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Why Madhes movement failed

Thursday, February 25th, 2016




From the Nepali Press , 22 February

After six months of an indefinite strike in Nepal’s southern plains, five months of a sit-in at Birganj-Raxaul trade point and the deaths of more than 50 people, the Madhes movement seems to have died down without any substantial outcome. Though the movement was led by the Madhesi Front, there were other Madhes-based parties that were also on the streets protesting the new constitution.  Madhesi leader Jaya Prakash Gupta outlines 10 mistakes the Front made that led to the failure of the movement.

1) Madhesi people wanted to see all Madhesi parties fighting together for their cause, but the Front did not want to join hands with other political forces, including my Tarai Madhes National Campaign.

2) Even when Madhesi protesters were being killed, the Front leaders were more interested in joining the government rather than pressing for the demands raised by Madhesi people.

3) The Front was late to announce the strike. It should have hit the streets right after the signing of the 16-point agreement.

4) Legislators belonging to the Front walked out of the house when the constitution was passed. But they rejected the idea of resigning en masse to create more pressure on the Big Three.

5) The Front rejected the constitution, but ended up taking part in the voting of the new Prime Minister, which was the first step towards implementing the constitution.

6) The Front wanted to restrict its agitation to the area between Parsa and Saptari districts, fearing that other forces might receive credit if it spearheaded the movement across the Tarai.

7) India has always been a key player in Nepali politics, but the Front failed to reach out to New Delhi for support at the outset of the agitation.

8) The Front leaders were self-centered and constantly tried to outsmart each other to take full credit for the uprising.

9) The Front leaders tried to cash in on the rivalry between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar leader Lalu Prasad Yadav. Taking part in anti-Modi programs organised by Yadav’s party in Bihar was the height of stupidity.

10) The Front tried to suppress other Madhesi forces, which did not help the agitation.

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8 Responses to “Why Madhes movement failed”

  1. Whatever on Says:

    The greatest lesson for these politicos is, without failing at something ya cannot learn a lesson, as such it becomes their experience for the sake of future actions. They must understand that by causing pain to the entire hilly areas the Madhesi conducted themselves as selfish and unpatriotic to the nation thereof they hold nationality. As of now earning back empathy for their cause from the rest of Nepalis shall be next to impossible coz on the back of their minds Madhesi are no better than enemies of Nepal’s progress as a prosperous nation.

  2. Anonymous on Says:

    You failed and rightfully so, you bunch of unpatriotic lunatics. You made whole Nepali suffer for your unreasonable demands. Be a patriotic Nepali and only ask for what is right for the whole nation then you will succeed. I and millions others will be right behind you. Stop this stupid bandha it does not benefit anyone including you.

  3. All failed on Says:

    All failed and hopefully learned a mighty lesson. Terai Politicos shouldn’t get involved in Indian (Bihari regional)politics. And Pahadi (Baun/Chhetri) leaders don’t mess with Modi and his foreign secretary and heed their advise. It would have been smooth sailing for all especially Nepali Janta who had to suffer.

  4. Ravi raj kaur on Says:

    Not completely failed, amendments made…

  5. Shortcut on Says:

    One great leader has to come to turn the country around. Like in Philippines, new PM Aquino changed the status quo and gas economy going great. Nepal needs to find a janjati leader to bring about drastic changes and the Baub/Chhetri old guard to support such an individual.

  6. Ragh Nath Mishra on Says:

    The Madhesi agitation failed because there was no reason for it at all. If the leaders of the movement had been given the post of ministers, this agitation would not have happened in the first place. They lost the last election due to their horrible performance as legislators and ministers in the past and wanted an excuse to regain the heart of the voters. That is why the agitation took place. At the end all lost including the Madhesi except the black marketers and the smugglers. I hope the Madeshi Front leaders also gained some thing from the black marketers and smugglers in India and Nepal border as it was prolonged for such a long period of six months creating unbearable hardship to the Nepali population including the Madhesi. The people will never forgive these leaders for the blockade and the economic, social, and cultural damage. Shame and disgrace on you.

  7. Blank on Says:

    Madhesh movement failed because it was not based on a rational reason.

  8. Who is the Madhesi subaltern? – Kanak Mani Dixit on Says:

    […] opportunity to be genuinely politicised, and communitarian grievances exploded in the form of the Madhes Movement of the winter of […]

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