nobody who makes decisions cares!!

  4. William Forbes on Says:

    A propos of the king’s pockets:

    “It is better to be ruled by a single lion than by a thousand jackals.” Jean Jaques Rousseau

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