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Déjà vu

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

From the Nepali Press, 25 November

History has repeated itself in Nepal. A look back at the headlines, news and articles published in the Nepali press during the 1989 blockade shows what is happening now in Nepal is merely a recap of what Nepalis went through 25 years ago. Here are some examples:

11) In 1989, India had imposed a blockade on Nepal seven months after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit eastern Nepal. This time, India’s blockade comes just five months after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated central Nepal.

22) Just like now, newspapers back then were replete with news about fuel shortages. The only difference is: people queued up for kerosene back then but they are now lining up for petrol and cooking gas.

33) Prime Minister KP Oli has said India is treating Nepal as if the two countries are at war. Oli is echoing what prominent civil rights activist Devendra Raj Pandey said in 1989: “India is treating us as if we are at war”.

54) India denies imposing blockade against Nepal, saying cargo trucks are passing through border posts unaffected by Madhesi protests. An article in Deshantar on 2 April 1989 reads: ‘India, through Indian media, is claiming that it has not stopped supply of essential commodities to Nepal. But even goods purchased before the blockade remain stranded on the Indian side.’
65) Just like now, newspapers back then had published news about disruption in supply of medicines and medical equipment.

76) Newspapers face a shortage of newsprint paper. Newspapers back then were also forced to reduce pages.

87) Even in 1989, politicians and intellectuals used to talk about being self-reliant. Newspapers would give ample space for articles about possibility of a self-reliant economy.

98) Nepalis living around the globe have been demonstrating against India’s blockade. In 1989, Nepalis also demonstrated in front of the UN in New York urging the international community to put pressure on India to lift the blockade.

109) Nepal had tried to play ‘China card’ even in 1989 by importing fuel from its northern neighbour. Deshantar of 30 April In 1989 reported that three tankers had reached Khasa from China.

10) Nepalis are criticising their leaders for ignoring lessons of the 1989 blockade. Newspaper clips from 1989 show Nepalis had lambasted their leaders even back then for forgetting the first Indian blockade of 1971.

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5 Responses to “Déjà vu”

  1. लतारे on Says:

    नेपालको दुर्भाग्य नै बाबुराम भट्टराई जस्ता कलङ्क यो देशमा जन्मिनु हो।

  2. Bir Bahadur on Says:

    This situation provides a unique and right opportunity for Nepal and Nepalese leaders to set an example to the world that moral and humanitarian values should get importance over dirty and vicious political gains; that big nations cannot humiliate, dominate, destabilise freedom and sovereignty of small nations without defaming themselves in the face of the world; that there are other friendly nations also who come to rescue to re-stabilise the unfortunate, unwise and cruel actions from a supposedly friendly country; that Nepal is in strategic geopolitical position whose unwise actions could trigger tension between two nuclear power populous neighbouring nations and flare up serious unwanted consequences in the whole region and the world, and wise actions could help bring harmonious relations between them and the world. It becomes the prime duty of the leaders of Nepal to standtall and uphold moral values and work in unity for the safeguard of the nation and its inhabitants and not to resort to whims, enticements and other activities for personal or party’s gain at the cost of the country’s good.

  3. Anisur Rahman on Says:

    Napal must stand firm against Indian aggression. India wants to grab Nepal like Sikim.present Bangladesh gout is working as LENDUB DORJI of Sikim to help india grab Bangladesh. If Nepal can drive out India from Nepal, people of bangladesh would get courrage to fight India inspite of present govt’s wish to sell bd to india. We have also more than 100 crore”MAHDESI” in BD in the name of “minority. they. are also working for the interest of India.NEPAL, CONTINUE YOUR FIGHT WITH INDIA. DON’T BOW DOWN BEFORE AGGRESSOR INDIA.

  4. Hurray on Says:

    Déjà vus, failed and corrupt nepalese leaders.

  5. namah on Says:

    @Anisur: Can you tell me about the 5 million east pakistanis killed leading to the creation of bangladesh.

    please don’t take advantage of the situation in nepal for your perverted propaganda. i know what happened in bangladesh. there is NOTHING of that sort here. you want to know what REALLY is going on in Nepal?

    Politics…plain and simple. Once folks get what they want…all nepalis will be back to eking out from the miserable lives…

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