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Harry hill

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016


From the Nepali Press

Binod Dhakal in

Britain’s Prince Harry is wrapping up his Nepal visit, and will be long revered in the Himalayan nation just like his father.

When Prince Harry’s father, Charles, visited Nepal in the 1980s, peopled named the view tower of Bhedetar, one of the most popular hill stations in eastern Nepal, the Charles Tower. Thousands of tourists, particularly from eastern Nepal and the Indian states of West Bengal and Bihar, visit Charles Tower every year.

Just like his father, Prince Harry will be remembered in Nepal long after he returns to the UK. The villagers of Lapu, Gorkha, where Harry helped rebuild an earthquake-damaged school, have decided to name a local hilltop as ‘Harry hill.’

On Monday, local villagers organised a program to honour Harry for his kindness and contribution to earthquake survivors, where they asked for his permission to name the hill in his honor. “With his consent, we have decided to name a local hill as the Harry hill,” said schoolteacher Jib Gurung.

The Harry hill can be viewed from the Manaslu trekking trail, and the villagers of Lapu are hopeful that this hill will help attract more tourists to their village.

Prince Harry had visited Nepal for one week, but he decided to extend his visit by one more week to help rebuild at least one earthquake-damaged school. Before leaving for Lapu, he had visited earthquake-damaged temples and met the families of Gurkha soldiers with whom he served in Helmand, Afghanistan.

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2 Responses to “Harry hill”

  1. yam gurung on Says:

    Hope the Paras and the politicians of Nepal learn the lesson from Prince Harry.
    “Simple living and high thinking”. Not high living and simple thinking like the corrupt politicians of Nepal?
    We need politicians of Nepal to have confidence, to do not what we want. But what we need!
    Political stability,security, jobs, adequate drinking water, sustainable electricity that doesn’t lead to further cataclysmic changes to our climate. Creating skills and reinvigorating our economy along the way, like education and decent healthcare.
    The wound of the Nepalese people are still fresh from the April 2015 earthquake.
    We do not want the politicians to spread more salt into the fresh wounds and stop creating ethnic cleansing in the birthplace, where ambassador of peace Gautam Budhha was born.
    “Enough is Enough”.We have suffered enough misery and pains from the puppet, incompetence and corrupt politicians of Nepal???…

  2. lumi on Says:

    royal nostalgia! baburam be damned! bring the kingdom back!

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