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‘Address Nepal’s crisis’

Friday, October 30th, 2015
13-year-old Monika Tamang cooks food inside a temporary shelter in Chuchepati  where her family moved after their house was destroyed in the April 25 earthquake. She has been using firewood to cook food due to the gas shortage caused by the ongoing Indian blockade.

13-year-old Monika Tamang cooks food inside a temporary shelter in Chuchepati where her family moved after their house was destroyed in the April 25 earthquake. She has been using firewood to cook food due to the gas shortage caused by the ongoing Indian blockade. Photo: Gopen Rai

Nepal’s prominent civil society members have urged International Community to address humanitarian crisis caused by India’s blockade against the landlocked Himalayan country.

In a press statement on Thursday, they said: “We are deeply concerned that the de facto economic blockade of the past two months by India has resulted in a grave humanitarian crisis in Nepal.”

They added: “We appeal to the concerned parties of Nepal, and to the international community including India to recognise this crisis and take effective steps to bring it to an immediate end.”

Nepalis are still struggling to overcome the impact of the April earthquake, and the extended blockade by India has crippled their economy and led to great human suffering.

They said: “As a sovereign nation-state and a society that believes in due process, Nepal is fully capable of dealing with its internal challenges, including addressing anxieties of its Madhesi, Tharu and other communities through consultation, negotiation and constitutional amendment. The solidarity between the communities of Nepal is strong, and they are capable of managing their interrelationships for greater good without the involvement of external actors.”

The statement is signed by Nilamber Acharya, Megh Ale, Kanak Mani Dixit, Kul Chandra Gautam, Chandni Joshi, Dr. Arjun Karki, Anuradha Koirala, Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, Kedar Bhakta Mathema, Sushil Pyakurel, Kapil Shrestha and Dinesh Tripathi.


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10 Responses to “‘Address Nepal’s crisis’”

  1. fagat on Says:

    where have they been so far? sleeping?

  2. kg on Says:

    Where were the crusaders of humanity when Tarai was and is suffering from murder, loot, hunger, negligence etc. These pseudo humans speak only when it affects them and their communities.

  3. Sam on Says:

    Why is it being called an official blockade when trucks are operating through some checkpoints and some blocked. If it would have been an official blockade by India then all checkpoints would have been closed.
    Also Nepal has made an agreement with China for supply of petroleum products, then why still India bashing by Nepali people? You got your petrol from China, you should be happy now, leave India to its fate.

  4. Yam Gurung on Says:

    It is very unfortunate and very sad to say that our beautiful “Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal ” never been governed by the will of the puppet regimes of Nepal?

  5. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    The truth is the drama in the seas of dying immigrants may well have upstaged the aftermath of the earthquake. The xenophobic parties gained in popularity due to fear of more poverty and terrorism.
    In the end a cooperation between China and Tibet and India is wonderful and marvellous. It only takes time to see cheap fuel and daily life on track, we work on this too.

  6. Bhaicha on Says:

    We have to fight our battle our self.
    1. Solve immediately the problem in the West Tarai to the fullest satisfaction of the Tharus. The rule of the game says do not fight on two front .
    2. Then you can deal in only one front in the East., which is more complicated.
    Be accommodating. All communities have to live together in every province ,as we have been doing till now.
    3.Let good sense prevail. Enough is enough.
    Give and take is the solution.
    4.Do not procrastinate. The ten commandment of leadership says : Take fast decision ,it might not be the best.

  7. Basnet on Says:

    Probably India could address Madhesh problems if Nepali ethnicity continues to turn a blind eye and fight among themselves for ministry posts. With present development on one would be surprised if Madhesh becomes a new country.

  8. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    OCHOA the coordinator of humanitarian activities services from the United Nations reported only 30% of needed job could be done due to lack of fuel.
    Looking forward to see the tents in chhuchepati and in the Hyatt gardens…

    6 months feel like 600 years this nation deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and a Prize of making peace with Wonderful Neighbouring Countries.

    Just speed it up your fuel.

  9. Vivek on Says:

    With the feelings that the general Nepali man has for India in spite of making excellent use of Indian hospitality and facilities in jobs and education, I honestly think they should seriously consider merging with China. India should help them in this noble historic deed through Indian communist parties supporting Mr. Prachanda and all.

  10. namah on Says:

    @vivek: who said nepalis want to merge with China. Why are Indians such petulant, recalcitrant and churlish when being compared with China. Something in your psyche which needs to be dealt with. Perhaps a few sessions with Therapist Uncle Sam?

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