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Dr KC is mentally ill: CIAA

Monday, June 27th, 2016
Pic: Krishna Hari Pushkar/Twitter

Pic: Krishna Hari Pushkar/Twitter

Spokesperson for the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) Krishna Hari Pushkar in an interview with the BBC Nepali Service after the anti-graft body dubbed Dr Govinda KC — who is set to go on a hunger strike from 10 July to demand the CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki’s impeachment — as a “mentally ill” person.

BBC Nepali Service: Why is a constitutional body so angry about allegations made by an individual? 

Krishna Hari Pushkar: We just wanted to make two things clear. First, Dr KC is mentally ill…

Is it Dr KC or you who is mentally ill?

It is Dr KC.

Are you the spokesperson for an institution that certifies someone as mentally ill? 

Under the influence of the mafia and organised criminals, Dr KC has been creating trouble for the country and the government by launching his fast-unto-death campaign in instalments.

If he is influenced by organised criminals, why not take action against them?  

This is why we have recommended that the state provide medical treatment for Dr KC. Only a mentally ill person can hurl the kind of accusations that he has levelled against a constitutional body like the CIAA, its Honourable Chief Commissioner and Commissioners.

If Dr KC has maligned someone, a constitutional body like the CIAA should know the correct way to react.

He is an orthopaedic surgeon, but how many surgeries did he perform in the last four years? Has he done anything to improve the condition of the hospital where he works? Go and see how dirty the kitchen and toilets are at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH). He is not doing what he is supposed to do, but is going on hunger strikes without any valid reasons. As a government employee, is he supposed to create trouble for the government? He is mentally ill.

Can a constitutional body issue such an irresponsible statement against an individual? 

What you need to understand is this: an individual should not spread terror in the country, level baseless accusations against others and create trouble for anyone because of his mental illness. He is writing nonsense in the newspapers under the influence of those who are being investigated by the CIAA.

Who are the organised criminals and the corrupt that you refer to in your statement?

Some of them have already been proven guilty by the special court. The rest are still being investigated by the CIAA. And Dr KC is speaking on their behalf.

Can the CIAA label those who are still being investigated as organised criminals and corrupt? 

Those who have been proven guilty by the court can definitely be called criminals and corrupt. Dr KC is now saying exactly what those who are being investigated by us used to say. By launching hunger strikes every now and then, he has ruined the TUTH. Patients are dying there due to lack of treatment.

In its statement, the CIAA says it is keeping an eye on Dr KC’s activities. Is that a threat? 

We have been keeping a close watch on what Dr KC is up to. He has created chaos and anarchy not only in the Teaching Hospital but also in the medical sector.

Who has a cleaner public image? Dr KC or CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki?

The Honourable Chief Commissioner Karki’s decisions and activities are legal. If you think Dr KC has a cleaner image because he distributed cetamol tablets in villages, this is a job meant for Assistant Health Workers. He talks about reforms while his own hospital remains in a sorry state. He has no right to defame a constitutional body and its Honourable Commissioners, and create trouble for the government.

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8 Responses to “Dr KC is mentally ill: CIAA”

  1. calix on Says:

    im not sure how much thtu was ruined by Dr. KC but im very positive that poeple like these are ruining my country. have some shame. hhagne lai bhanda deekhne lai laaj. shame on us all.

  2. Anon on Says:

    “Is it Dr KC or you who is mentally ill”? lol. journalism full of absurdity. Please maintain some journalistic norms/standards. Questioning out of personal KHUNNAS in an interview against CIAA is not the right thing don’t you think Mr.BBC Nepal?

  3. Anon on Says:

    Yes we all have a clue where it all started. but just look at the questions that are being asked? BBC Nepal is clearly picking a side. Media, which is the only medium for us People should only take Truth’s side no matter what.

  4. Wot on Says:

    Some say: ‘The future will be brighter, when Nepal politics are in the hands of the young.’

    lulz, straight outa Stalin’s playbook.

  5. anonymous on Says:

    clearly this boy is unsuitable to be anyones’ spokes idiot.

  6. Utsuk Shrestha on Says:

    I am shocked to hear from CIAA such abusive word to this nice gentleman. Dr KC has a right to opine. Is this freedom of speech though that you berate somebody in press.

  7. Hurray on Says:

    Someone needs to remind Dr. KC that the only strike that does have any effect is hunger strike. Furthermore, he also needs to be taught that a democracy is not run by demanding resignation of a person with whom you’ve got disagreements.
    I do not want to be a devil’s advocate here but I think we’ll be seeing a lot of anti-Mr.Karki articles on this weekly newspaper even since he had Mr. Dixit arrested. So much for neutral journalism, huh?

  8. Sarojna on Says:

    It is sad that we have journalist representing BBC in such a unprofessional way. I have been listening to BBC since I was a child and BBC is a brand but I did not expect such interview skills from a journalist of BBC. I think you should brush up your skill and also very important that you are a media personal who is providing us with news and not verdict.The whole interview was so flawed, so farce, so one sided in fact you came with predetermined mind set that Dr. KC is right and CIAA chief is wrong which was so clearly reflected in the way you conducted your interview. When you go for an interview it is very important that you keep your personal agenda aside, that will give you a clear picture and mind it you will grow with such skills rather than making it so obvious that you like this side or that and for us we will also get some interesting reading news. In fact just give us fact and we will judge who is what. As for BBC, I hope such poor work will not be repeated otherwise BBC will loose its credibility.

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