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No permits for e-buses

Friday, November 27th, 2015

ftnp nagarikPravin Dhakal in Nagarik, 25 November

Prime Minister KP Oli in his address to the nation last week promised to immediately introduce electric public transport in the capital. Similar words have been spoken by many other leaders in the past. But, promoters of electric vehicles say the government has shown no enthusiasm towards making that possible.

When promoters of NEVI Trade Link, the company involved in Safa Tempo campaign, requested route permits for its electric buses, the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), turned down the request citing unsafe design. The company then added walls to the buses’ previous design and once again filed a request. This time, their application was rejected citing lack of policies regarding electric vehicles.

“Every time we apply for route permit the department comes up with new ways to reject our application,” said Dharma Kumar Shrestha, managing director of NEVI, who has been trying to obtain permits for electric buses since 2011.

According to Rajesh Paudel, chief of Transport Management Office in Bagmati, the e-buses couldn’t get permits because of a provision introduced two years ago that requires public vehicles plying inside the Ring Road to seat minimum of 26. The e-buses can only seat 14. However, he said permits will be issued to vehicles plying outside the Ring Road.

According to Krishna Chandra Paudel of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, the government is serious about promoting the use of electric vehicles.

“There’s a plan to reduce the 60% tax on e-vehicles to 10%. We are also encouraging establishment of charging stations at various locations,” said Paudel.

Earlier, a report prepared by a committee from DoTM had suggested policy reforms as well as slashing taxes on electric vehicles to promote their use. But nothing much has come of it.

“People are beginning to pay attention to electric vehicles now and even the government seems interested in pushing its use due to the current fuel crisis. But once the blockade is over, we doubt it’ll be on the government’s priority list,” said Shrestha.

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6 Responses to “No permits for e-buses”

  1. namah on Says:


  2. LT Sherpa on Says:

    Sounds like pressure from the cartels. The tempos and micros and busses are so overloaded with people hanging out all over the place, and these vehicles are considered unsafe? Tempos are plying which seat well under 26 persons, but are also always over packed, risking life and limb of vulnerable passengers.

    What a cruel place: earthquake suffering with no relief in site, govt only blocks donations and distribtution! Petrol bandh causing every inconvenience to the public, and mantri can only block the assistance!

    As the old saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies? One day, mantri, you will have to face the public in a general election!

  3. gjkt on Says:

    these kind of government officers are the real reason this country always remains backward. sure, oil and existing bus lobbies are trying to block such local innovation, but this is exactly the time these government officials can stand up and be fair for benefit of the public including themselves.

  4. Radha krishna Deo on Says:

    Electrically operated vehicles will be life line in local transportation in urban area.The petrolium fuel crisis and polution level will be addressed similtenously.The GoN should encorage the enterprenuers and faciliate the public .The replacement of exremly old or damaged vehicles may be cosidered with same owners for trial.

  5. bkarki on Says:

    This is real problem leaders just speak to create hype and we have bureaucratic hurdles, corrupt official to bribe, mafia to pay, syndicate system. There is no true sense of innovation in us just we are expert of everything within ourself. When will change come if in every five years we are overhauling our political system. Politics is done for public welfare not for private interest. When we will rise above personal benefit.

    Even if we introduce few number of E-Vehicle for research or trial basis. We could determine their potentiality. We could even establish solar powered charging stations for win/win situation. For making Nepal self reliant to some extent from fossil fuel.

  6. Tashi Lama on Says:

    We write these comments because we feel the pain, we feel how the poor and downtrodden populace of Nepal suffers each and every day. The tragic earthquake on 25th April and this blockade. There was a joyous ceremony once the constitution was promulgated, with hopes that Nepal will have stable governance but unfortunately we have to see this blockade. Innovative business firms brought this electric vehicles to be run, but the government is not ready to accept this, even though the shortage of fuel still exist. What the hell is this of Nepal governance? Nepal as a whole became a black market country, it seems that everyone is taking advantage of this corrupted mentality. At this crucial time on the need of electric vehicle, government doesn’t give permit. I wonder who cares of Nepal and Nepalese. Will my comment be heard and make a bit difference in the mentality corrupted politicians?

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