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Nepal-China deal

Thursday, November 5th, 2015


Nepal and China have agreed to work towards opening seven new border entry-exit points between the two countries.

Nepali and Chinese officials on Thursday agreed to give priority to works related to opening of Kimathanka (Sankhuwasabha), Karola (Mustang), Olangchungola (Taplejung), Larke (Gorkha), Yari (Humla), Lamabagar (Dolakha) and Mugu border points.

Deputy Director General of Nepal’s Department of Customs Damdodar Regmi and Deputy Director General of China’s Lhasa Department of Customs Long Chengwei signed an understanding to this effect.

After the 25 April earthquake, the Rasuwagadhi-Kerung is the only operational trade link between Nepal and China. Another major trade route, Tatopani, was blocked by the earthquake.

The Rasuwagadhi-Kerung trade route was also cut off by the earthquake. But China cleared it to supply fuel to Nepal after India imposed a blockade against the Himalayan country.

Nepali and Chinese customs officials also agreed to expedite construction of two dry ports in Timure of Rasuwa and Larcha of Sindhupalchok. They also agreed to ease entry of Nepali transporters into Tibet.

Nepal had not given priority to trade with China. But the fuel-strapped country is now exploring all options to import essential commodities from its northern neighbour after India’s blockade.

India is not happy with Nepal’s new constitution and has been imposing a blockade to put pressure on Kathmandu to address demands raised by Madhesi protesters. Madhesi parties are against the constitution because they feel they will be under-represented.

Talks between the government and Madhesi parties were in progress. But after an Indian protester was killed in police firing in Birganj on Monday, Madhesi parties have boycotted talks.

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8 Responses to “Nepal-China deal”

  1. dgupta on Says:

    people ask again and again why that indian youth was there during a nepal stir

  2. kman on Says:

    nnice. now can they implement it fast. Or is it just show up.

  3. Radha krishna Deo on Says:

    Nepal -China elation is as old as the civilization of the contries but trade and cultural domancy of India is more where is tarrain help total depandancy.Now within last 50 years population growth in the country trippled and few routes are develove to susustain the trade with china.
    It is the right of Nepal to balance the trade for various factor including petrolium or import through cheseport which is subjected to peace and understanding within the Nation ,worst thing happening in the country to devide the citizen as China sporters or India sporters to sustained their poltics in poverty .India and China should force the hypocratic leader of Nepal to adopt the Democratic and humaniterian way to solve the constitutional problems.Neither the blocade nor these routes will solve the current pathenic sufferings of Nepalese for medicine,transportation fuel,and restoration work for earth quake survivors.Thanks to chinese leaders for help in this crisis.SACNEPAL

  4. Yam Gurung on Says:

    After getting the hard kick on the teeth from the Indian government and for being poodle of India the puppet regimes began Nepal -China deal.
    This could have done long time ago.Only obstacle is 1950 inadequate and obsolete agreement signed by the puppet regimes’ of Nepal with India.
    And because of puppet and incompetent Nepal government the innocent citizens have been facing intimidation and bullying and issuing free citizens to Indian and Nepalese in Nepal /Deheradun/Dajeeling and other places in India is struggling hard to find their”STATUS”and treated as second-class citizens and now in verge of becoming”Limbo & Illusion”in the 21st century.
    Jai Desh jai Bhagya

  5. Md.Hossain Jakir on Says:

    Nepal is a country with own sovereignty & India have no right to interfere into it.In Bangladesh we think Nepali people are very friendly & peaceful.India wants to see Nepal as Hindu State in new constitution & use it as buffer state against China.India never wants to see Nepal as prosperous & rich country but poor & poverty.either these Indian agenda will not be fruitful against Nepali people & politician should be united against the chanykka policy.Nepal should develop the relation more with other SAARC countries & China also.We Bangladeshi also beside Nepali people because we love Nepal.India will take more but given few.For Nepalese China will provide huge but take a little bit.decide the best. Hope INSHAALLAH Nepal will overcome the crisis by there original friends. Dhaka.

  6. Nepal Voic on Says:

    Without getting in too much details and cooking too much brain Nepal needs to build some reliable road infrastructure that can handle numbers of loads not just temporary road if it means to blow some hills do it.
    Though it may seem difficult now it will eventual do more economical benefit to Nepal for very longtime.

  7. Ravi raj kaur on Says:

    Stuck at Abu Dhabi Airport planes do not have fuel so a small plane will carry me home on kukhur tihar? Suspense, deviating via Delhi.

  8. Bunty on Says:

    Its because of writers like Yarn Gurung that Nepal is in such a pathetic state. Even during the devastating earthquake in Mepal when the Indian Media went there,suddenlt Nepalis had an issue with them as well. They were an independent entity still some Chinese Supported Stooges in Nepal started blaming the Indian Govt. Our PM, Shri Modi made an earnest attempt to mend fences but it seems the illeterate and stuipd Communists backed covertly by CHina want to spoil the Relationship. And for those who want to sit in CHinese lap, remember what happened in Myamnar. After years of sitting in Chinese Laps, their Military Govt recognized the truth and started working with India, japan and the West.

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