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SC directs CIAA on Dixit case

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

ChB-dcnU0AAZbKWThe Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to explain in writing why journalist Kanak Mani Dixit was detained.

In response to a habeas corpus petition filed by Dixit’s wife Shanta Dixit, a single bench of officiating Chief Justice Sushila Karki issued a show cause notice on Dixit’s arrest.

The court also directed the anti-graft body to present the Himalmedia co-publisher in the SC on Monday next week.

Claiming that the CIAA detained Dixit illegally, the petitioner had also challenged the Special Court’s decision to allow the anti-graft body to keep him in custody for 10 days.

The CIAA had arrested Dixit on last Friday accusing him of ‘amassing disproportionate wealth’ by abusing his power as the Chair of Sajha Yatayat, a public transport company. The Himalmedia chapter of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) says Dixit’s detention is an act of vengeance by the CIAA chief Lok Man Singh Karki. Dixit had criticised Karki’s appointment as the CIAA chief in 2013, arguing that he was found guilty by an independent probe committee of suppressing the pro-democracy movement in 2006.

International organisations of journalists, including the IFJ and the CPJ, have condemned Dixit’s detention, and have urged the authorities in Nepal to immediately release him.

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4 Responses to “SC directs CIAA on Dixit case”

  1. Basnet on Says:

    Free Kanak from all the corrupt wealth and contacts. Good for Nepal.

  2. Unes sharma on Says:

    Real culprits are let loose, genuine people suffer in this country. Lokman is desperate to avenge people who differ with him. He is abusing his Authority right Now.

  3. Peter on Says:

    SC should also direct CIAA to release KS from jail at once.

  4. Sam Brian on Says:

    Detention before trial violates the basic democratic principle of innocent until proven guilty. Detention before trial is reserved for those deemed to be a danger to society (people accused of violent crimes) or those deemed to be a flight risk. Kanak is neither of these. It seems clear that the intent of the CIAA is to punish Kanak Dixit, to settle an old personal score. I only hope that the Supreme Court has the clarity to rule favorably on Shanta Dixit’s habeas corpus challenge and the will and authority to free Kanak from this unlawful detention.

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