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PM gave us a lecture: NHRC

Sunday, April 10th, 2016
All; pics: Seulki Lee

Prime Minister KP Oli summoned NHRC head Anup Raj Kafle and member Mohna Ansari  to discuss three issues including the Geneva speech. All pics: Seulki Lee

Prime Minister KP Oli’s spat last week with senior functionaries of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sent alarm bells ringing about the interference by the executive into an independent body responsible for upholding post-conflict transitional justice.

“It was embarrassing. He delivered a lecture for more than one hour on human rights,” said Mohna Ansari, the NHRC member whose recent presentation in Geneva critical of provisions in the constitution seems to have irked Oli.

The Prime Minister summoned Ansari and NHRC head Anup Raj Sharma to discuss  three issues: the human rights situation in Nepal, reconstruction after earthquake including the NHRC building, and the Geneva speech. Sharma, Ansari and three members and a secretary attended the meeting with the Prime Minister and eight members of his office on 3 April.

“Prime Minister tore apart the NHRC’s statement in Geneva line by line,” Ansari told Nepali Times.

The one-page statement presented by Ansari at the 31st session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva summarised the commission’s concerns on basic human rights situation after the earthquake, women’s rights to transfer their nationality to their children, excessive use of force in Tarai, and the current state of impunity in Nepal.

“His first remark was ‘Look, this is an NGO statement, not a NHRC statement’ and his last was ‘Don’t issue the statement, just call us’. We couldn’t believe anybody would comment on the NHRC like that,” said Ansari.

The NHRC is an independent state body to monitor and safeguard the human rights of the citizens according to Nepal government’s commitment to the various international treaties on human rights. The commission is responsible to undertake field research of human rights and evaluate the existing human rights situation of the country.

Seulki Lee

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3 Responses to “PM gave us a lecture: NHRC”

  1. Sachin Laala on Says:

    Mr Oli has come up as “सर्वसोच्च”(Sarwaswa Uchch) who is above all the law and constitution and responsibilities as well. He scolds the Supreme court stating that it has no rights to “intrvene” in the political matters. He brags about Electricity from “Air”(Not wind because I doubt his intelligence), Gas-Pipelines blah blah and is never felt responsible for petroleum line, Gas scarcity, Black marketing, Economy downfall. And Yet he is “SARWASOCHA”.

  2. Digital Subway on Says:

    KP Oli is the new definition of a nationalist.

    1. Appoint 4 deputy-PMs with a jumbo ministry to clean up the national reserves of a poor, desolate nation.
    2. Make claims about Indian blockade and profit from black marketing to shore up funds for party elections later. Let black marketing continue after “blockade” is over.
    3. Make claims about energy independence and chant anti-India slogans while importing electricity from India.
    4. Take jumbo delegate teams to India and China with no homework or notable achievement.
    5. Ride in a private airline to a foreign trip instead of a national carrier.
    6. Interfere in independent judiciary and human rights commissions to assume autocratic role, like that of ousted King.
    7. If anything goes wrong, blame others – India, Madhesis, etc.

    The list goes on and on.

  3. Ravi raj kaur on Says:

    Pol pot on freedom if speech and how to leave the country.

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