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India says amendment ‘positive’

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

India has ‘regarded’ the first amendment to Nepal’s new constitution as ‘positive developments’, but is hoping that other issues will also be addressed.

A day after Parliament endorsed the first constitution amendment bill despite opposition from Madhesi parties, India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued a terse statement: “We regard the two amendments passed yesterday by the Nepali Parliament as positive developments. We hope that other outstanding issues are similarly addressed in a constructive spirit.”

On 20 September, when the constitution was promulgated, India had only ‘noted’ it expressing displeasure over exclusion of Madhesi parties from the statute drafting process. In December, when Nepal passed a cabinet resolution to add clarity to citizenship provisions, amend the constitution to address Madhesi demands for proportional representation and set up an all-party mechanism to redraw boundaries, India had welcomed it.

After India’s previous statement, leaders of the ruling parties had been claiming that the Indian blockade would be lifted once the amendment was passed. But India has not wholeheartedly welcomed the amendment. It has only ‘regarded it’ and pressing Nepal for addressing other demands put forth by Madhesi parties.

Madhesi parties have demanded only two provinces encompassing the whole Tarai region – something the Big Three parties are not willing to agree on.

The Madhesi Front has described the amendment as ‘incomplete’ and refused to call off protests.

Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, a constituent member of the Front, has announced Kathmandu-centric protests. It has also made it clear that border protests will continue.

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11 Responses to “India says amendment ‘positive’”

  1. Corinne Saltzmann on Says:

    The domestic politicy in Nepal shouldn’t concern India; Nepal needs help !! When will India stop this unbearable blockade on Nepal ?…. There is a petition on this (translated in english): sign and share if you feel concerned:…/pour-un-arrêt-du-blocus…

  2. Garain Sherpur on Says:

    Half knowledge is always dangerous..whether it was justified that 50% of people have 3 representative and other 50% have just 1

  3. Yves Lepavec on Says:

    This problem is solved after the first amendment to new Nepal’s constitution.

  4. Elizabeth Sparks on Says:

    India, you are a bully !!!! Nepal needs friends…you are not a friend….

  5. Bishnu Magar on Says:

    India regards this as an issue, it does looks as an issue. We can clearly see 49 percent of Nepali madhesi , women ;as well as indigenous people in Nepal are not happy .Moreover madhesi sentiments is really hurt and they feels they are alienated. That’s the reason there is so much crisis going on n it will obviously effect india as well. As a neighboring country our border and India border is does effect india , so they would have obviously concern about it. However, it will be best to solve internal issue first, other issues will be solved automatically. If we as a nation treat our own madhesi citizens as an outsider and discriminate women by citizenship law. Then, how can we uplift the current crisis. It is best to solve peacefully through talk.

  6. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    basically all foreigners can not understand, due to cultures. Culture of indifference is all India is about. Mirroring their indifference may well not work for a country depending so much. Let’s hope for the best for now most of the ugly stealing happens inside of Nepal by high ranks.
    Yes that is what efforts must concentrate upon, how to make fair trade and give true help to old farmers and stop the exodus.
    And by the way 2 women on board is not even representation.

  7. Srivastava on Says:

    Very heartening to see Nepal making progress. Hope remaining Madhesi issues are solved quickly paving way for lifting of the blockade. It’s very painful for Indians to see Nepal in disorder due to disputes with Madhesis. As good, responsible and friendly neighbor, India must do all it can to help all parties reach a just and amicable solution. Such solution is the only formula for political stability and prosperity, something that Nepal needs badly.

    Some politicians are playing dirty politics by maligning India’s good work towards bringing justice and reconciliation in Nepal. Malicious propaganda notwithstanding, as responsible power, India should keep the interests of Nepal at the front, and should not shy away from responsibility. If India were to walk away, there is no power that can unite Nepal, without unity Nepal will not find stability, and without stability there will be neither prosperity nor peace. I pray that India stays engaged till the just end of the current crisis.

  8. arty on Says:

    India, I think you should revise your constitution to be more progressive like Nepal’s: we embrace diversity and third gender individuals while India considers homosexuality to be a crime.

    Perhaps our southern neighbor would be better served taking the log out of its own eye before point to the splinter in ours.

  9. sunil shakya on Says:

    India should be part of United States of America because the living standard of 50crore people are below poverty line . By being a part of USA or Europe, they can better the way they manage their country. How would India feel if another powerful country interfered with their constitution?
    India is nothing but an interfering bully that cant see any of their neighbours live peacefully.

  10. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    In the end you do not want to be a chinese slave

  11. namah on Says:

    @srivastava: please stop dreaming

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